Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Oils for Cold and Flu Season

Advanced Therapy Essential Oil Diffuser   
    We have had a lot of people over in the past few weeks for family gatherings. Many times people don’t like to miss out on these events and they come with sniffles and other ailments. We don’t want to share their illness, so we always keep our diffuser running. We use the Advanced Therapy Essential Oil Diffuser, this is the one where you can hook up the bottle right to the diffuser. I feel like this is the best kind of diffuser for big areas because it is diffusing the full strength oil into a micro-fine mist that treats the whole room. 

Garden Essence Oils X-Plague    This time of year I diffuse X-Plague because it highly anti-viral and antiseptic to help protect the body from the onset of flu, colds and sore throats. Cloves, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus radiata and Rosemary are the oils that makes it smell like Christmas in our home.

Other Essential Oils for cold and flu season:

Alpine – helps relieve nasal congestion.

Cleansing - Powerful antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and sanitizing properties.

Immuboost - Enhances immune system function. Also Immuboost Extra, and Spice

Immune - for building, strengthening, and protecting the body and supporting its defense mechanism.

Garden Essence Oils Respiratory ProblemsRespiratory Congestion - for Allergies, Colds, Bronchitis, Flu, Cold sores, Sinusitis, Sore throat, Mucus.

Respiratory Problems - pneumonia, upper respiratory problems, and especially useful for viral infections.

3 in 1 - Anti-bacterial and Anti Inflammatory, an excellent blend for strep, bacteria, viruses, etc.

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Garden Essence Oils are therapeutic grade oils and always affordably priced at Herbs First. Order online or call in your order at 801-228-1901.

I enjoy using Garden Essence Oils and I hope you do too!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Frankincense and Myrhh, Oils For a King!

Frankincense and Myrrh are considered two of the top essential oils in the world. The Three Wise Men brought Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh to the baby Jesus.  Frankincense and Myrrh are very powerful forms of medicine and just as valued as gold due to their life saving properties.

Frankincense Essential OilFrankincense contains a compound called boswellia which has been shown to reduce inflammation and fight abnormal cell growth, including cancer. 

Frankincense is an immune stimulant and can alleviate colds and flu symptoms.

Frankincense has been used for nervous brain and mind. It treats anxiety, nervous tension, depression, nightmares, and fear of future. It produces a calm mental state and supports brain health. Used successfully for seizures.

Frankincense has been used for skin problems. It rejuvenates and treats anything from acne, balancing skin tone, treating age or liver spots, pimples and scars. It helps to smooth out wrinkles and is a tonic for all skin types.

Myrrh essential oilMyrrh is a very powerful essential oil that contains powerful antiseptic, antimicrobial properties.

Myrrh oil promotes healthy beautiful skin and protects the skin from sun damage because it is a natural sunscreen. 

Myrrh is used in mouth rinses for gum disease and gingivitis, and has been shown to be beneficial against tooth infections. 

I started taking Frankincense internally earlier this year due to its immune stimulating ability. I had a situation in my life that was affecting me emotionally, which ended up with physical symptoms as well. I feel much better now and can feel it when I forget to take it. I take 2 – 3 drops once a day. I put it directly in my mouth rubbing it around using my tongue being sure to get it under my tongue as well as the roof of my mouth, which helps it get quickly into the system. This has truly been a miracle in a bottle for me and considering how long a bottle lasts it has been an incredible value.

Garden Essence Oils are therapeutic grade oils and always affordably priced at
Herbs First.  Order online or phone in your order at 801-669-2380

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Western Botanicals Liver Detox Tea, not just for the liver!

Western Botanicals Liver Detox Tea    I am always thankful when I can learn something from a customer. I was working on an order for a woman on Friday and she was ordering four 16 oz. bags of Western Botanicals Liver Detox Tea. She said it was for her son and that it has saved his life. He is in the military and took it with him when he was stationed in the middle-eastern countries. She said that it helped him to stay healthy, and he never got sick in spite of all the toxins that he was exposed to. He was sick now because he run out and asked her to get him a lot, because he was sharing it with his buddies and they stayed healthy too.

    Western Botanicals Liver Detox Tea
is a delicious and satisfying herbal beverage, yet has numerous health benefits and is a powerful all-purpose herbal tonic. Liver Detox Tea acts to detoxify the liver, stimulate the entire digestive system, and cleanse the blood, skin, liver and gallbladder! As liver function improves energy will increase. Liver Detox Tea is also an excellent coffee replacement. It is a hot beverage, dark in color, and tastes great!

    The liver is responsible for handling most of our energy needs. It takes raw building blocks from food and breaks it down into basic nutritional components. The liver creates and stores sugars for both immediate and long-term energy use. If the liver is congested or diseased it will not receive or send out enough blood sugar and your energy will drop. Chronic lack of energy, especially after meals, could be the result of a sluggish liver.

    The liver is also vital in detoxifying and neutralizing toxins within the body, particularly as nutrients are absorbed from the digestive tract. Because our environment is full of stressful chemicals, such as food additives, preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, etc., it is vital that we have a healthy functioning liver.

Western Botanicals 16 oz. Liver Detox Tea retails for $42.10 and is on sale for $31.57. Liver Detox Tea  also comes in 5.5 oz. and 8 oz. sizes. Suggested usage is 4 cups per day. Soak 2 tbsp. dried herb in water for 4 to 8 hours, then bring to a slow boil and simmer for 15 minutes. Strain. Can be drunk hot or cold.

You can order online or call in your order 801-228-1901.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!