Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Gift of Frankincense and Myrrh

Give the gift of Frankincense:

Frankincense has been used for centuries in meditation and spiritual work. It is connecting, grounding and balancing. 

Frankincense has been used as an immune stimulant.  It inhibits the growth of certain cancers. Frankincense alleviates colds and flu symptoms.

Frankincense has been used for digestive disorders. It soothes the stomach, eases digestion, eases chronic diarrhea and belching.

Frankincense has been used for nervous brain and mind. It treats anxiety, nervous tension, depression, nightmares, and fear of future. It produces a calm mental state.

Frankincense has been used for skin problems. It rejuvenates and treats anything from acne, dry/mature aged skin, pimples and scars. It helps to smooth out wrinkles and is a tonic to all skin types.

The gift of Myrrh: 

Still a gift fit for a King! Especially if he has weeping eczema or skin inflammations.

Myrrh is used in mouth rinses for gum disease and gingivitis.

Myrrh enhances visualization and strengthens spirituality.

Advanced Aromatherapy Diffuser
    Herbs First will soon be offering the Advanced Therapy Essential Oil Diffuser. Diffusing is an ideal way to experience the healing benefits of essential oils.  Unfortunately they are not in yet, look for them the first of the year!

Frankincense and Myrrh and many other Garden Essence Oils are always on sale, and are available at Herbs First

Have a Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Do It Yourself Gift Ideas Using Essential Oils

   Christmas is coming soon and if you are anything like me there is not enough money to buy gifts for everyone.  Fun useful gifts can be made for a fraction of the cost of buying them.  All of these ideas can be packaged in a canning jar or decorative bag and cost pennies to make.  I love using the Garden Essence Oils as the fragrance and the added medicinal qualities make them an even better reason to use them! Most people enjoy receiving a gift made with love.

Sinking Fizzy Bath Bomb

1/2  cup citric acid
1  cup baking soda
3/4  cup cornstarch
1/4  cup sugar
1  tablespoon olive oil
10 to 15 drops essential oil of choice

Mix citric acid, baking soda, cornstarch, and sugar in a bowl.  Add olive oil, it clumps but just keep mixing with your hand.

LIGHTLY mist with a spray bottle filled with water, don't let it fizz or your batch is ruined. If it starts to fizz, just quickly mix in with the rest. Now keep mixing, spray, mix until you can squeeze the mixture and a ball forms.

Form into 1 inch balls or put into a mold packed tightly and then release onto wax paper.  Add 2 or 3 drops of essential oil to each bomb and let dry overnight.  This bomb sinks to the bottom of the tub and slowly releases bubbles and aroma from the essential oil. Store in an airtight container.

Floating Fizzy Bath Bomb

2  cups baking soda
1  cup citric acid
4  tablespoons olive oil
10 to 15 drops essential oil of choice
spay bottle

Mix citric acid and baking soda in a bowl. Add olive oil, it clumps but just keep mixing with your hand.

LIGHTLY mist with a spray bottle filled with water, don't let it fizz or your batch is ruined. If it starts to fizz, just quickly mix in with the rest. Now keep mixing, spray, mix until you can squeeze the mixture and a ball forms.

Form into 1 inch balls or put into a mold packed tightly and then release onto wax paper.   Add 2 or 3 drops of Essential oil to each bomb and let dry overnight.  This bomb floats on the surface of the water and releases its fizz quickly. Store in an airtight container.

Sugar Scrub

8 ounces Sugar
1 ounce Fractionated Coconut Oil
1 ounce Vegetable Glycerin
1 ounce Liquid Castille Soap
1/2 tsp. Jojoba Oil
1/4 tsp. Essential Oil

Add the sugar to a small-medium mixing bowl. Add the oils, glycerin and castile soap to the sugar and mix well with a fork. Add the essential oil and mix well.

Patchouli essential oil helps cracked and dry skin, loose skin, enlarged pores, simple water retention, aids scars, wrinkles, wounds and tissue re-generator. Its aroma marries well with the aroma of the sugar.  Orange would blend nicely with Patchouli for a wonderful holiday scent.

Jojoba oil helps to nourish the skin and also helps to extend the shelf life of the scrub. Vitamin E capsules can be used in place of Jojoba oil. To use capsules in the recipe, carefully cut the tips off 2-3 capsules and squeeze the capsule contents into the sugar scrub and mix well.

Bath Salts

3  cups Epsom salt
2  cups course Sea Salt
Essential oil of choice
Food coloring

Mix the salts together and then separate into several bowls, add food coloring and several drops of essential oil and mix well.  Let dry and then mix the colors together for a rainbow, or package separately as single colors.

I hope you enjoy making these as much as I do!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Herbal Formulas for Cold and Flu Season

    Winter is officially here with the eight inches of snow we got in the big storm yesterday. This is the season when sickness is all around us.  People are eating lots of sugar which affects the immune system.  Unfortunately most people don't stay home when they are sick, so just about anywhere you go you are getting exposed to those nasty germs.

    We have many wonderful formulas to choose from to help you boost your immune system and fight off illness.  I like to stock a variety in my home and trade off every few days, so that my body doesn't become immune to taking the same thing all winter.  Herbs First has formulas that are suitable for the very youngest to the elderly.  Put in your order today so that you will be able to enjoy this wonderful time of year!

Dr. Christopher Logo

Dr. Christopher's Chest FormulaDr. Christopher's Chest Formula can be used as a preventative measure with the first early signs of illness or in later, more advanced stages to break up a cold or fever. It is also recommended as a means to fight off lingering congestion. Works well in treating flu symptoms. Available in capsules.

Dr. Christopher's Cold Season
Dr. Christopher's Cold Season Immune Formula
is a famous combination of synergistic herbs which act as an aid to assist in relieving colds, flu, etc., or wherever garlic is needed to help stop infection! Available in capsules.

Dr. Christopher's Echinacea and GoldensealDr. Christopher's Echinacea & Goldenseal is formulated to lend support to the body's immune system through its antiviral and antibacterial actions.  It is the perfect combination for any infectious disease, and is especially effective versus colds, flu, and fever.  Available in capsules and extract.

Dr. Christopher's Elderberry Extract
Dr. Christopher's Elderberry extract
strengthens the immune system, protects against influenza, an anti-oxidant which helps prevent colds, sore-throat, and fever. Available in extract.

Dr. Christophers Glandular Massage OilDr. Christopher's Glandular System Massage Oil and capsules  formula has been used historically with a focus on respiratory ailments, coughs, colds, croup, bronchitis and asthma. Add 60 drops of Garden Essence X-Plague essential oil to the Glandular Massage Oil and rub on throat and bottoms of feet at first indication of illness.  Available in oil and capsules.

Dr. Christopher's Herbal Cough Syrup

Dr. Christopher's Herbal Cough Syrup to help calm and soothe coughs.  Available in syrup.

Dr. Christopher's Immune System Formula

Dr. Christopher's Immune System Formula: Very effective when taken at the first signs of sickness to stop it in its tracks. Available in capsules.

Dr. Christopher's Kid-e-Mune

Dr. Christopher's Kid-e-Mune and Echinacea extract:
This formula was designed to enhance the body’s ability to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.  Available in extract.

Dr. Christopher's Kid-e-Well

Dr. Christopher's Kid-e-Well
helps strengthen and assist the immune system of children. It tastes great and has been used traditionally during times of cold and flu. Available in extract.

Dr. Christophers Lung and BronchialDr. Christopher's Lung & Bronchial Formula  is valuable in strengthening and healing the entire respiratory tract. It promotes the discharge of mucous secretions from the bronchopulmonary passages. Top of the list formula for people to take all winter that have lung problems to keep the lungs clear. Available in capsules and extract.

Dr. Christopher's Respiratory Relief Syrup
Dr. Christopher's Respiratory Relief Syrup
is an excellent syrup for asthma, colds and flu. It is very helpful in expelling mucus from the respiratory system. It can be used for sore throats and mucus. Available in syrup.

Dr. Christopher's Super Garlic Immune
Dr. Christopher's Super Garlic Immune Formula
is his famous "Anti-Plague" formula. Historically used for immune system support and as an herbal remedy for cold & flu season. Available in extract and syrup.

WB logo

Western Botanicals Anti-Plague Western Botanicals Anti-Plague for colds, flu, any infectious illness or "plague".  Not for the timid, only for those wanting "Strong Medicine".  Capsules are a great option for people that can't handle the taste.  Available in capsules and syrup

Western Botanicals Echinacea CombinationWestern Botanicals Echinacea Combination is a powerful immune stimulant which contains two different varieties of Echinacea.  Echinacea has been scientifically proven to stimulate the immune system, reduce inflammation, destroy harmful bacteria and speed wound healing. Available in extract and syrup.

Western Botanicals Echinacea & GoldensealWestern Botanicals Echinacea and Goldenseal is unparalleled in its ability to boost the immune system and assist in fighting infections. Use this combination and you can feel its strength. This product is simple, direct and very potent. Available in capsules, extract and syrup.

Western Botanicals Flu and Virus FormulaWestern Botanicals Flu and Virus Formula is both anti-viral and anti-bacterial. To be used at the first sign of a cold or flu as well as when you are in the thick of it. Contains four of the most common herbs used for combating the ills brought on by winter weather. Available in capsules and syrup.

Western Botanicals Herbal Cough Syrup/Throat SprayWestern Botanicals Herbal Cough Syrup/Throat Spray is an effective cough suppressant and expectorant. Herbal Cough Syrup will help settle a cough while facilitating a faster recovery. Available in syrup and spray.

Western Botanicals Herbal Super TonicWestern Botanicals Herbal Super Tonic helps boost the body's natural abilities to overpower bad bacteria, viruses and harmful organisms including Candida. While it helps chase away the unwanted organisms, it protects the good intestinal flora. Available in capsules and extract.

Western Botanicals Immune Boost Formula
Western Botanicals Immune Boost Formula
strengthens the immune system to better fight off viruses, and infections. Immune Boost increases the number of immune cells in the body. Available in capsules, extract and syrup.

Western Botanicals Immune Tea
Western Botanicals Immune Tea
boosts, tones and strengthens the immune system. Can be used to prevent or to fight the effects of viral infections including colds and flu.  Available in tea.

Western Botanicals Lungs Plus FormulaWestern Botanicals Lungs Plus Formula relieves lung congestion, soothes coughs and eases breathing. This formula has been shown to dilate the bronchial passages and loosen mucus and phlegm so it can be expelled from the lungs. Available in extract.

Western Botanicals Nature's 'C' Complex

Western Botanicals Nature's 'C' Complex
natural vitamin C from a whole food-based source for better absorption. Available in capsules.

Western Botanicals Very Berry Tea
Western Botanicals Very Berry Tea
is a berry lovers dream! This blend of Red raspberry, Hibiscus, Elder berry, and Cranberries is a delicious immune building tea. Available in tea.

I hope you enjoy using these formulas as much as I do!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

How Safe Is Your Medicine Cabinet?

    It is a sad story when you hear about people dying from an overdose of medication.  My son had a classmate who’s sister had sprained her ankle and the parents left her home to recover while they worked.  She was hurting from the sprain and took too much Tylenol over a number of days and died.  Most people don’t understand the dangers that are lurking in their own medicine cabinets, and kids certainly don’t either.  The best way to avoid this is to only have safe medicines in your home and we have found herbal medicine and essential oils to be safe and effective.  We are able to treat far more ailments at home than most people, and it is comforting to know if the kids get into the herbs or oils they aren’t going to hurt themselves.

Pain Relief    Western Botanicals Pain Relief Formula is a non-narcotic pain reliever, particularly suited for chronic pain. Relaxes and calms nervous irritation associated with pain. A good natural option is sometimes hard to find, Pain Relief Formula is helpful for head aches, back pain, muscle pain and joint inflammation. Available in capsules, extract and syrup.

Attention Focus    Western Botanicals Attention Focus and Attention Calm are a wonderful alternative to pharmaceutical options on the market.  Attention Calm is used for Attention Deficit problems where mental focus and clarity are a concern with hyperactivity.  Attention Focus is used for Attention Deficit problems where mental focus and clarity are a concern without hyperactivity. Available in capsules, extract and syrup.

Depression Formula    Western Botanicals Depression Formula: It is important to always deal with the underlying causes with depression.  Depression Formula along with regular exercise can be helpful in dealing with depression. The primary ingredient in Western Botanicals Depression formula is St. John's wort, which is known as a potent antidepressant. Clinical trials and studies have shown that St. John's wort is the herb of choice when dealing with depression. Available in capsules, extract and syrup.

Sweet Dreams    Western Botanicals Sweet Dreams Formula: A natural, non narcotic, non-alcohol based herbal product which helps to relax the body, mind and spirit allowing you to gently drift into sleep. Used effectively by children and adults. Not habit forming and completely non toxic to the system. Available in capsules, extract and syrup.

    These are a few of the great herbal products that are effective alternatives to drugs.  You can purchase these and many others at an affordable price at Herbs First.

Have a great month!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Alternative medicine is my family's affordable health care plan

    I am thankful that I live in a country that allows me to buy alternative medicine.  There are many countries where people no longer have this right.  I can’t imagine what would happen to my health if I did not have all of these wonderful herbs and essential oils to help keep me healthy.  I am also thankful for the extra sale we are having this month so I can stock up on the products my family loves to use.

    I was talking my niece Hollie recently and she mentioned that her son came home not feeling well after school.  She has a hard time getting him to take any herbs, but was able to rub his feet several times that evening with the Glandular Massage Oil and Garden Essence X-Plague combo.  In the morning he woke up feeling fine and was able to go to school.  I love this combo and will use it on my throat at night or any time I am feeling a sore throat coming on. Add 60 drops of X-Plague to the 2 oz. bottle of Glandular Massage Oil.  You get a lot for your money and lots of protection and healing for your family.

    Hollie has a special needs child that cannot use herbs due to her medical condition.  She diffuses oils during this time of year to help keep her daughter healthy and has avoided the hospital stays of the past.  The big favorite is again X-Plague which has highly anti-viral, antiseptic properties to help protect the body from the onset of flu, E-coli, colds, sore throats and more.

    Another blend that is good for colds, bronchitis, flu, sore throat and mucus congestion is Garden Essence Respiratory Congestion. I would make a roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil or any other carrier oil, add 10 drops of Respiratory Congestion and apply on chest and feet as well as diffusing it into the air. This will be added protection for your family during the winter cold and flu season. We hope to be able to offer a great diffuser soon!  We’ll let you know!

    Here is a  great laundry combo to help fight the germs in clothing, soften the clothes and keep your front loading washer clean too! For a fraction of the cost use 1/2 cup white vinegar with 3 drops of Citrus Blend to kill the bacteria.  I didn’t have Citrus Blend so tried Garden Essensce Cleansing blend in my laundry.  Cleansing is a powerful antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, with sanitizing properties. Helps kill odors, bacteria, molds, fungus, anaerobic bacteria, mildew, cigarette smoke and other odors making it a great oil to use in the laundry. My laundry came out smelling fresh and the washer doesn't have that musty smell now!

    Cleansing is a great oil to diffuse or use topically in a roller bottle as described above.  You can purchase Cleansing and other Garden Essence single oils and oil blends at Herbs First where they are always on sale!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Western Botanicals Herbal Snuff, not for wimps!

Western Botanicals Herbal Snuff    I have always been somewhat curious about Western Botanicals Herbal Snuff, and hoped that I would never need it.  I did really well this summer with the allergies, but at one point  I got rather stuffy and it was hard to breathe. I finally broke down and bought it, though I had it for a couple of days before I worked up the courage to try it. 

    I cut off a straw and put little piles of the herbs onto a plate.  I found it best to quickly snuff it up my nose.  I just held one side shut while snuffing it up the open side, and then did the opposite side. Western Botanicals Herbal Snuff really packs a punch right where you need it. Depending on how much was in my pile and how quickly I snuffed it up would vary the reaction I got.  The feeling is similar to eating hot mustard but stronger since it is right up your nose.  It is rather shocking to begin with, but after a minute or two it all calms down and feels fine.  It is great to be able to use something natural to clear up the nasal passages and know that over time it will heal any problems I might have in my sinus cavity.

    Dr. Kyle Christensen who is the master herbalist that put this formula together stated that Western Botanicals Herbal Snuff has saved many people from sinus surgery.  I can’t imagine at what point people would decide to have sinus surgery.  I have always been the type of person that will explore why I am having a health problem and then find a way to solve it naturally. If you are looking for a natural solution to sinus problems then you have found it. 

    Western Botanicals Herbal Snuff contains Bayberry herb, Goldenseal root, Horseradish root, Garlic bulb and Habanero Cayenne pepper.  These herbs can relieve head pressure and clear your sinuses. Herbal Snuff works quickly and effectively. The sinuses can be breeding grounds for viruses, fungi and bacteria which can then cause respiratory illnesses that spread to the chest. If you need a fast-acting, deep-cleansing simple solution, Herbal Snuff will give you the results!  Affordably priced and available in 1/2 ounce and 2 ounce sizes.

Come and check out our great sale and save on these and other great herbal products at Herbs First.

Have a great month!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dr. Christopher's V-Vein Formula for Varicose Veins & Hemorrhoids

Dr Christopher's V-Vein capsules    I was pretty excited when Christopher's came out with the V-Vein Formula a few years ago because I knew it would be able to help a lot of people.  The herbs in Dr. Christopher’s V-Vein Formula are specific and time tested in curing varicose veins.

    The number one herb is Japanese Pagoda flower buds. This herb has been shown to strengthen and fix the permeability of the veins cellular walls.

    Bilberries support normal formation of connective tissues and protect veins from further damage.

    Gotu Kola, Ginger and Hawthorne improve peripheral circulation and strengthen cellular tissues.

    Butcher’s broom also contains rutin plus substances called ruscogenins that decrease swelling.
    Marshmallow root is the best soothing and anti-inflammatory herb.

    Collinsonia root is the most effective herb for hemorrhoids, which is a terrible type of varicose veins.

Dr. Christopher's V-Vein Massage Oil    Dr. Christopher’s V-Vein Formula comes in capsules and massage oil and for the best results it is recommended to use both together.  I have had a half-dollar sized spot of spider veins on one of my legs for years.  It suddenly looked worse in the spring so I started using the V-Vein massage oil on it.  I am happy with the results so far, and it likely would be a whole lot better if I took the capsules and remembered to use the oil on it more than once a day.  For the treatment I have done, I am happy with the results so far and can see that over time it will get completely healed up.

    Dr. Christopher’s V-Vein Formula is an affordable painless treatment for Varicose Veins, including hemorrhoids.  It certainly is at the top of my list for this type of problem.

Have a great month!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Ability To Heal Is Within You

    We all want to be healthy, and without health having all the money in the world means nothing.  The older I get the harder I work at being healthy.  I have had some interesting health challenges for many years and am really just putting it all together. For me it is all related to the same problem,  I’ve never fully gotten the good bacteria balanced in my gut.  Numerous times throughout the years I have been doing Dr. Christopher’s Candida Program, over and over again. The thing I have been messing up on is continuing on with the probiotics to make sure I stay balanced.

Primadophilus Optima for Women    I had a reoccurring bladder infection that cropped up last year after being gone for five years.  Then after indulging over the holidays last Christmas I started the new year with thrush in my mouth.  I went on the candida program and  I started taking  Nature's Way Primadophilus Optima Women's probiotic which is  90 billion CFU a 10 strain blend specifically designed for women.  The bladder problem cleared up and the thrush did too, as long as I stayed off of sugar.  I felt like I was doing well, so in July dropped down to the Primadophilus Original which is only 5 billion CFU.

     I started indulging in sugar July as well and I ended up with a weird rash on my hands that wouldn’t go away no matter which Dr Christopher ointment I tried.  I went to a doctor in my area that specializes in candida and he confirmed that the rash was a fungal rash.  It was then that I realized that I had really made a mistake by not staying on the stronger Primadophilus.  The more I learn about the gut I realize that if we don’t keep it in balance we are going to have all kinds of health issues.

Primadophilus Optima    I have been working more on diet this year, learning how to ferment vegetables and eat them. I now make my own yogurt which is something I never liked to eat, but have grown to love.  I take Primadophilus Optima for Women in the morning and then either Primadophilus Originalone Primadophilus Optima or 2 - 3 Primadophilus Original with each meal.  I am continuing with the Candida program to get myself balanced.  I am realizing that sugar is not my friend and learning other ways to make sweet treats at home, and not be tempted by foods that are going to hurt me. 

    Many diseases are linked to an imbalance of good bacteria in the gut.  Autoimmune diseases, low immune system, weight gain, chronic inflammation, kidney disease and more.  I’m happy that I am finally understanding the importance of continuing to use the Probiotics and look forward to continued healing and good health in the years to come.

    We carry Nature’s Way Probiotics and for the month of October they are 30% off plus an extra 5% off.

Have a great month!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Dr. Christopher's Joint Formula - Not Your Ordinary Pain Relief Formula

    The reason I like to use herbs is the fact that they treat the problem to bring about wellness vs. masking the problem.  There are many medications to treat arthritis pain and that is all they do, and most people are happy with that.  What people need to understand is that herbs can heal the problem.

    I was suddenly struck with arthritis over 18 years ago after a surgery.  Overnight I went from being an active mother of two children that could to anything, to being a cripple.  I had arthritis from head to toe and really suffered for a year trying to get help.  Doctors only had medication to offer me, and when I did research on the medication I decided I would rather be in pain than take them.

    Lucky for me in our town we have a Dr. Christopher’s Herb Shop and I walked in and was able to get the help I needed.  The first week on the herbs I was so much better I knew I was on the right path.  It took me several years to get the complete healing, but it did happen! I came to love Dr. Christopher’s formulas because they really work, and I am walking proof of that!  I find it interesting that people will spend so much money on medications both over the counter and prescriptions and not get what they truly want, to be healed!

Dr Christopher's Joint Formula    The herbs in Dr. Christopher’s Joint Formula detoxify and act as a solvent for the calcium deposits in the joints.  It contains herbs that relieve pain, and are rich in organic calcium that can be assimilated and useful. Joint formula also contains herbs that kill fungus and infection and give wonderful relief from the pain.

    Last week I had an arthritis flare-up in my left thumb joint and I did nothing about it . After a few days. I realized that it wasn’t getting better and the pain was affecting my ability to do anything.  I was amazed after a day of taking Dr. Christopher’s Joint Formula how much better my thumb felt. There must have been some calcium deposits in the joint.  I’ll continue to take the Joint Formula for a few weeks or so to make sure I get all the deposits out.  Nice to know that I have this formula for arthritis flare-ups.  I took the Joint formula for over two years to clear things up initially.  Now arthritis flare-ups clear more quickly which is the result you want when you are spending your money!

     Dr. Christopher recommends apple cider vinegar in a solution of 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of honey in a glass of distilled water to help with joint issues.  Drink this solution 3 times a day.

Read more about my arthritis story.

 It is easier than ever to buy all the Dr. Christopher Formulas you need, we have them all here at Herbs First.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dr. Christopher's Fall Sale - 30% + extra 10% off

 This is the sale you have been waiting all year for!
Dr. Christopher’s Fall Sale
Stock up for Winter!!!

30% + extra 10% off 
Dr. Christopher's 
capsules, extracts, syrups, ointments & oils
when you order two or more items

Order early, no back-orders on out of stocks!

    Those of you in the northern cold winter states, please order now to avoid the problem of liquids freezing in the frigid winter temperatures.  Alcohol extracts generally are okay shipping, but the syrups and glycerin extracts can freeze in very cold temperatures.  Order now to be safe.

    Dr. Christopher’s Original Formulas have been longtime favorites of customers for years, because they really work! If you haven’t tried them yet, what are you waiting for?  Learn about healing programs on Herbal Legacy and then come back to Herbs First to save the most on these amazing healing formulas. 

    Dr. Christopher's Formulas, time-tested, manufactured since 1945, trusted by millions of people because they work. Dr. Christopher strongly insisted his company only manufacture herbal products using the whole herb, never extracting a single ingredient. He understood the necessity of using herbs the way nature had intended them, in their whole state. No chemicals or chemical clones are used, no added fillers, flow agents, and never any genetically modified ingredients. As the saying goes "You get what you pay for", and with Dr. Christopher’s you are getting the best!

    Time and time again, we hear from customers that they tried another brand but did not experience the same results as with Dr. Christopher's Formulas. To this, we reply it is because the quality and experience that is put into every bottle made. From the fields that harvest the herbs, through the state of art manufacturing processes, down to the finished product that our customers take daily.

Have a great month!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Spices that are Herbs for Healing

    I enjoy the fact that so many spices we use in our kitchen are also amazing healing herbs.  We have many of these spice-herbs available in essential oils, vegicaps, extracts and bulk, making them easy to use for everyone.

    Celery Seed is a natural diuretic, that can reduce excess water buildup and decrease the uric acid that causes pain and inflammation in gout and arthritis. Available in essential oil, vegicaps, extract and bulk.

    Cinnamon, a favorite in cooking and amazing as an herb.  Cholesterol reducer, pain reliever, diabetes treatment, weight loss, yeast infection fighter and more.  Who knew that this little spice could do so much?  Available in essential oil, vegicaps, extract and bulk.

    Clove is an aromatic spice that does wonders as an herb.  Used in parasite cleanses, for digestive problems, toothaches, insect bites, as a bug repellant, for rheumatoid arthritis, etc.  Available in essential oil, vegicaps, extract and bulk.

     Cumin is a great source of iron and calcium and has been shown to lower blood sugar levels, has antibacterical properties, and used for digestive problems and gas. Available in bulk powder and whole seed.

    Fennel helps digestion and relieves indigestion, gas, dyspepsia and colic, as well as reducing intestinal spasms. Available in essential oil, vegicaps, extract and bulk as well as in the The Garden Essence oil blend Digestion.

    Garlic, known to all as the herbal antibiotic, used anciently in both healing and nutrition. Used as a nerve tonic, lowering hypertension, equalizer of blood circulation, and helpful for respiratory infections.  Available in vegicaps, extract and bulk as well as in Dr. Christopher’s Super Garlic Immune Formula and Western Botanicals Anti-Plague formula in vegicaps and syrup.
    Ginger is one that I have used for motion sickness. When taken before the trip and I always do fine in the car or on the plane.  Use Ginger at the onset of your period, it is incredible for keeping the cramping at a minimum.  Ginger is available in essential oil, vegicaps, extract and bulk.

You can purchase single herbs as well as many herbal formulas at Herbs First.

Have a great month!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Single Herbs in Vegicaps, Extract and Bulk

    People are amazed at the variety of single herbs that we have available from Western Botanicals.  People get comfortable using the formulas and don’t realize what single herbs are used for.  It is worth having the Ailments CD which is free with the coupon code AilmentCD with a $100.00 herb order.  You can search which herbs and formulas to use for ailments, and learn about single herbs and what they are used for. 

Single Herbs Available from Acai to Yucca

Acai Berry is very high in antioxidants with even more ORAC value than cranberry, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, or blueberry. Available in powder which is easy to add to fruit smoothies. Available in vegicaps.

Alfalfa, Dr Christopher shares a story in his Herb Lectures CD's about the family that was incarcerated in a concentration camp during the Nazi occupation of Europe. The family found the strength to carry them through to the end of the war when they were released. The key was an alfalfa plant growing in the corner of the compound inside the fence. Each member of the family secretly ate a few leaves of the plant every day, allowing the alfalfa plant to replenish its leaves throughout the long months. The family obtained the necessary nutrients from the plant and maintained their health while others around them dropped dead from malnutrition. Alfalfa is in Dr. Christopher's Jurassic Green and I have found that Alfalfa is very essential to my diet. Alfalfa is available in vegicaps, alcohol extract and bulk.

Cayenne is one of Dr. John R. Christopher's favorite herbs and is used in many of this herbal formulas.  Available in vegicaps, alcohol extract, syrup and bulk.

Dandelion, a weed we all despise in our lawns, but an amazing herb that is high in protein, calcium, Vitamin A, C and B, and more.  Works as a liver cleanser as well as promoting the elimination of uric acid from joints.  A life saver to me back when I had gout. Available in vegicaps, alcohol extract and bulk.

Kava Kava, my favorite muscle relaxant. I keep it by my bedside and take it on nights when I need it. Available in vegicaps, alcohol extract and bulk.

Yucca, used for inflammation of all sorts, including joint inflammations, bleeding, dandruff and hair loss. Used successfully to treat arthritis and rheumatism and related disorders. One of the herbs in Dr. Christopher’s Joint Formula.  Available in bulk.

You can purchase single herbs in vegicaps, herbal extracts and bulk, as well as many herbal formulas at Herbs First.

Have a great month!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

ImmuBoost Do It Yourself Kit

    Fall is a great time to get your extracts brewing.  A few months ago  I took a Healing @ Home class from Dr. Kyle Christensen, the author of the book Herbal First Aid and Health Care.  He is a founder of Western Botanicals, and I have greatly enjoyed getting to know him and taking his classes.  He taught us how to make the Immune Boost Syrup and you are going to learn how easy it is to Do It Yourself!

    The ImmuBoost Do It Yourself Kit we have put together will make six gallons of finished Immuboost Syrup.  One gallon of Western Botanicals Immune Boost Syrup (thirty-two 4 oz. bottles) would cost  $900.00 and you can order it here if you don't want to make your own.  If you split this order of herbs with six people it will cost each person about $32.00 just for the herbs, with shipping!  Buy 2 bottles of Vodka and 2 quarts of Maple Syrup (for each gallon) from your local store and it would cost about $90.00 total to make a gallon of syrup.  That is 10% of what it would cost to buy it already made. 
Making extracts is easy, after you make one for the first time you will rarely buy prepared extracts.  You can get so much more for the money! Canning season is going on right now and bottles are easy to get.  I bought a pack of 6 two quart (half gallon) jars for $7.99.  I've seen them as much as $11.99, but whatever you pay for the bottles you will have them for a very long time.

Directions for making ImmuBoost Syrup

ImmuBoostFormula do-it-yourself kit will make 6 gallons of finished product. Buy this if you want a huge amount, or have people you can split the order with. This is the only size we can put together.

About ImmuBoost Formula: this formula contains some of the most powerful immune stimulants known. ImmuBoost strengthens the immune system to better fight off viruses, and infections. ImmuBoost increases the number of immune cells in the body.

The primary ingredient in ImmuBoost is Echinacea. Echinacea has been scientifically proven to stimulate the immune system, reduce inflammation, destroy harmful bacteria and speed wound healing. This very powerful and potent herbal combination should be used at the first sign of illness.

Purchase the ImmuBoost Formula do-it-yourself kit by clicking on the add to cart button on the page. This will add all the herbs to your cart that you need for this formula, which are:

2 - Echinacea Root (Angustifolia) - cut 16 oz.

1 - Echinacea Root (Angustifolia) cut 4 oz.

1 - Echinacea Root (Purpurea) - cut 16 oz.

1 - Cat's Claw Bark - cut 4 oz.

1 - Cinnamon Bark - cut 4 oz.

1 - Ginseng, Siberian (Eleuthro Root) - cut 4 oz.

1 - Pau D'arco Bark - cut 4 oz.

1- Usnea Lichen - whole 4 oz.

ImmuBoost Herb mixtureImmuboost in the bottleOther item you need to purchase from a local supplier.

    6 - one gallon jars or 12 - 1/2 gallon wide mouth jars to make tincture/extract in

    12 - 2 liter bottles of 80 to 100 proof Vodka

    12 quarts Maple Syrup, or buy as needed to make the great tasting syrup.

    Combine all the herbs except Usnea Lichen in a very large container that has a lid. The one I use holds 42 cups. Mix the ingredients well and then put either 4 cups into a gallon bottle, or 2 cups into a 1/2 gallon bottle. Divide the Usnea Lichen into equal parts for the gallons or quarts. About 2/3 of an ounce each for the how to make Immuboost gallon bottle or 1/3 of an ounce for the 2 quart bottle. Break it up a bit and then put in into the bottle on top of the other herbs. It is pretty sticky, so just do your best with it.

    Fill the bottle with Vodka one inch from the top - it takes about two, 2 liter bottles to fill the gallon, one 2 liter bottle to fill the 1/2 gallon. Put the lid on tightly and then shake it around to get the herbs all mixed with the Vodka. Put in a dark place and shake 2 to 3 times a day. Let tincture brew for a minimum of two weeks and up to six weeks.

    Strain and press the herbs out of the tincture/extract. Use a potato masher or squeeze it through a paint strainer or cheese cloth to get all of the liquid out of the herbs. Discard the herbs and bottle the finished extract. ImmuBoost tincture/extract can be used with the alcohol, put a dropperful into a cup of hot water to let the alcohol disperse, or make the yummy kid version with Maple Syrup that follows.  The extract in the Vodka has an indefinite shelf life if kept in a cool dark place.

    Measure the tincture/extract and put it in a pot on the stove on very low heat to let the alcohol evaporate off. Reduce it down to half of what you started with. Add an equal amount of maple syrup to bring it up to the original volume. Make a batch with the Maple Syrup that you can use up in a year or so and keep refrigerated.  Make the syrup as you need it and you can have this on hand for a long long time!  Dosage is usually a dropperful, which is what naturally is drawn into the pipette.

    Click here to order amber bottles, dropper bottles, spray bottles and roller bottles.

Feel free to email me or call me 801-228-1901, if you have any questions. Have a great month!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The kids just got back to school and they are sick already...

Western Botancials Immune Boost    It never fails that after a long summer you are relieved to get the kids back to school only to have them come home with a cold.  Sound familiar??  When we get sick it is because our own immune system isn’t as strong as it needs to be. For a quick immune boost start on Western Botanicals Immune Boost formula which contains some of the most powerful immune stimulants known.  Immune Boost strengthens your immune system to better fight off viruses, and infections. Immune Boost increases the number of immune cells in your body.

    The primary ingredient in Immune boost is Echinacea. Echinacea has been scientifically proven to stimulate the immune system, reduce inflammation, destroy harmful bacteria and speed wound healing. This very powerful and Western Botancicals Immune Boost Syruppotent herbal combination should be used at the first sign of illness.

    For the little ones and others who enjoy taking a great tasting fast acting liquid extract Western Botanicals Immune Boost Syrup is preserved with Maple Syrup. I was amazed the first time I tried this formula, it tastes fantastic, kids will willingly take this formula.  Keep it where they can’t get into it themselves or they will go through the whole bottle! So nice to have a formula that the kids won’t be running away from!

Buy Immune Boost Formula alcohol extract, vegicaps and great tasting syrup!

    FYI - sugar is one of the biggest immune suppressers you can eat. In the book "Get The Sugar Out" by Ann Louise Gittleman M.S. C.N.S Ms. Gittleman says, "No matter what form it takes, sugar paralyzes the immune system." Do more research on sugar so that you will understand how important it is to work on diet to stay healthy.

    In our next newsletter for all of those do-it-yourselfers, we will be sharing how to make Immune Boost Syrup. Just a hint, this makes a big batch, so start thinking of friends you can share it with!

    We hope you enjoy using Western Botanicals Immune Boost Formula. Have a great month!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Garden Essence Oils - Quality Determines Results

Garden Essence Oils

    The question I get from people about Garden Essence Oils is how do to they compare to doTERRA and Young Living Essential Oils?  Both doTERRA and Young Living sell oils via multi-level marketing. That means many levels of people are making profit off of every purchase you make.  The price you pay for their oils are considerably higher in order to pay the people upline. I have always found the products from this type of company to be of very good quality which is always a good thing.
    Garden Essence buys from very reputable suppliers that test the oils for purity.  Garden Essence only buys the best oils that are 100% pure, single species, first distillation, guaranteed free of pesticides and herbicides. These oils are 100% pure, natural, and uncut oils. Many people are comparing Garden Essence Oils to the multi-level marketed oils and love the price and the quality of the oils. They are only marketed via regular stores, so the price will always be lower than MLM.

    If you have been buying oils in hopes of getting rich and it hasn’t happened yet, it is time to change your oil! You will be happy with Garden Essence Oils.  Compare the pricing of what you have been buying for single oils and oil blends.  The great pricing is due to the fact that you aren't paying all those levels of people, just paying for the oils. 

    Garden Essence Oils are always discounted from the retail price.  With Garden Essence Oils you can afford to buy the oils and use them too!  It is time to find out for yourself how wonderful and affordable these oils are!  Order some today!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Herbs are not addicting, only healing

A Healthier You Radio Show    The most recent radio show on A Healthier You,  David and Fawn Christopher talk about the recent reports of more and more pain killer deaths in the United States. Deaths for women for prescription drug overdose is up 400% from twelve years ago and up 265% for men. Simple fact is if you don’t take drugs you won’t die from an overdose!

    Some of the reasons I got into natural health care was first to have control of my health which I enjoy doing very much. Another was to avoid the problems that occur with conventional medications, dependancy being one of them. I have turned down pain prescriptions after dental work and surgeries, though they would always insist I take it with me just in case. I have never filled a pain prescription and have always done just fine using the herbs to treat the pain as well as aid in the healing process.

Complete Tissue and Bone Formula capsules    The top of the list that David talked about is Dr. Christopher's Complete Tissue and Bone Formula which I always take for any type of surgery or injury.  It works for pain and for healing.  When you start hurting you know you need to take more. Over time your body gets well and you don’t need it anymore.  No fear of addiction when you use herbs.

Dr. Christopher's Nerve Formula    The next formula David talked about in the radio show is Dr. Christopher's Nerve Formula.  This is great for nerve pain and repair.  Many people have nerve pain and as someone that has had nerve damage due to dental work I can attest to the fact that nerve pain really hurts. I used Dr. Christopher's Relax-Eze which is another nerve formula.  It took about six months to repair the damage, but once it was repaired, I had no more pain.  And again, no addiction, only healing.

    Another reason for pain is inflammation. Many people aren’t realizing that inflammation is caused by poor diet. We have a great formula to help inflammation, but the best thing do to is to work on diet.  Here are a couple of links to help you with diet changes: Traci's Transformational Kitchen and Original Fast Foods

Western Botanicals Anti-Inflammation Formula    In the meantime, Western Botanicals Anti-Inflammation formula will help you while you work on diet changes.  Anti-Inflammation Formula is effective in dramatically reducing pain and inflammation, and the herbs used are some of the safest available and can be used on a long-term basis. So if you don’t work on diet, you can buy this formula forever!  We don’t mind!

    The list goes on and on and there are herbs to treat any illness or disease.  Education is the key to your “vehicle”. Traditional medicine is not about health, it is just damage control. The School of Natural Healing has their  Family Herbalist course for only $195.00, get started today! It is well worth it to learn how to take care of yourself. 

    Have a great month!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Do it yourself - Bug Repellant Spray and Sunburn Relief Spray

    Many times we have been at outdoor events and gotten the over spray from people using bug repellant.  I find that so inconsiderate!  You would think they would do it before they came, but no, time after time people are spraying their obnoxious sprays all over everyone.  Commercial sprays smell nasty and are not healthy to inhale, much less have soaking into your skin.

    It is easy to make your own Deet free - chemical free bug repellant. There are two things you need to make a great bug repellant. 
Bug Repellant

    4 oz. Vodka
    1 teaspoon Garden Essence Essential Oils Pest-Away with Catnip (5 ml.)

Put Vodka and Pest Away with Catnip in 4 oz. spray bottle and shake.  Spray on exposed skin and in hair several times a day to keep the bugs away. 

Sunburn Relief Spray

    2 oz. Aloe Vera Gel
    2 oz. Distilled Water
    15 drops Garden Essence Lavender Essential Oil
    15 drops Garden Essence Tea Tree Essential Oil
    10 drops Garden Essence Peppermint Essential Oil
Amber Spray BottleMix all ingredients in a 4 oz. glass spray bottle.  Spray liberally as often as desired on sunburned skin.  Keep the left over solution in the refrigerator.

    Herbs First now has 1 oz and 4 oz glass spray bottles  to use with your own herbal and essential oil formulations.

    As a natural sunscreen I like to use Coconut Oil, I put it on several times throughout the day.  Sometimes I slightly burn, so I just put more coconut oil on and by morning it has turned into a tan.  Complete Tissue and Bone Ointment is a great sunburn oil, if you don't mind being oily! I would use it if I had a really bad burn.  Order it here.

    Enjoy your summer!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dr. Christopher formulas for children

    If you aren’t already using natural medicine to take care of your family what are you waiting for??  My kids were fairly young when we totally switched over and I certainly wish that we had known even sooner what we know now about health.  It is very empowering to be able to handle situations at the very moment realized, than to wait until things get worse.

    Dr. Christopher has a great Kid-e-Line of extracts for children which are appropriate to give from newborn on up. 

Dr Christophers Kid-e-calc    Dr. Christopher’s Kid-e-Calc is a wonderful natural calcium formula designed to meet children’s specific growing needs. As explained in the book, "Biological Transmutations", the silica in horsetail grass can be converted into calcium in the human body, and the other herbs work in close conjunction with this master calcium herb. We need calcium to build and maintain nerve sheath, vein and artery walls, bone, teeth, etc. This combination is helpful for cramps, ("Charlie horses"), successful pregnancies, and building as well as maintaining healthy bones, teeth, hair, skin and nails for children and adults.

Dr Christophers Kid-e-Col    Dr. Christopher’s Kid-e-Col is a mother's favorite formula for her new born baby. This formula is time tested and a blessing for infants. A great combination of Catnip and Fennel for colic, teething pain, flatulence, spasms, etc. This is one I give as a gift when I hear a baby has colic.  Parents are always amazed at how quickly it works to soothe little tummies.

Dr Christophers Kid-e-Dry    Dr. Christopher’s Kid-e-Dry is specifically for controlling or overcoming bed-wetting and to strengthen the entire urethral canal, kidneys, bladder, etc.
Dr Christophers Kid-e-Mins
    Dr. Christopher’s Kid-e-Mins are natural vitamins for children, Kid-e-Mins is the ultimate whole-food formula, perfectly balanced with vitamins and minerals the way mother nature intended. Vitamins that come straight from nature are the most precious gift you can give a child. 100% natural to nourish growing bodies. Vitamins a parent can feel good about giving their children.

Dr Christophers Kid-e-Mune    Dr. Christopher’s Kid-e-Mune was designed to enhance the body’s ability to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. Many herbalists use Echinacea for its ability to build resistance to infections of the respiratory and digestive tracts and strengthen the body’s resistance against many common ailments such as bronchitis, the common cold, sore throats, canker sores, cold sores, etc. Give at the first sign of illness to stop problems quickly before they develop.
Dr Christophers Kid-e-Reg

    Dr. Christopher’s Kid-e-Reg is a synergistic herbal blend was designed to strengthen and gently cleanse the lower bowel. It is powerful enough for effectiveness and gentle enough for safety. It tastes great and is made with only the finest ingredients.

Dr Christophers Kid-e-Soothe    Dr. Christopher’s Kid-e-Soothe was designed to calm yet strengthen the body’s immune responses. Oftentimes, we believe that we are allergic to certain foods, plants or animals, but in reality our immune system may be just overreacting. This simple combination of Marshmallow root and Astragalus has made life easier for those who suffer from allergies, hay fever, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis or any hyperactive immune response.

Dr Christophers Kid-e-Trac    Dr. Christopher’s Kid-e-Trac has become one of the most popular formulas for mental sharpness and clarity, emotional balance and overall health of the brain and nervous system. This formula has been used traditionally for helping the brain function properly via assisting the body with delivering the nutrients to the brain and calming nervous system. Works wonderfully for depression and anxiety symptoms.

Dr Christophers Kid-e-Well    Dr. Christopher’s Kid-e-Well is a synergistic herbal blend was designed to help strengthen and assist the immune system of children. This formula is powerful enough to be effective, yet gentle enough to be safe. It tastes great and has been used traditionally during times of cold and flu.

You can order these on the extracts order page at Herbs First.