Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dr. Christopher's Fall Sale - 30% + extra 10% off

 This is the sale you have been waiting all year for!
Dr. Christopher’s Fall Sale
Stock up for Winter!!!

30% + extra 10% off 
Dr. Christopher's 
capsules, extracts, syrups, ointments & oils
when you order two or more items

Order early, no back-orders on out of stocks!

    Those of you in the northern cold winter states, please order now to avoid the problem of liquids freezing in the frigid winter temperatures.  Alcohol extracts generally are okay shipping, but the syrups and glycerin extracts can freeze in very cold temperatures.  Order now to be safe.

    Dr. Christopher’s Original Formulas have been longtime favorites of customers for years, because they really work! If you haven’t tried them yet, what are you waiting for?  Learn about healing programs on Herbal Legacy and then come back to Herbs First to save the most on these amazing healing formulas. 

    Dr. Christopher's Formulas, time-tested, manufactured since 1945, trusted by millions of people because they work. Dr. Christopher strongly insisted his company only manufacture herbal products using the whole herb, never extracting a single ingredient. He understood the necessity of using herbs the way nature had intended them, in their whole state. No chemicals or chemical clones are used, no added fillers, flow agents, and never any genetically modified ingredients. As the saying goes "You get what you pay for", and with Dr. Christopher’s you are getting the best!

    Time and time again, we hear from customers that they tried another brand but did not experience the same results as with Dr. Christopher's Formulas. To this, we reply it is because the quality and experience that is put into every bottle made. From the fields that harvest the herbs, through the state of art manufacturing processes, down to the finished product that our customers take daily.

Have a great month!

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