Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Clearing up an Acidic System

This time last year was very stressful for me when my father passed away and dealing with all that comes with the passing of the second parent. For many months before he died I was on Mindtrac and I have continued to stay on it due to the stress that we continue to go through since the loss of my husbands job 16 months ago with his going back to school.

It is funny how our bodies will react to stress in different ways and it is up to us to figure out what to do about it. My family has way too much going on these last few weeks of the year and this weekend my body let me know in a quite uncomfortable way. My system became quite acidic and anything I ate just didn’t set well with quite distressful consequences. I was popping capsules of Soothing Digestion, but it just wasn’t doing the job because the distress started above the stomach and all through my whole system. I finally started taking spoonfuls of Slippery Elm & Licorice that I had left over from the candida program. It only took a few days of drinking it in water to repair the damage and get me feeling good again. It is the same formula as the Soothing Digestion, but since the problem was starting above my stomach it wasn’t doing the job. This little combo is a great one to have on hand for diarrhea, acidic stomach, etc. Use 75% Slippery Elm and 25% Licorice Root found in the single bulk section at Herbs First. The Licorice Root adds a nice flavor and this combo is so soothing you feel it working just about as soon as you get it into your system. Had I gone to the doctor for this problem I would have been put on an acid-reflux medication. Nice to take care of it at home and have it all better in a few days. Had medication been prescribed I likely would have gone on for quite some time if not years without the result that was given me in just a few days with the herbs.

I love learning about herbs and being able to take care of myself and my family. Having a good variety of herbs and formulas on hand helps me to be prepared to take care of problems when they happen. I find natural medicine to be quicker and cheaper and best of all it works!