Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Western Botanicals Formulas Available in Capsules and Liquid

Western Botanicals Immune Boost
    I love the fact that most of Western Botanicals Formulas come in both capsules and liquid. The capsules are vegetarian capsules and the liquid are alcohol extracts and syrups. How do you choose which form to take?? That depends on you, they all work equally as well.

    Capsules are great for people that can’t tolerate the taste of herbs. Not all liquid herbs taste bad, but some people just can’t get handle the thought of having to taste something so different, so stick with the capsules if this is the case. Capsules take about 15 to 20 minutes to dissolve, and once in the system they get right to work. The important part is to just take them and let them do their thing!

    Alcohol extracts are extracted into alcohol and will get into your system quickly. Alcohol extracts are a great choice for long-term storage, because they will keep indefinitely if kept in a cool dark place. They are going to taste hot due to the alcohol, so keep that in mind if you are giving them to pets or children who may not be able to handle the alcohol. If need be and you have alcohol extract, you could put it on the stove and bring it down by half and then add glycerin and maple syrup to it to make it into a syrup. I did this recently and it worked well.

    Many of Western Botanicals formulas are available in syrup and are preserved in glycerin and often with honey or maple syrup as an additional preservative and essential oils as a flavor enhancer. I have used quite a few of the syrups and they really do taste great. These are what I would use for children, pets, elderly people and anyone who can’t handle taking capsules. They get into the system quickly since they are liquid. Syrups have a shorter shelf life and I keep the syrups in the refrigerator to help them stay fresh longer. I would buy only what my family can use in a year or two, they are not for long-term storage.

    I love taking care of myself and my family with these great herbal formulas.
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