Sunday, December 31, 2023

Goodbyes are hard....


My husband and I started Herbs First in 1997 when the internet was still pretty new. We had been searching for a new business and wanted something that had meaning. We had been using Dr. Christopher’s formulas for about ten years and found them to have amazing healing qualities. Dr. Christopher’s Formulas could only be found in stores back then, so we approached the Christopher family to see if we could start an online store with their products. They said yes, and so Herbs First was born, and we were the first to offer these products online.

My best memory will be of all the great customers who have stayed with us all of these years. It always thrilled me to recognize people’s names as the orders came in. I have written thousands of emails giving links and answers to your questions.  Over the years I have taken over 2400 phone orders and even more calls which we started doing in 2009. I loved taking the orders, talking to real people, getting to know you, and giving advice of what I would do were it me in your situation. I consider you my friends and I will certainly miss this part of my life.

Indeed, I thought I would continue on for many more years, but things change. We want to be able to serve in our church and community, and help our children and grandchildren more. We want to travel and be free to do what we want to do. Our big passion is biking, we even bike in the winter. The photo is a railroad bike ride in the redwoods from earlier this year. We are ready for more fun times without restraints!

What does that mean for Herbs First? Our good friend Jeff Thompson who has been our shipping manager for over 23 years will be taking the reins. He has been in the health and wellness business for over 30 years. He has done an amazing job for us all of these years, and we are thrilled that he will be running things from here on out.

What does that mean for you? Lower prices starting with Dr. Christopher’s formulas being 35% off retail and free shipping on orders over $85.00. Many people have mentioned the great care that is taken with their products. That will continue, as Jeff has always been meticulous when it comes to packaging. Jeff has other things planned and he will let you know of them as they happen.

It is now time to say goodbye to you my friends. I appreciate your support and wish you all the best with your health as you continue on your journey to wellness.


Kathryn & Don Mechling

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Dr. Christopher's Nerve Sheath Formula

Dr. Christopher's Nerve
                                            Sheath FormulaI was happy when Dr Christopher’s came out with four new formulas. The last two weeks we introduced Dr. Christopher’s Heart Formula and Dr. Christopher’s VRL (viral) Formula. I am thrilled with Dr. Christopher’s Nerve Sheath Formula and feel it will help a lot of people to heal. 

Fixing Nerve Sheaths: A Repair Guide for Your Body's Wiring

Imagine your body's nerves like electrical cords. These cords have a special coating called myelin that helps messages travel quickly and clearly. Just like the plastic coating on cords protects them, myelin protects nerves. But sometimes this coating can wear away, causing problems.

What Are Nerve Sheaths?

Nerve sheaths are like protective coats for your body's nerves. They help messages travel fast and stay strong. Think of them as the insulation on an electrical cord. If the insulation breaks, the signal gets weak, like when a cord sparks or doesn't work. Our body's nerves can have similar problems when their protective sheaths get damaged.

Why Do Nerve Sheaths Matter?

Nerve sheaths are important because they help messages move smoothly in our bodies. When they're damaged, things can go wrong. It's like if your Wi-Fi signal gets weak and your computer can't connect properly.

Signs of Nerve Sheath Problems

When nerve sheaths aren't working well, you might have issues like trouble seeing, balancing, or moving. You could feel numb, weak, tired, or even have mood changes. These problems happen because the signals in your body aren't going where they should.

Repairing Nerve Sheaths

Good news! Nerve sheaths can be fixed. To repair them, our body needs certain materials, like a repair kit. Imagine it's like fixing a toy with all the right parts. If we're missing some parts, the repair doesn't work well.

What Helps Repair Nerve Sheaths?

Eating the right foods is vitally important and is like giving our body the repair kit it needs. Fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds are like the important pieces for fixing our nerve sheaths. Herbs gives our body the extra help it needs to heal.

Dr. Christopher's Nerve Sheath Formula

Dr. Christopher's made a special formula to help repair nerve sheaths. This formula contains nutrients that are hard to get from regular foods. For example, it has uridine which is important for nerve sheath repair.

Herbs and Ingredients

The herbs and nutrients in this formula are amazing for nerve repair:

  • Skullcap: This herb  supplies zinc and copper, without which nerve sheath repair doesn’t happen.

  • Cayenne: stimulates the production of myelin nerve sheath and provides zinc, vitamin C and safe amounts of lithium which must be present for sheath repair.

  • Bilberry: provides zinc and flavonoids.

  • Nutritional yeast: provides important vitamins, especially B vitamins like biotin and B-12.

  • Flax: provides omega fatty acids.

  • Kelp: provides necessary iodine in safe and plentiful amounts.

  • Lion's Mane: helps make more myelin.

  • Hops: provides uridine, and important nutrient for myelin repair.

  • Ginkgo:  increases myelinated oxons which are an absolute component of myelin.

  • Dandelion and Raw Cacao: are the highest sources of plant-based iron, which is also needed to produce myelin nerve sheath.

How to Help Your Body Repair

David Christopher states: The myelin sheath can be eroded through normal body functioning and is destroyed by auto immune diseases like multiple sclerosis. With any autoimmune disease, Dr. Christopher’s Immucalm formula in high doses of 5 capsules 5 times per day can calm down the action of the immune system, which allows the body to repair the myelin nerve sheath. The Nerve Sheath Formula is used to provide the nutrients the body needs as it works on repairing the nerve sheath. Dr. Christopher's Complete Tissue and Bone Formula is also helpful in providing nutrients for repairs anywhere in the body, including the nerve sheath. When using Dr. Christopher Formulas we separate them by at least 30 minutes to attain the full benefit of the formula.

Remember to Eat Healthy

A junk food diet can never repair nerve sheath damage and can contribute to losing myelin. So, eating healthy foods is giving your body the best chance to repair.

In Simple Words

Nerve sheaths are like protective coats for our nerves. When they are damaged, we can have problems with our body's signals. But we can fix them! Eating healthy foods and using Dr. Christopher’s Nerve Sheath Formula can help our body repair these important coatings and keep our body's messages running smoothly.
At Herbs First we carry the full line of Dr. Christopher’s Formulas, always 25% off with free shipping on a $85.00 order.

Feel free to email me at or call me at the below phone number for any questions.

You can purchase these and other great healing products at Herbs First.  Order online at Herbs First, phone in your order 801-228-1901.

Have a great month!

Dr. Christopher's VRL Formula Capsules


 Dr. Christopher's VRL
                                            FormulaCan you guess what this formula is for? We can’t put that it is a VIRAL formula on the website, and it can’t be spelled out on the bottle, so VRL is close enough, right! There has been a great need for a powerful viral formula due to COVID 19. We won’t get into the politics of all of that, and certainly feel it is best to let your immune system work to fight off this virus. I was happy when I saw the formula that they included so many of the herbs that people were buying during Covid.  Dr. Christopher’s VRL formula is a synergistic blend of herbs to support the immune system. Below is what each herb does.

White Pine Bark - heal coughs, bronchitis, laryngitis and chest congestion

White Willow Bark – pain, headache, and inflammatory conditions

Turmeric - respiratory infections, inflammation

Cacao - aid in blood pressure regulation, blood flow, and the prevention of blood clots.

Star Anise - antifungal, antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties

Sweet Annie - keeps the infections of many diseases ay bay like influenza, covid, herpes, hepatitis B and C.

Oregon Grape Root - stimulate liver function, and ultimately help to clean the blood, helps balance the system during bacterial or viral infections

Dandelion Leaf - blocks viral entry into cells

Black Pepper - combats infection and boosts immunity

Heal All Herb - aid the symptoms of almost every possible malady. Common folklore held that it was an herb sent by God to heal any ailment of man or animal.

Boswellia - may have beneficial effects against COVID-19-induced oxidative stress, inflammation, clotting formation, and microthrombus

It will be great to have this on hand at home, so that we have it quickly available should an outbreak happen again. We are happy to be able to supply Dr. Christopher’s VRL formula to help people to maintain their health using safe natural herbs.

Feel free to email me at or call me at the below phone number for any questions.

You can purchase these and other great healing products at Herbs First.  Order online at Herbs First, phone in your order 801-228-1901.

Have a great month!

Dr. Christopher's Heart Formula

Dr. Christopher's Heart
                                            FormulaDr. Christopher’s has come out with a few new formulas and we will introduce them to you starting with the Heart Formula capsules. The need for another heart formula came about due to the fact that the Hawthorn Berry has been in short supply and Dr. Christopher's wanted to make sure that a heart formula was available for people to maintain their heart health.

The Heart Formula adds hawthorn leaves and flowers along with the hawthorn berry, increasing the flavonoids from the flowers, and procyanidins from the leaves. Cayenne and gingko were added for increased heart stimulation. Ginger and garlic were included to help strengthen the cardiovascular system down to a capillary level, helping equalize blood pressure. Motherwort helps regulate the pulse and buchu acts as a diuretic for water retention in the heart.

People started buying this formula as soon as we posted it. We are happy to be able to supply Dr. Christopher's Heart Formula capsules to help people to maintain their heart health using safe natural herbs.

Feel free to email me at or call me at the below phone number for any questions.

You can purchase these and other great healing products at Herbs First.  Order online at Herbs First, phone in your order 801-228-1901.

Have a great month!

Friday, July 14, 2023

The Key to Health


Dr. Christopher's Cleansing Kit

Dr. Christopher said “
There are no incurable diseases, there are only incurable people” and I find that statement to be very true. I will have people ask me what to do for "name of disease”. The first thing out of my mouth is always about food, and this is where the person almost always holds up their hands and says I don’t want to hear anything about changing my diet. I have watched many of those people die over the years, and it is a sad thing that people won’t give up the garbage they are eating but will poison their bodies with bad food, radiation, chemotherapy and drugs trying to get well.

Please invest in yourself and your family by learning about how food
helps you to be healthy. Our health is dependent on the food we eat and if we are eating nothing but garbage, then we need to expect that our bodies will be a product of what we eat. When I began the journey to clean up our diet I told myself that I was finding new favorites. Over the years we have built up quite a collection of healthy recipes and we can honestly say we do not feel deprived. There are so many websites that promote whole food diets. Just do a search and start trying recipes and finding your new favorites.

Learn about
Dr. Christopher’s Mucusless Diet and view videos on Daniel's Challenge website, that teaches about all the wonderful foods that will help us have the best in health. Its okay to eat meat, just keep it clean and in smaller portions.

Cleanse. The purpose of cleansing is to prepare the body for natural healing. Cleansing is very helpful even if people don’t want to change their diet. Often when I mention cleansing people say, “I poop, I don’t need to cleanse”. Pooping is good, but there is a lot more to cleansing than the fact that you poop. Do you poop three times a day? If not you need colon cleansing. Do you have bad skin? Likely you need Blood Cleansing and Liver Cleansing. Impurities leave the body via sweat, bowel movements and urination, hence a Kidney Cleanse helps to keep things cleaned up as much as the Bowel Cleanse does. Dr. Christopher said that the blood stream is the river of life, what does your river look like? The Liver filters a huge amount of the toxins out of the body, you clean your furnace filter, shouldn't you clean your liver? We have amazing pricing on the cleanse kits liquid and capsules.  Here is more information about the extended herbal cleanse.

Nourish. Once the body is cleansed it will be able to absorb the nutrients found in the whole foods and herbs. Nourishing herbs for everyone include Vitalerbs & Jurassic Green. They are packed full of phyto-nutrients, whole food vitamins, trace minerals, active enzymes, chlorophyll, balanced amino acids and other important nutrients needed by the body. Both Jurassic Green and Vitalerbs help to promote alkalinity of the body. Vitalerbs & Jurassic Green are vitamins and minerals your body can use. Both are available in capsules and powder.

Heal. Healing happens naturally and at its own speed as the body continues to eliminate impurities and strengthen through proper nourishment. One of the signs of healing comes with occasional aches & pains in the areas where the cleaning is most acute. Patience is required as the body goes through these phases. Our bodies were designed to be able to heal themselves and they will heal if we give them the proper nutrients. Herbal Legacy which is run by the School of Natural Healing is a great place to learn more about which products to use to treat your ailment. If you aren’t getting the progress that you desire, then go back to the top and learn more about diet because it is the true key to our health.

Feel free to email me at or call me at the below phone number for any questions.

You can purchase these and other great healing products at Herbs First.  Order online at Herbs First, phone in your order 801-228-1901.

Have a great month!

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Essential Oils are Healing

Garden Essence Oils NutmegSpice Essential oils are uplifting and stimulating, improving circulation and digestion. As a circulatory stimulant they reduce bruising. They detoxify organs and muscle tissues, and are antispasmodic and pain relieving. As a digestive stimulant, they aid in indigestion, nausea and constipation. Spice Oils are strong antiviral and antibacterial and have the ability to boost the immune system. Basil, Black Pepper, Caraway, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Juniper and Nutmeg are spice essential oils.

Garden Essence Oils PeppermintHerb Essential Oils work on the mind to induce deep relaxation. They are excellent for stress related to mental and emotional trauma and are uplifting and stimulating. Oils such as Marjoram, Melissa and Clary Sage are deeply sedating and act as a nerve tonic. Peppermint is warming in winter, and cooling in summer.  Rosemary, Sage and Thyme are excellent for hair growth, dandruff and other hair and scalp disorders. Basil, Clary Sage, Fennel, Hyssop, Marjoram, Melissa, Oregano, Patchouli, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sage and Thyme are herb essential oils.

Garden Essence Oils NeroiiFlower Essential Oils work on the spirit and are relaxing, soothing and tranquillizing. They are the perfect choice for stress. Neroli and Chamomile (Roman) are perfect for teenagers battling to cope with life. These oils are also aphrodisiacs and are good for imbalances related to the reproductive system.
GeraniumLavender, and Ylang Ylang are also flower essential oils.

Garden Essence Oils OrangeCitrus Essential Oils are antiseptic and excellent for infections, which range from urinary tract to respiratory illness such as colds, flu, bronchitis and  pneumonia. Citrus oils are relaxing and relieve stress and can be used by children and pregnant women. They are cleansing oils, detoxifying the body and reducing weight, while dealing with cellulite as well. They have a cleansing effect on the digestive system and its organs. Good for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and blend well with tree oils for these conditions.
Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Mandarin, Orange and Tangerine are citrus essential oils.

Garden Essence Oils NiaouliTree Essential Oils are high in antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral properties and are ideal for fungal, viral and infection related conditions. From athlete’s foot, candida, ringworm to respiratory infections such as the common cold, influenza and pneumonia. Tree oils are excellent in treating any infection involving other systems of the body such as cystitis or nephritis in the urinary system; meningitis in the nervous system; colitis or pancreatitis in the digestive system. They are good at getting stagnant things moving such as constipation, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, mucus. Good for chronic and acute allergy related conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, hayfever, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, etc. They are mild pain relievers and blend well with spice oils which are pain relievers as well. Cajeput, Camphor, Cassia, Cedarwood, Cinnamon, Clove, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Niaouli, Petitgrain, Pine, Rosewood, Sandalwood and Tea Tree are tree essential oils.

Garden Essence OIls BenzoinGum Oils come from trees and have the same properties as tree oils being antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral. They are cell rejuvenators and are quite beneficial in the treatment of wrinkles for mature skins. Gum oils blend well with tree and citrus oils in the treatment of respiratory and skin infections or inflammation. Benzoin, Frankincense and Myrrh are gum oils.

Garden Essence Oils LemongrassGrass Oils are insect repellents and tone the skin. These oils blend well with citrus and flower oils to aid in healing stretch marks. They are relaxing, soothing and toning. Citronella, Lemongrass and Palmarosa are grass oils.

Pure Essential oils are easy to use and have been a great way for us to add another form of natural healing to our home.  I love being able to take care of myself and my family with natural products that are never harmful and always helpful in maintaining the health of my family. 

Garden Essence Oils are affordably priced therapeutic grade oils. Order online at Herbs First, phone in your order 801-228-1901, or email me with an questions.

Have a great month!

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Hay-fever Season is late this year, but it came!

    If you have struggled with hayfever I have to let you know what a difference diet makes. Back when we were eating the "Standard American Diet" filled with lots of sugary treats, chips, fast food, etc, our hayfever was awful. We have worked many years cleaning up our diet to the point of rarely eating anything in those food categories and making everything from scratch. I haven't had any symptoms so far this year and my husband has very slight but manageable symptoms.

Adrrenal Formula    Many allergies can be traced to weak or fatigued adrenal glands. Dr Christopher's Adrenal Formula can strengthen, tone and rebuild the adrenal glands while giving the body more energy and relief from allergy symptoms.

    Herbal Cleansing KitIt is always best to correct the cause rather than endlessly search for relief from the symptoms. With a cleansed body and a built up immune system the body should be better able to handle the onslaught of pollens. It is time to enjoy spring instead of being miserable through it. Dr. Christopher's Herbal Cleansing Kit is a great way to achieve a cleansed body to help you better handle the allergy season.

    Should symptoms arise we have wonderful formulas to help you through:

Sinus Plus    Dr Christopher's Sinus Plus is for sinus problems that plague so many people during allergy season. Since breathing is a big part of life, there are times when this formula is a real help. It does a good job of opening up the airway. Sinus Plus is available in extract and capsules, and as a side note if I am struggling with stuffiness I will put 5 to 10 drops of the extract into the neti pot and it does a pretty good job of clearing up the issue.

Immucalm  Back in the day before I cleaned up my diet I would struggle with the itchies to the worst degree in my eyes, nose and down my throat.  Dr Christopher's Immucalm is formula is life-saving because those itchies can really drive you crazy.  Immucalm was designed to calm yet strengthen the body's immune responses and does an amazing job of quieting down the itchiness. It helps calm the overreacting immune system, which in turn alleviates the symptoms. Available in capsules and bulk.

  I hope that these products and this newsletter will help you on your road to continued good health. We don't just sell products, we know how to use them and we use them ourselves!

 Order online at Herbs First, phone in your order 801-228-1901, or email me with any questions. I'm here to help you any way I can!

Wishing you the best as you learn to take care of yourself and your family!


Monday, April 11, 2022

Soothing Digestion and Intestinal Sweep formula are back in stock

Dr. Christopher's Soothing Digestion    Dr. Christopher's Intestianl Sweep FormulaDr. Christopher’s Soothing Digestion and Intestinal Sweep formula are back in stock! These formulas are for Leaky Gut and Yeast/Candida Overgrowth in the body. I dealt with candida years ago and used the bulk herbs since the capsules weren’t available back then. The candida was in my bladder (and gut) which made me feel like I had to urinate all the time. Imagine feeling like that 24 hours a day, it was not fun. From time to time my eyelids would swell up and my hands would break out and I had thrush in my mouth. It was awful. I was so driven to eat sugar and this sadly went on for years. I finally got miserable enough that I committed to changing my diet and doing the candida program that is outlined on Herbal Legacy website run by The School of Natural Healing.

It has been many years since I did the program and I am grateful to not have the candida driving me to eat sugar anymore. To have those symptom gone has been a great relief!  It is worth it, it works, and you can do it! 

Soothing Degestion is helpful for stomach and digestion problems, and helps heal ulcers as well.

I love that Dr. Christopher has healing programs to help people with many health issues and you can learn about them at this link on Herbal Legacy. I like taking control of my health and not having to run to a doctor every time something goes awry in my body. It is wonderful to have healing herbal products that really do what they are intended to do, and a program to guide us along the way.

     We sell these and other great healing herbal formulas and essential oils at Herbs First. Free shipping in the United States on your $75.00 order! Order online or phone in your order at 801-228-1901. Email me and I can send you links to help you learn more about what you need to know!

Wishing you the best as you strive to care of your family!

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Healing Women's problems using Dr. Christopher's VB Powder and Yellow Dock Combination

Herbal BolusDr. Christopher's VB power is the Vaginal Bolus powder. It can be used for men or women who have problems in the reproductive area. Boluses are made with healing herbs that draw out the toxins and poisons, aid in making the malfunctioning area healthy, so that cysts, tumors, and cancerous conditions will not have waste material to survive on or live in. The bolus spreads its herbal influences widely from the vagina or bowel through the entire urinary and genital organs. *used by permission from the School of Natural Healing. It helps with fibroid tumors and infertility problems, etc.  Read more about this formula on Herbal Legacy website Vaginal Bolus page and Tumors page.

Herbal BolusThe mystery to me has always been is finding an easy way to make a bolus. I decided to look for an ice cube tray that would be suitable. I was amazed when in the kitchen department at Target I found the most perfect ice cube tray. I put water in the tray it to measure the volume and found it to be about ½ a cup.  I melted ½ cup of coconut oil and added 1 tablespoon of the VB powder, mixed it together, poured it into the tray and popped it into the refrigerator.

As you can see by the size of the bolus in my hand it is the perfect size. The tray has 14 compartments, so it will last a little over two weeks taking one day off each week. A vaginal Douche is used in the morning using Dr. Christopher's Yellow Dock Combination as a tea. More about this on the link above.

Dr. Christopher developed many healing programs for many other health conditions. You can learn about them on this link at the Herbal Legacy website.

     We sell these and other great healing herbal formulas and essential oils at Herbs First. Free shipping in the United States on your $75.00 order! Order online or phone in your order at 801-228-1901. Email me and I can send you links to help you learn more about what you need to know!

Wishing you the best as you strive to care of your family!

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Dr. Christopher's Bladder Formula

Dr. Christopher's Bladder Formula
I had bladder issues years ago when I was struggling with Candida. I finally got that cleared up following the Candida protocol from the Herbal Legacy website.

    A few weeks ago I woke up on a Sunday and had to urinate quite often throughout the day. I had some of Dr. Christopher’s  Bladder Formula on had from my former struggles, so took several doses of it during the day. As the day went on I was feeling better and the next morning felt no urgency and the bladder issue hasn’t reoccurred since then.

     My first thought with the bladder issue was uh-oh, am I going to end up with a doctor visit tomorrow? Nice to have great formulas on hand and not have that situation become a reality. It is better to spend a few dollars now and have formulas on hand when you need them and before a small problem becomes a big one! One thing I have learned over the years is that Dr. Christopher's herbal formulas really work. Dr. Christopher's Bladder formula has been used historically to support the entire urethral canal, bladder & kidneys, and is a natural incontinence or bed wetting formula.

        I like to keep at least a bottle of quite a few Dr. Christopher formulas on hand because you never know when something unexpected is going to crop up. Some that come to mind are Dr. Christopher's Herbal Eye formula extract for an eye infection. Dr. Christopher's Oil of Garlic along with Dr. Christopher's Ear & Nerve formula for an ear infection. Dr. Christopher's Complete Tissue and Bone formula in capsules and ointment for sprains, strains, etc. Dr. Christopher's Joint formula for arthritic flare-ups, and so on. I could go on all day!

     At Herbs First we carry the full Dr. Christopher Formula line at 25% off retail! Here’s a great link to access these wonderful herbal formulas on one page.

     We sell these and other great healing herbal formulas and essential oils at Herbs First. Free shipping in the United States on your $75.00 order! Order online or phone in your order at 801-228-1901. Email me and I can send you links to help you learn more about what you need to know!

Wishing you the best as you strive to care of your family!