Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Western Botanicals Winter Formulas

Snow is in the air and the cold and flu season will be upon us very soon. Western Botanicals has some wonderful formulas that are very effective in keeping the immune system strong so you can stay healthy all winter. I like to keep quite a few different formulas on hand and switch from formula to formula every few weeks so my body doesn’t get used to it. All of Western Botanicals formulas are 25% off through October 29, 11:00 am Mountain Time.

Immune Boost SyrupWestern Botanicals Immune Boost Syrup has become a favorite of many families with children because this formulas is so tasty that the kids are begging for it. This formula works by boosting the number of immune cells and natural chemicals to help fight illness. A very powerful and potent herbal combination to be used at the first signs of any illness or daily as a preventative during the winter months. Immune Boost is also available in capsules and alcohol extract.

Anti Plague capsulesWestern Botanicals Anti Plague which is available in syrup or vegicaps are based on Dr Christopher’s formula and has been a life saver for many people over the years. It has a horrendous taste, and is used for colds, flu, any infectious illness or “plague.” I have had bronchitis cleared up on many occasions in the past with this great formula, luckily I have learned how to stay healthy so seldom have to resort to taking this formula. The capsules are great for people that can’t handle the taste. Western Botanicals has priced this very competitively making it affordable. We also have the Anti Plague Kit available in cut for making the syrup, or powder for making your own capsules.

Echinacea and Goldenseal capsulesEchinacea and Goldenseal is a brilliant combination of herbs which boosts the immune system and directly fights infection. Take during any infectious illness. Also use as a mouthwash for canker sores or gum concerns. The bitterness of the Goldenseal and the tingling of Echinacea let you know you are using some of nature’s most potent herbs. Available in vegicaps, alcohol extract and syrup.
Flu & Virus capsules
Flu and Virus Formula is both anti-viral and anti-bacterial. This formula has long been the favorite to be used at the first sign of a cold or flu as well as when you are in the thick of it, available in vegicaps, alcohol extract and syrup.

Herbal Super Tonic is truly medicine from the kitchen. It contains horseradish, garlic, onion, cayenne pepper and ginger into a tasty, spicy tonic that many enjoy as a daily immune and energy booster. Available in a vinegar extract and vegicaps.

Nature’s ‘C’ Complex is a whole food source of Vitamin C, rich herbs that contain the whole vitamin C complex, not just ascorbic acid or one of its chemical variants. Nature’s ‘C’ Complex contains Acerola Cherry, Rosehip, Aloe vera, Lemon peel, Orange peel, Horseradish root and is available in vegicaps.

Herbal Cough Syrup and Herbal Throat Spray have a wonderful combination of herbs for the sore and dry throat. The taste is strong but not unpleasant and is very effective in relieving coughs and dry throats due to cold, flu or allergy. Refill the Herbal Throat Spray with the Herbal Cough Syrup because it is the same formula. Available in syrup.

Immune M3 is Maitake Mushroom, Reishi Mushroom, and Shitake Mushroom in an alcohol extract. This formula strengthens the immune system during illness to fight disease or use as a preventative to avoid disease. A formula to trade off with to keep the body from becoming immune. Available in alcohol extract.

Lungs Plus Lungs Plus Formula relieves Lung congestion, soothes coughs and eases breathing. This formula has been shown to dilate the bronchial passages and loosen mucus and phlegm so it can be expelled from the lungs. A great formula for people that struggle with bronchitis, pneumonia or asthma. Available in alcohol extract.

Herbs are a natural way to combat flu & cold season. Reach for herbs as your first choice for any ailment.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Herbal Formulas for Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Crohn's Disease

There are many people suffering from Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Crohn's Disease who haven’t gotten the help that they need from the medical doctors. Two wonderful herbs for healing this type of problem are Slippery Elm & Licorice Root. The bulk powder is a great way to use these herbs, order twice as much Slippery Elm as Licorice, such as 8 oz. Slippery Elm and 4 oz. Soothing DigestionLicorice root. Combine them and then add it to water, mix with a stick blender and drink down. The taste isn’t bad and drinking this three or more times a day is going to have an amazing affect on the whole system, Colon Comfortfrom the throat all the way through till it comes out the other end. Two different formulas are available with these herbs in it for these ailments: Soothing Digestion or Colon Comfort, the capsules are easier to take on trips or at work or on the go. These formulas are a real life saver and a must have for people dealing with these horrible diseases.

Another thing that needs to happen is a change in diet and sadly enough the majority of the people aren’t willing to make that change. I know because I have lost family members, friends and neighbors to a variety of diet caused diseases, and most of them would not make the effort to change. Dr. Christopher’s Mucusless Diet is the recommended diet, I’m not totally there yet, but I have come a long way over the years. At minimum look at your diet and start changing out the bad foods for their healthy replacement. Over time you will notice how much better you feel eating on this plan. Daniel’s Challenge website has many free videos to teach you how easy it is to eat more raw healthy foods.

Reach for herbs as your first choice for any ailment.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Herbal Formulas for Pregnancy and Nursing

Birth Prep I use herbs year round to maintain my health and find it interesting that there are some people that order from Herbs First only when they are pregnant. The herbal formula that all women need to know about is what Dr. Christopher called his six weeks formula or Prenatal Tea. This formula is now known as the Birth Prep Formula, and that is exactly what it is for, preparing for the birth of the baby. This formula is an aid in giving elasticity to the pelvic and vaginal area and strengthening the reproductive organs for easier delivery. It is taken six weeks before the due date starting with one capsule daily for the 1st week, 2 capsules daily during the 2nd week & 2 capsules 3 times a day for the 3rd week and thereafter or as directed by your health care professional. Six capsules daily is the maximum dosage suggested. Everyone that I have ever talked to about their experience with this formula says that it helped make delivery quick and easy. Read more about this and other suggested herbs for pregnancy on Herbal Legacy.

False Unicorn and Lobelia is one to have on hand during pregnancy, because if you need it , you need it NOW. It is the Anti-Miscarriage Formula. If hemorrhaging starts during pregnancy, stay in bed, use a bed pan when needed, and use (1 capsule) ½ cup of the tea each ½ hour until bleeding stops, then each waking hour for one day, while staying in bed as much as possible. Continue this process three times a day for three weeks. If bleeding continues instead of decreasing, see a doctor.

Western Botanicals has two great teas one for pregnancy & nursing and the other for nursing mothers.
Mother’s Tea contains Red Raspberry leaf, Dandelion leaf, Nettle leaf & Peppermint leaf and is a great herbal support for pregnant and nursing mothers. Lactation Tea contains Red Raspberry leaf, Nettle leaf, Fennel seed, Chamomile flower, Oat top, Fenugreek seed, Blessed Thistle herb, Alfalfa wonderful herbal support for nursing mothers. Other great tea blends are available at this link. Western Botanical tea blends are 25% off through 11:00 am mountain time October 29th.

Reach for herbs as your first choice for any ailment.

You can purchase these and other great healing products at Herbs First.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Do You Need Nerve Calm or Nerve Repair?

If you have never tried a nerve formula before you may be missing out an amazing healing program. Western Botanicals has two great nerve formulas and I would highly recommend having at least one nerve formula in your cabinet for time of need.

Nerve Calm Formula is both sedative and antispasmodic designed to relax, sedate and relieve tension and muscle spasm. For insomnia and anxiety. I like to have a few formulas on hand to help with sleep, and this formula is amazing. Everyone has a crazy day every once in a while that gets your nerves so tense that you can’t sleep. This formula helps to just make everything all right so you can get the rest you need. Nerve Calm is available in vegicaps, extract and syrup.

Nerve Repair Formula helps to wake up the nervous system. It stimulates the nerves to work better and also stimulates the healing and repair of damaged nerve tissues. Recommended for anxiety, panic attacks, sciatica, nervous tension and degenerative nervous system conditions. I would try this one for neuralgia type symptoms to repair the nerve signal and ease the pain.
Nerve Repair is available in vegicaps, extract and syrup.

Western Botanicals Formulas are 25% off this month. Take time to get to know what they have to offer, these are some of the highest quality herbals available. And the best thing is, they really work!

Reach for herbs as your first choice for any ailment.