Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Does Your Colon Feed or Poison You??

There was a newspaper article around Christmas and they had asked people to write about the lamest gift they had given or received. The one that caught my eye was the person that gave a colon cleanser as a white elephant gift. They said that they never admitted that it was them that gave it and wondered what the person that received it thought. I would say for a white elephant gift that was probably the best one at the party.

Dr. Christopher has written books and newsletters about the colon, one article title is; "Does Your Colon Feed or Poison You?? " He talks about the majority of illness being caused by a congested (constipated) colon. Constipation can also cause shoulder pain, sciatic pain as well as pain shooting down the legs.

Dr. Christopher goes on to say:
“Most people have pounds of old dried fecal matter that is stored in the colon which is toxifying the system and keeping the food from being assimilated. Because of this putrefied condition, most people engorge themselves with many times more than the actual body requirements, wearing out their bodies in trying to get sufficient nutrition and are still always hungry and eating. After the bowel is cleaned, the food is readily assimilated, and a person can sustain himself on about one-third the quantity of his current food consumption at some four or five times increase in more power, energy, vitality, and life. Herein the clean body is able to normally assimilate the simple food values through the cell structures in the colon, instead of it being trapped in a maze of wastage, and inhibited by the hard fecal casing on the intestinal walls, wherein the largest part of the nutritional substance becomes pushed on and eliminated before it is digested. When the body is completely clean, these aids will no longer be necessary--then your food will be your medicine and your medicine will be your food. As long as you stay on the program properly, the lower bowel formula should be used only when needed, after the bowel is once cleaned.”

The Lower Bowel Formula is one of my favorite formulas, it is gentle yet effective.

You can purchase these and other herbs at
Herbs First

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Arthritis again???

Now is the best time to stock up on Christopher’s with the 40% off sale because at the first of the year there will be slight price increases on most of the product lines. The sale is good through December 31, 11:00 am Mountain Time.

I have been trying to get a newsletter out for the past few weeks, but my father’s health deteriorated quickly and I was able to go and spend some time with him in the last week. He passed away Dec. 16th, so we will be headed back up to Washington for the funeral.

I had been taking Mindtrac for quite a few months but I felt I was doing ok so I stopped taking it. Then the eye problem set in and I started having arthritis flare-ups and decided to reread the pages on Arthritis in the Nutritional Healing book. What jumped out at me is that often Arthritis is stress related! I would say that I have been under a good amount of stress the past few months.

I immediately started taking the Mindtrac again and adding Joint, Complete Tissue & Bone, Anti-Inflammation and Immucalm. It makes a big difference to be taking the herbs and makes me wonder if I wouldn’t have had these problems at all had I remained on the Mindtrac. It will remain a mystery but my guess is that I wouldn't have. I am still having some joint pain, but I think as we finish up my Dad’s funeral and life gets back to normal my body will come back into balance once again.

I am happy I have these wonderful formulas to help me get through these times. You can read more about my arthritis story on the Cleanse-Nourish-Heal website.

You can purchase these and other herbs at Herbs First.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Coconut Oil to the rescue

I woke up in the early hours this morning with my eye hurting and realized that I was getting an ulcer on my cornea which is different from an eye infection. I have dealt with this problem for many years and the last time I had this problem was in January & February which lasted over a three week period. This type of infection is not to be taken lightly, it is a stabbing pain in the eye along with incredible sensitivity to light. Being an ulcer it is wears holes in the cornea and if it is in the line of vision will result in distorted and even loss of vision. I spent close to $300.00 in doctor bills and eyedrops last winter and wasn’t getting anywhere until I decided to try the coconut oil cure.

Coconut oil kills virus & bacteria and I found then as now that taking it internally will help the problem quite quickly. When I first realized that I was getting an ulcer I drank a glass of coconut milk since it is high in coonut oil. Later when I got up it was still hurting so I popped my oil bottle into hot water to melt the coconut oil and started taking a tablespoon of oil about every half hour. After about three doses my eye finally stopped hurting. I have continued to eat a tablespoon of oil every few hours throughout the day and will continue to take it for a few days to make sure the problem is taken care of. Wow, knowing this works has saved me a lot of money and better yet, saved me the pain I have gone through in years past when these infections hit me.

There has been a lot of research on using Coconut Oil for many health issues including diabetes, AIDS, stomach ulcers and more. You can learn more in the book Coconut Cures. I enjoy cooking with coconut oil and it makes the food taste better. I love to dribble coconut oil on my steamed vegies, cook my food in the oil and use it in my baking. Coconut oil is great for the skin and we have gone through quite a bit of the oil using it externally. We made homemade scones a few weeks ago and usually I can’t handle the smell of fried foods in my house. The scones were very delicious and did not leave that awful smell in my house. Coconut oil doesn’t change when heated and is a very safe oil to eat.

We have great pricing on our coconut oil with a low shipping cost of $10.00 for up to 4 gallons of oil.

You can purchase Coconut Oil at Herbs First.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thinning Hair

A few years ago I was talking to a customer who was working with David Christopher on some health issues one of which was thinning hair. The combination that David came up with has been a good one that I have passed on to many people with great success. Take one bottle of Complete Tissue and Massage Oil (2 oz.) and add to it 60 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil. I combined this and sent it to my nephew who has alopecia and it has been somewhat helpful for his problem. About six months ago I was feeling like my hairline was receding and so I mixed up a bottle for myself and started using it on the affected area and it filled in nicely. I mentioned the problem to my sister and she replied that she was having the same problem and had been using it with great success as well. My husband has totally lost his hair and I think we are too late for him, too bad we didn’t know about this one 15 years ago. For people that are starting to have hairloss it would be well worth it to try it. I just massage it lightly into the affected area at bedtime and wash it out in the morning.

In the essential oil class that I took earlier in the year she told us to add the Rosemary to our conditioner which helps the hair to go from gray back to its original color. I just add a drop or two to the conditioner, rub it together in my hands and put it on my hair. Rosemary is for darker haired people, not for blondes. I don’t have very much gray at this point and would love to keep it that way. Also for balding is the BF and C Hair and Scalp Massage Formula, BF and C Shampoo and BF and C Conditioner.

With sugar being in abundance and will power being low, keep your immune system high with either Christopher’s Immune System Formula or Western Botanicals Immune Boost. As Benjamin Franklin said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” As a preventative take either formula in the morning and evening. At the first sign of sickness do not eat any more sugar. Drink plenty of water and fresh squeezed orange juice, and add the Infection Formula or Anti Plague or any of the other great cold/flu fighting formulas to the Immune formula of choice. Stay off the sugar until you are well for several days. Here's a great link more infecion fighters and a great home-made Cold Tonic.

Have a healthy holiday season!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Having herbs on hand gives you the power to heal!

We have plenty of Super Garlic Immune Formula in our warehouse and it is 35% off this month. I’ve personally gone through gallons of this stuff over the years and it has helped me get well many times. The key to being able to get well is to have what you need on hand when you need it. Super Garlic Immune Formula is one of the most popular winter formulas and if you wait until you need it, you may suffer for many days until your order comes, or it might possibly be sold out and you won’t be able to get any. Last week I talked about how awful this tastes, so if you think you can't handle the taste, then I would get Western Botanicals Anti-Plague Formula in capsules which is the same formula.

The second part of having what you need on hand, is knowing what to have on hand and how to use them. The School of Natural Healing has had their Family Herbalist course online for $100.00 a savings of $395.00. Dr. Christopher wanted people to learn how to take care of themselves and this course is a good start for anyone interested in learning more. The online special will expire December 15th, so please take advantage of this great offer. One of my favorite education items is Dr. Christopher’s Herb Lectures on CD. These CD’s contain all of his great healing stories. A little bit of education will make an incredible difference in your confidence in treating yourself and your family. Knowledge is power!

I had a gal email me last week and in the subject line it said “Help!!! Emergency!!!” The email said: “ I have a bad case of hives and cannot think straight. I'm using Sinus Plus and the Brigham tea and blood purifier and BF and C and calamine lotion. I cannot move without swelling. ”

The good thing is that she tried something, it didn’t work, but was worth a try. My suggestion of what I would do was to take a Chickweed Tea bath, and Immucalm. She mentioned that she didn’t have any and there was not Christopher’s available in their local store. I could tell that she was desperate so suggested getting the ingredients of Marshmallow and Astragalus and take them. Here is what she said the next day. “ God Bless You!, Girl, I certainly thank you for your assistance. The bath was great. The hives are calming down some. I found the marshmallow root capsules and astragalus and mixed them together for the Immucalm tea. I slept really good for the first night in 3 nights.”

It is hard to have everything on hand, but allergic reaction is something that can happen to anyone, so having Immucalm on hand might possibly have gotten things under control much quicker and is one that I always have at home. Chickweed isn’t something I have on hand, but in the case of incredible skin problems was the best choice at hand and easy to pick up at most health food stores.

Another interesting case in the past few weeks happened to my brother-in-law. They use herbs quite a bit, but also use regular medicine. He got a mosquito bite and scratched it. It soon swelled up into a boil and by the time I heard about it his whole leg was swollen and I was asking if there was a red stripe up and down his leg, which wasn’t the case at the moment. I suggested Tea Tree oil which I thought would be easy to get at a local store. I called the next day to find out that my sister had been gone to a girl scout camp so nothing was purchased and when she got back there was a red stripe and my brother-in-law was admitted to the hospital with a staph infection. This case would have been pretty simple to take care of in the beginning with Plantain (which I know grows where they live) made into a poultice to pull out the poison or the Stings and Bites Ointment. Now days later being admitted into the hospital I was quite worried. Luckily he is ok, but all he went through could have been easily avoided had they known, or asked what to do.

As one last quick note, the Genesis Water Ionizers are 10% off through December 15th. The water ionizer makes alkaline and acid water on the PH scale. Alkaline water is for internal use and helps keep a more alkaline balance in the body and is high in antioxidants. I drink 2 liters a day and feel it has greatly helped me. The acid water on the PH scale is for external use. It is used for treating skin conditions as in both of the examples above. Ionized water is used in hospitals in Japan and Korea and I have read many stories of people being saved from amputation due to using the acid water on infected limbs. I saw first hand how the acid PH water quickly clears up a bad infection on my nephew. His wife said it looked like gangrene to her, after soaking his hand in acid water for a few hours and then putting a good amount of Complete Tissue Ointment on it and wrapping it, the next morning it looked great. Check out this video about the Genesis on YouTube.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Save Money Using Bulk Single Herbs

Bulk single herbs are 10% off for the rest of the month and you might be thinking, big deal, what kind of a sale is that? The first thing you have to know is that there is very little markup on the bulk herbs, so an extra 10% helps. The second thing is that these are of the best quality that you are going to find on the market. Western Botanicals asks us not to list if they are organic or wild crafted, because the availability changes from time to time. Overall, most of the bulk herbs are organic. If organic is not available then they get the next best thing which is wild crafted which is just about as good as organic. We have had excellent feedback from customers concerning the quality of the bulk herbs, so you know you are getting the best that you can for the money.

About 90% of the herbs that we sell are the prepared herbs and for most people that is what they want. But for people that really want/need to save money, buying bulk herbs and making your own herbal preparations can really save you a lot of money. Bulk herbs can be used to make your own formulas, extracts, ointments, oils, teas, fomentations and more. If you have a favorite tea you like to drink that is a single herb, buy it in bulk and save because you pay a lot for those little tea bags.

I was taking an order recently and the customer wanted the Super Garlic Immune Formula and they mentioned that they had a friend that was recommending it. I asked if she had ever tasted it because it is about the worst tasting thing I have ever eaten. It gets better over time though, I can take it down without much problem, but I worry about people getting it and not knowing beforehand. Then she asked if it is available in capsules, w

hich it is, from Western Botanicals as Anti Plague. She said that her friend just gets the dry ingredients and makes her own capsules. I thought that was a great idea, so on the Mix Your Own Formula page I have added an Anti-Plague kit in powder form adding the Garlic Powder to make it complete. Buy one of each item, mix them together and you

have saved a lot of money to get a great formula for colds, flu, virus and over all immune support.

You can capsulize about 1500 ‘0’ capsules or 1000 ‘00’ capsules out of a pound of powdered herbs. The Anti-Plague kit makes three pounds of powder, so to compare with Western Botanicals bottled Anti Plague you would spend $65.58 for 3 lbs. of powder and $99.75 for 5000 ‘0’ vegicaps for a total of $165.33 and a good amount of work you could make the equivalent of about 38 prepared bottles of Anti-Plague capsules that would cost $566.96 plus shipping. If you decided to do this, you really need to capsulize them right away, because that keeps them from oxydizing and they should be fine if you use them in 5 to 10 years stored in a cool dry place. We have a great little capsule machine and I find that it works better with the vegicaps.

In the cup I have

my fresh squeezed orange juice, Jurassic Green, Maca Root, Ginkgo, Herbal Calcium and Acai Berry powder that I mix with a great stick blender. This is what I drink every morning. I recently added the Maca Root which I learned is an adaptogen that regulates and supports endocrine health. Maca helps the metabolism, energy levels, growth, sexual development and the sense of well being and attitude. Ginkgo helps brain function. Acai Berry is high in antioxidants to keep the immune system strong. The Herbal Calcium is from the Mix Your Own Formula as Calc Tea page, which makes 3.5 lbs of powder that will last my husband and I about six months for a cost of $48.00.

The Herbal Preparations and Natural Therapies DVD & book is a great way to learn how to make your own herbal products. I have a great sense of accomplishment when I able able to make some of the herbals that my family uses. I wish I had this when I started making my own

preparations, it is great to be able to step by step learn from the DVD vs. reading just from a book and trying to figure out what they are talking about. This set would be a great gift item for the coming holidays.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Suzy's Second Road Trip

About six weeks ago we went up to Washington to help clean up my dad's house so it could be sold. My husband and I put in 11 days there and my brother 9 days, putting a sign out as he headed back home. The good news is the home sold in one day, I guess we did a good job. The bad news is my dad is still in the rehabilitation center trying to get better, but things have gotten much worse for him. He's on dialysis and twice they gave him heprin at the end of the treatment even though it was on the chart that he is allergic to it. He couldn't stop bleeding so they took him to the ER. The first time my brother was still there and I had him give him a tsp. of cayenne in water. The care center sent him to the ER, and my dad felt that the cayenne really helped. The second time he didn't get the cayenne and after getting back to the care center he fell in the bathroom and hit his head. In the morning they came in and found that he had had a stroke. The heprin made him too prone to bleed and he was back in the hospital for a few days until things were better. We got up there on the October 30th to help clear out the house for the sale and felt something was wrong so took him back to the hospital and he had had another stroke. Sad days, I'm not ready to be an orphan. In the above photo that is my Dad, myself, and the gal holding the baby is my sister who has her little miracle baby Nicolas. Linda is 39 and got pregnant via IVF, one reason to like doctors.
We cleared the house out which took an entire week. Dad doesn't understand that he is going to die, wants to go live in Las Vegas with his wife who he just married in June. We aren't sure how to handle that at this time, but his wife keeps holding onto him getting better. If you click on the photo to enlarge it you will notice that he is quite yellow. His liver is shutting down, the kidneys of course, and they have started giving him insulin so the pancreas as well. Sad days of modern medicine.
We headed back home on Saturday Nov. 7th with the van loaded to the hilt. My husband is a master packer and left just enough room for the dogs. The little white one is my dad's wife's dog who is headed back to Vegas, we'll take him as far as our house.
I had a little headache as we were leaving in the morning but just figured it was due to sleeping on a blow up mattress for a few nights, very little sleep, etc. By the time we were coming into Boise it was really getting intense and I thought to myself that the day before I had been around several sick people that came to help with the final clean up and I had better get some herbs into me before it was too late. We stopped for gas and luckily I could get to the Glandular Oil/X-Plague, Immune System Formula and Anti Plague capsules. I got all dosed up and away we went. Within an hour the headache was gone, which means I made the right conclusion at the right moment before things got worse, and I'm grateful for that. I don't enjoy being sick and I don't have time to be sick. I took more of the above herbs and oils and woke up this morning feeling fine, but will continue on for a day or two to make sure.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Depression is a Normal Part of Life

MindTrac is another one of those great formulas to have on hand when you need it. The first time I used it was when my now 20 year old son was in 4th grade. It’s nice to be able to look back at this point in time where he is a grown up young man doing great things in his life, but in 4th grade I didn’t think he had a chance. We were going through some really hard times with him in school and at home. I would get my kids to school and then go back to bed until about noon, drag myself out of bed, get my work done, get some things done around the house and then pick up the kids from school. After about three weeks of this I realized I really had a problem and that I was depressed, stressed, anxious, you name it. I got on the Herbs First website and looked at the MindTrac formula and thought this would be a good one to try because it looked like it would cover every symptom I was having. From the first day that I tried it I was amazed at the difference, I didn’t feel like I had to sleep after getting the kids to school and I was better able to handle the difficult situation with my son until things turned around for him.

I use MindTrac when I need it, sometimes just for a day or two, sometimes for weeks until my body tells me I don’t need it anymore. It worked so well for me I told a family member about it and here is what she had to say:

“I have suffered with situational depression on and off over the last 13 years. When I was first diagnosed, my doctors had me taking a combination ofdifferent prescription medications for depression and anxiety. The side effects were horrendous! Not only did it not alleviate my symptoms of depression, it enhanced them, sending me into a deep spiral of despair. I felt that the medications actually changed my personality and I didn’t like the person I was becoming. Needless to say, that only made the depression worse. For almost 2 years as I suffered with this severe depression, I had thoughts of suicide, something I had not had before being medicated. I made three separate attempts to end my life and was hospitalized. In the hospital all they did was increase the medication until I felt like I was a walking zombie. It was then that it occurred to me that I had only thought of ending my life when the medication had first been prescribed. Once I recognized that the medication only made things worse for me, I stopped taking them altogether and tried to live the best I could with the depression. Since it was situational, once I was able to get out of the bad situations, the depression would subside. I still struggle when life throws me curve balls though! About 5 1/2 years ago, I was introduced to MindTrac. What a difference it has made for me! When I begin to feel down, or stressed out, I know it’s time to take some MindTrac. It helps me to be able to cope with the situations that I’m faced with, and I don’t have to worry about any side effects or having the depression worsen. I love that I can take it only when I need it, and that it helps me cope with the stressful situations in my life. I shudder to think of the roller coaster I was on several years ago and marvel at the changes in my life since I’ve turned to herbal remedies. I don’t know what I would do without this wonderful formula! I always make sure that I have several bottles in the cupboard so that I have it available when I need it the most. MindTrac is a life saver for me!”

Depression is a normal part of life. Life isn’t always easy and people are going to go through hard times and get stressed and depressed. Medication tends to cover up problems, cause other problems and not solve anything. Being able to take MindTrac to smooth out the edges and help people to get through those times is a better way, because you will know when you don’t need it anymore. Relax-Eze is a great formula to take with MindTrac for more severe cases. I have used both formulas apart and together for many years and they are of course on my “must have” list. We are again going through hard times, my husband’s loss of job and my father’s impending death to name a few. I don’t enjoy what we are going through, but being able to take MindTrac when needed makes a big difference.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Complete Tissue and Bone Formula to the rescue, again and again!

A few weeks ago when we were in Washington my husband and I spent our days working on my dad's house to get it ready to sell. My brother came up the day before we were to leave and between the three of us we put in 300 hours of work inside and outside of my dad’s house. When my brother left he put a for sale sign on the house and by the next afternoon it was sold. Our hard work paid off!

On our way home I was so happy to be off my feet, you see I spend a lot of time at the computer and after spending 9 days on my feet they were letting me know that they weren’t used to that. The balls of my feet were especially sore and it just didn’t dawn on me at the time that maybe I should take something for it. Last week when it had been 19 days since we had left my Dad’s I woke up one morning and realized this is not going to be a day that I will be able to exercise. The ball of my left foot was swollen and painful and I couldn’t put any weight on it. That’s when I thought, how dumb can you get? I started taking 4 capsules of Complete Tissue and Bone Formula three times a day and by the end of the second day I could tell the herbs were doing their work. Over the weekend my feet continued to improve.

This morning I was running around cleaning my house with bare feet and caught my little toe on a door and I broke it. I now have a new reason to keep taking the Complete Tissue & Bone Formula, but since my toe is broken I'll be upping my dosage to 6 times a day!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Arm yourself with a great Flu/Cold fighting arsenal

Essential Oils have amazing healing power and my family has grown to love the X-Plague blend from Garden Essence that we have at Herbs First. X-Plague contains Cloves, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus radiata and Rosemary Essential Oils. The highly anti-viral, antiseptic properties of the single oils contained in this blend help protect the body from the onset of flu, E-coli, candida, colds, sore throats, gum infection, canker sores and more. The Garden Essence oils are all full-strength oils and are not to be used straight from the bottle, but should be mixed with a carrier oil. A carrier oil can be any good oil that you may have such as olive oil or almond oil. Since X-Plague is used so often for colds, flu's and sore throats we
like to mix it into a bottle of
Glandular Massage Oil. Glandular Massage Oil on its own is great for rubbing on the neck area when we have a sore throat. Here is what Dr. Christopher said about the Glandular Massage Oil in one of his newsletters:
Glandular & X-:Plague"Tonsillitis: The tonsils are the tail end of the lymphatic system. They swell up with pus and infection when the body is overloaded with toxic material. When the system is overloaded with waste that an inactive lymphatic system cannot eliminate, the tonsils become enlarged and sore. They are a safety valve of the body - a warning system, if you wish. They should never be removed from the body. The lymphatic system can be cleared through exercise. The lymph system has no pump such as the bloodstream has the heart. Exercise can activate the lymph system to carry waste products from the cells. The glandular formula can be taken internally as a tea or capsules and externally as a fomentation around the neck covering the affected glands. Of course the tonsils will diminish in size and infectious content with adherence to the correct principles of nutrition contained in the mucusless diet. "
Adding X-Plague to the bottle of Glandular makes the two formulas together a great combination for keeping sickness at bay. We use is all winter on our necks and the upper chest before we head out to work or send the kids to school, and put it on our feet at night where the healing properties can be distributed throughout our entire bodies via the reflex points. Add 60 drops of X-Plague to a fresh bottle of Glandular Massage Oil and you are armed with a great Flu/Cold fighting arsenal.
In Dr. Christopher’s statement above he talks about exercise clearing the lymphatic system. The best exercise for keeping the lymph system moving is the rebounder also know as a mini-trampoline. I have used a rebounder for over 25 years and it is my main exercise in the morning while watching Good Morning America. The rebounder is fun and easy to use, kids love it, people of any age can use it including the elderly. I feel very energized and ready for the day after exercise. The ReboundAIR comes with a lifetime warranty and are built to last. The Standard and half-fold models are for people under 300 lbs. The Ultimate quarter fold model is for people weighing less that 400 lbs. Included with the Rebounder is a CD & DVD. The ReboundAIR is a great addition to any home exercise and wellness program.
Learn about more immune boosting herbs at Cleanse Nourish Heal.
You can purchase these herbs and and ReboundAIR rebounders at Herbs First.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Choice Is Yours

A friend called me a few weeks ago to ask if I knew what was going on with her having numbness in her hands and feet. I didn’t know but could tell she was worried, so suggested she go to a doctor to find out what was wrong. She went and found that she has diabetes. Now that she knows what the problem is she can learn what to do for it. She ordered the Pancreas Formula and said wow, these herbs are way less expensive than the medication that they want to put me on.

I think this is a good time to review one of my older posts on my blog about Natural Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine. It is important to read this from time to time to remind us of how herbs and correct diet work in our bodies and why it is a better choice over conventional medicine. We also need to realize that we get ourselves into these kinds of messes from how we eat. My dad is a good example, he is my close family member that is on dialysis in the Natural Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine post, and the reason why we made a quick trip to Washington last month. I kept giving him herbs to cleanse his kidneys, build up his blood etc. He would say they aren’t working. When I was there I brought home the almost full bottles of everything that I gave him over the past few years. The herbs don’t work if they stay in the bottle, you have to actually open the bottle and eat them. He just didn’t want to change, has chosen the medical method and is paying an awful high price for it.

The lesson is this; we all choose our fate, is it eating whatever we want and using conventional medicine to only get worse and worse, or are we going to change our diet and use the herbs to help us maintain optimum health?? Dr. Christopher often said, this is a do it yourself plan. Learn what to do and then do it, and you will be healthy. The choice is clear for me.

I am happy to give links to people that ask. Please email me with what you are looking for if you can’t find it yourself. A great website to learn from is the Herbal Legacy Website from the School of Natural Healing, and where most of the links I give come from. Due to the FTC and FDA regulations we are not able to post this information on our website. We also have available for purchase, Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Healing Aliment CD Rom, $4.95 with a $50.00 purchase, or $13.97 without the minimum purchase. This CD is well worth the investment and has been updated from the old one that we offered a few years ago.

Comment from a subscriber:
Loved this and forwarded it to a lot of people. I keep getting..."So what can I do?" My answer is, "So what is the problem." They don't want to find out but they want someone else to fix it. Loved the story about your Dad. My sister did the same thing.

My question when she found out that she was ill, " Would you like to start an herbal program." Her answer was, " No, the doctor is going to heal me." She died in 2005. It is a planet of choice.
P. H.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Suzy’s First Road Trip

We have had our dog Suzy for almost three years, yet never had the opportunity to take her on a road trip. Besides going to the vet she was only in the car on one other occasion to see how she would do, and she threw up that time. My sister called on Sunday Sept 13th to let me know that my Dad was not able to move and was taken to the ER by ambulance. They found that he had an infection, gave him some antibiotics and released him. The next day my step mother ended up getting him back to the ER because he was much worse and he was admitted to the hospital. By the evening of the 14th things were not looking good and my husband and I decided that we had better

head up to be with him.

On Tuesday I bought a harness for Suzy to keep her safe in the seat. My husband Don tried to get her fitted and ready for the trip and she would have nothing to do with it. He tried to talk me out of taking her, but I just couldn’t leave her at home when I didn’t know how long we were going to be gone. I told him I would give her herbs and she would be fine. So very early on the 16th I gave her a Ginger capsule for the nausea and a Relax-Eze capsule for the hyperness. I could not believe how great she was, usually she would jump from seat to seat, but most of the trip she just slept on the floor, occasionally looking out the window. The trip took 12 1/2 hours to get there due to traffic problems and was a joy the whole way.

We ended up staying until the morning of the 26th, my Dad was released to a Rehabilitation Center on the 23rd which amazed me because I really thought he wasn’t going to make it. During most of our time in Washington we worked on fixing up his house so that it can be sold and move into something smaller. We worked very hard for about 12 hours a day and all I can say is thank goodness for Kava Kava. Both my husband and I have issues with our back & neck when we overwork. We took the Kava Kava at night and woke up in the morning with no stiff muscles. We also added Spirulina to our regular herbs that we take, Spirulina is a great super

food and has always given me energy.

On the 26th we went over to the rehabilitation center to say goodbye to my Dad. Don was going to keep Suzy outside while I went in for a minute. Suzy bolted for the door and ran in, so I asked if it was ok for her to be there and they said yes. We ran her down to my Dad’s room and he was quite happy to see her. On the way out I remembered that I had forgotten to give Suzy her herbs. They had some food on trays, so I put a small amount of scrambled eggs into a napkin to put the capsules in. She would not eat them, Don sniffed the eggs and said they smelled powdered. I went back into the center and got a packet of margarine and dipped the capsules in that. Suzy still would have nothing to do with it, she knows real butter from the imitation. Don ended up pushing them down her throat and holding her mouth closed until she swallowed. We headed back to Utah. Suzy was a bit hyper for about 15 minutes until the capsules took effect and was again docile for the entire trip.

Thank you for your patience while I was gone. I am now able to take phone orders at 801-701-9923.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Nasal Cleansing for Sinus Problems

I have had sinus and breathing problems for years due to allergies. At springtime last year we got these nasal cleansing pots in and after seeing them used on Oprah, Ellen and Good Morning America. They are also called Neti-pots and have been used for years by people living in other countries. I got one for myself and my husband and I started using it and was impressed. My husband held back for a few weeks and then finally gave it a try and he is faithful at using it now. We both love how much better our sinus' are doing and mine were doing so good that I stopped using it for awhile, and then noticed that I was having problems again, so now I am determined to use it faithfully morning and night. This is a simple inexpensive thing that people can do and well worth the effort. I use a little scoop of salt and fill up the pot and do one side, blow my nose, and then the other side. Takes about two minutes and is simple and easy enough that a child could do it. Buy a separate pot for each person, the plastic ones will last a long long time. Happy Breathing!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Zucchini Bread Recipe

We went to a family reunion over the weekend, I usually sign up to bring a dessert so that there is a treat I feel good about eating. After eating lunch I was walking over to talk to two of my cousins who were discussing a piece of cake that they eaten. As I walked up they asked me if that was my Zucchini cake that they had eaten. I said yes, and they said we knew it was yours, it looked so healthy and tasted so good, and they knew because it had coconut in it. They had both gone over to get another piece but it was all gone. It is a bread recipe that I had baked it in a 9 x 13 inch cake pan and took a bottle of whipped cream to use for the topping. I hope you enjoy it too.

Zucchini Bread
Mix together:
3 eggs
1 cup butter, I use 1/2 c butter 1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup plain yogurt
1 1/2 cups raw honey or 2 cups organic sugar
1 tbsp Vanilla
2 cups shredded zucchini, a little extra is ok, I just use what I have up to 3 cups
1 cup organic coconut

In a separate bowl whisk together:
3 cups whole wheat flour (I use sprouted whole wheat flour)
1 tsp. Real Salt
2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp Rumford baking powder
1 tbsp cinnamon, or a little more if you really like it

Add the dry ingredients to the wet, mix until just blended. Pour into pans. Bake at 350 degrees. Mini pans about 40 min. Regular loaf pan 45 - 50 min. 9x13 pan about 45 min.

I modified this recipe from a great cookbook I recently got called At Tiffany's Table. All the recipe's use honey as a sweetner, whole grains, wholesome recipes. I love this cookbook!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Accidental Poisoning

I love my pets and have been talking for years about treating them successfully with herbs. The other night we had some guests over for dinner and one of them is on seizure medicine. He accidently dropped a pill on the floor and before he could even bend down to pick it up our dog Suzy gulped it down. I called poison control and they told me the signs to look for but didn't know what it would do to a dog. I happened to have some Activated Charcoal in my cupboard, so I dipped one in butter and Suzy gulped it down as well. She seemed a bit hyper before we went to bed but settled down and in the morning thankfully was still with us. Activated charcoal is estimated to reduce absorption of poisonous substances up to 60%, and works by adsorbing chemicals, through the entire length of the stomach and small and large intestines (GI tract). I'm happy that I had it on hand to give at the moment that it was needed.
We sell this and other great herbs at Herbs First. You can order Activated Charcoal on our Nature's Way Favorites page.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Varicose Vein & Spider Vein Treatment

I have been seeing more advertisements on TV lately for Varicose Vein and Spider Vein Treatments. In the past ligation (tying off the vein) and stripping were the norm for the procedure. Now through Sclerotherapy a very small needle is used to inject a solution into the affected vein, causing it to close down and dry up. I know this might sound like a good idea to a lot of people, and I even know people that have had some of these procedures done, but think about it, aren’t the veins there for a reason? Wouldn’t it be better to go to the cause and fix the problem, because if the veins you see are having problems doesn’t it mean that there are veins with problems that you can’t see?

Dr. Christopher states that “sugars, pastries, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, breads, candies, etc., leach the calcium out of the body, causing varicose veins, cramps, charlie horses, loss of teeth, nervous upsets, etc. “[SNH p.531] Here is what Dr. Christopher taught about Herbal Calcium: “We need calcium for nerve sheath, vein and artery walls, bone, teeth, etc. This combination is all pure herbs. It is also used for cramps, "Charlie horses" and for all calcium needs in the body.” If you have varicose veins then your body is telling you that it needs calcium.

Getting more calcium is going to help many problems that are caused by low calcium levels in the body, but what do you do about the varicose veins? It really is a simple solution that anyone can do at home. Make a strong White Oak Bark tea, simmering it gently until it reduced to one-forth. I would use a heaping teaspoon of herb to one cup of water, steep for 15 minutes, strain and then simmer down to 4 oz of liquid. Then soak stockings of white cotton in the concentrated tea and wear them, covering them with plastic, all night. Cut off the foot part of the sock to pull it up to where it is needed. I would do this nightly for six nights a week, also drinking a cup of regular strength tea 3 - 4 times a day, or taking 2 capsules 3 - 4 times a day for a few months. You can read Dr. Christopher's complete article at Herbal Legacy.

By correcting the problem we are avoiding worse problems in the future. I think that it is a blessing to have the varicose veins inform you that you are low on calcium so you can correct it. Bone loss with osteoporosis is much harder to deal with, so avoid that and other problems by building your body up with a good source of plant based calcium.

White Oak Bark is available in bulk 4 oz, 8 oz. & 16 oz., as well as Western Botanicals capsules and extract.

Herbal Calcium is available in capsules, extract, bulk with Comfrey, and as a mix your own formula.

You can purchase these herbs and others at Herbs First.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Make your own Granola for a fraction of the cost.

There are so many pre-made foods at the store that the easy way is to buy a box of this or a bag or that. I want the best for my family and the biggest reason I like to make my own food is so that I am in control of what goes into it. The best part about making it yourself is you can add things you like and omit things that you don't. I've been wanting to make granola for quite some time and finally got around to doing it. For a while I was buying a natural brand of granola which is very tasty and expensive. I made 96 oz. which is six pounds of granola for a fraction of the cost. It didn't take very long to mix it up, but took a while to dry it out, since I use a low heat method to retain the nutrients. Here is the recipe I used which I modified from the Coconut Lover's Cookbook.

6 cups organic old fashioned oats
5 cups organic shredded unsweetened coconut
1 cup almonds, slivered almonds are easy
1 cup pecans, cut in pieces
1 cup virgin coconut oil, melted
1 cup honey
1 T cinnamon
1 T Vanilla

Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl. Melt coconut oil on the stove with the honey.  When warmed add vanilla and cinnamon, stir until combined.  Add some stevia to it if you want it a little sweeter.  Pour over dry ingredients and mix well. Dry in oven at 250 degrees for an hour, stirring it every 15 minutes so it doesn't burn. For a raw version put in the dehydrator at 120 degrees until dried, about 24 hours. It makes a great topping for cobbler!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Healing CD

Search herbal remedies and herbal healing programs for many ailments.

Learn how to treat yourself with Dr. Christopher's Original Herbal Formulas and single herbs.

Includes many video clips of Dr. Christopher.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Say NO to Swine Flu and the Vaccine

I grew up on wholesome food and like most kids when they leave home I got off that path for awhile. We raised our kids on a mixture of wholesome foods with refined foods, which is likely better than the majority of the people today. At this point in my life we are back to eating wholesome homemade foods and are healthier for it.
We are hearing in the news more about the swine flu, what are the schools going to do about it, and how fast can the government get the swine flu shot to everyone? My husband's employer was giving free flu shots one year so he got the vaccine, and he along with everyone else got the flu. The next year they were giving the flu shots again and he didn't get the shot, but everyone in his department got the shot and again got the flu. The following year after that nobody wanted to get it again, they figured it out. If you get the flu shot you get the flu.
If you know anything about the flu or any other sickness, it is your immune system that protects you. How do you maintain a good immune system? Pure and simple it is eating a wholesome diet along with whole food vitamins and minerals that keep your immune system strong. People with good immune systems rarely get sick. I am not worried about health care, we rarely visit a doctor going years between visits. Instead of spending so much money on health insurance we get a high deductible insurance plan which leaves us the bulk of the money to invest in ourselves by eating high quality foods and herbs.
Hormone free meats, eggs and dairy products are getting easier to find and worth the extra money because many people are getting sick from the overload of hormones in these foods. Buy organic produce when you can and eat 75% fresh fruits and vegetables with the remainder being cooked foods and grains. Use healthy oils such as olive oil and coconut oil. If you haven’t used coconut oil you are in for a very pleasant surprise because it makes everything taste so good and it is great for your skin too. We have amazingly low pricing on
coconut oil with a flat rate shipping of $10.00 for up to 4 gallons of oil shipped in the continental US.
At Herbs First we have the best whole food/plant based supplements and our best buy is Western Botanicals
Earth’s Nutrition in a 5 pound (80 oz) mylar bag. This naturally balanced blend of organically grown whole foods is specifically formulated to supply you with natural foods sources of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and essential trace nutrients. All of the ingredients are from the finest organic sources available. Use Earth’s Nutrition to increase energy, vitality, lose weight or build better health. This product is recommended to be taken as a powder mixed with juice, however capsules are also available. Compares to Dr. Schulze's SuperFood Plus at a more affordable price! Also available in 14 oz. container.
Western Botanicals
Bountiful Blend is a distinct blend of 61 Fruits, Vegetables, Vitamin-Rich Greens, Sea Vegetables, Healthy Berries, Natural Food Concentrates, Medicinal Herbs and Spices all in one great tasting, vitamin rich, nutritional drink.
Dr Christopher’s
Jurassic Green: flash dried Alfalfa juice, Barley Juice and Kamut Juice, packed full of phyto-nutrients, whole food vitamins, trace minerals, active enzymes, chlorophyll, balanced amino acids and other important nutrients needed by the body. My body reminds me after a few days if I haven’t taken Jurassic Green because I end up with sore joints to remind me. Available in capsules and powder.
Dr Christopher’s
Vitalherbs, vitamin and mineral formula, ingredients: Jurassic Green Powder (Certified Organic flash-dried juice powder from Alfalfa, Barley & Kamut), Dandelion, Kelp, Purple Dulse, Spirulina, Irish Moss, Rose Hips, Beet Root, Nutritional Yeast, Cayenne Pepper, Blue Violet, Oatstraw, Carrot & Ginger Root. Both Jurassic Green and Vitalerbs help to promote alkalinity of the body. Available in capsules and bulk powder.
We also have plant based calcium in Dr. Christopher’s
Herbal Calcium and Western Botanicals Herbal Calcium. And plant based iron supplement in Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Iron. Our bodies are able to use the plant based vitamins and minerals vs. other brands that just end up in the toilet.
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Herbs First.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Food Poisoning

We had a family reunion and were the second group to arrive at the beach house that we had rented. My brother and family arrived there first and I saw his whole family, but he was nowhere to be found. I asked his wife where he was and she told me that three days earlier he had eaten at the famous “Golden Arches” restaurant and gotten very sick within 20 minutes of eating his food. For three days he had tried over the counter drugs for nausea and diarrhea but was still feeling terrible. I told her that I thought I had something that would help and went to my handy bag of herbs. I had Slippery Elm which is great for diarrhea, and Ginger which works well for nausea. I gave her the little packets which hold about 25 capsules and said that I would take the Slippery Elm every half hour until I was feeling better and Ginger every 2 - 3 hours. My brother showed his face a few hours later and said that he was feeling much better and was fine the rest of the week long reunion.

Food poisoning is most commonly a reaction to toxins produced by bacteria or other toxins. Bacteria thrive in food that is not prepared hygienically, that is kept out of refrigeration for too long, or that is not thoroughly cooked. Symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach cramps, and generally start 4 - 36 hours after eating contaminated food and often can last several days to two weeks. The reaction is so similar to the flu that it is often mistaken for the flu.

Slippery Elm is the herb of choice for any gastrointestinal disturbances including food poisoning. It is very calming and soothing to the intestinal tract and will often stop the diarrhea with a few doses. I have used it when I have been emotionally upset which often causes an acidic condition in the body which manifests itself with heart burn all the way through my system and ending in burning diarrhea. I mix the powder in with water and take it every half hour and within a few hours I will be back to normal. The capsules are great for trips and came in handy for my brother.

Slippery Elm has saved many people’s lives and brought them back to good health. My favorite story is on the Herbal Legacy website called Elijah, a story of hope and progress. Dr. Christopher’s well-known poultices for abscesses, boils and gangrene use Slippery Elm paste as a main ingredient. Slippery Elm is the herb that was used to heal the hip of a young pioneer boy when he received a musket blast at the Hauns Mill Massacre. His mother was instructed through the spirit how to heal him. He laid on his stomach for five weeks until he was entirely recovered, a flexible gristle having grown in place of the missing joint and socket.

Ginger helps to stomach pain, cramps and indigestion. Ginger protects while stimulating, treats constipation and diarrhea while relieving nausea, inhibits toxic bacteria while promoting friendly species of bacteria. Ginger has been found to work better than the popular over the counter drugs for motion sickness. I also use it for menstrual cramps and it is found in many herbal formulas. Dr. Christopher said, “Ginger is generally combined with herbs going into the abdominal area, because it is a carrier. Ginger is an herb which accentuates so many herbs.”

Two simple herbs made a happy vacation for my brother. You can purchase these herbs and others at Herbs First.