Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Winter is not the best time to ship liquids to states that are experiencing very cold temperatures. We ship from Utah and it has been below freezing here for most of this new year.   Liquids can FREEZE in the winter months.  Alcohol extracts freeze at -10 degrees, glycerin at 15 degrees.  It may be best to wait until the weather is warmer or ship the quickest method. If you choose to order liquids in the winter we are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any breakage of bottles due to freezing. 

David & Fawn Christopher's Radio Show    We hope you are staying healthy, the reports we are hearing is this is the worst year in many years for colds and flu. Many classrooms in the schools have half of the children home sick. David and Fawn Christopher’s latest radio show addresses how to take care of sick people.  During Christmas they had quite a few sick family members they were taking care of.  Listen to the show to learn how to handle this situation. 

    We have written many blogs in the past that you can refer to for help with colds and flu.

simmering herbs    Learn how to make Anti-Plague which is Dr. Christopher’s amazing formula that will knock out just about any illness.  This is very potent and not for everyone but I can personally attest to the effectiveness of this formula.  We have a page with all the herbs in it to make it easy to order all the ingredients you need.  We also have it prepared as Dr. Christopher’s Super Garlic Immune Formula, or Western Botanicals Anti-Plague. This is a great formula to have on hand for cold & flu season.

    Still thinking about getting a flu shot??  Listen to the radio show and read this blog to learn about some great alternatives to help keep you healthy through the season. 

    Learn about a homemade cold tonic to help fight the bugs and other formulas to help get you back to being healthy.
    We love Western Botanicals and they have a lot of great formulas for colds and flu.  They have Anti-Plague in syrup and capsules, which is great for people that can’t handle the taste of they syrup.  Also many other formulas that are amazing for building the immune system to help you get well and stay well. Click on the link above to learn about more great formulas to help get you through the season.

    If you are sick or are getting sick, get off all the sugar and milk products.  Eat lots of citrus fruit including oranges & grapefruits.  Fruits and veggies will help the body to cleanse to help you to get over illness sooner.  Think light when it comes to food drink lots of juices and water. 

Please take care of yourselft and stay healthy this winter!!