Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to use Bulk Formulas

Dr. Christopher’s Formulas are available in bulk, most are available in powder and a few are cut. We sell quite a bit of the bulk formulas and often people will email saying, “I just bought _____ formula, what do I do with it?” I always assume that people have a plan when they buy any bulk herbs, so it always strikes me funny when people order it and then ask what to do with it. Learn how to make herbal preparations in the Herbal Preparations and Natural Therapies book and DVD set, it makes a great gift.

The first thing you need to know about Dr. Christopher’s bulk formulas is that they are sold as their original name. Adrenetone powder is the Adrenal Formula. AR-1 is the Joint Formula and so on.

Have a plan when you buy bulk formulas. I will use the cut to make either an ointment, syrup, extract or tea. Powdered herbs are for either capsulizing, mixing straight in juice or water, or making a poultice.

I like to get the BF&C Formula in cut, which is the Complete Tissue and Bone Formula. I make my own ointment in a Coconut Oil base, which I do because I am allergic to the beeswax. Coconut Oil on its own is quite healing, so I feel that making the BF&C Ointment with Coconut Oil makes it even better.

Cut BF&C is used to make a fomentation, which is a concentrated tea that is soaked in a flannel cloth and wrapped onto the area that needs healing. Some people opt to use the ointment or oil vs going through the work of making a fomentation, which works well too.

Calc Tea Powder is the Herbal Calcium Formula. I like to get the powder and mix it in with my Jurassic Green concoction. I don’t mind the taste, and most people find that it is mild enough tasting and nice to not have more capsules to ingest. I know of quite a few people that will just mix the formula into juice or water. I pick and choose, they have to be pretty mild, but it is a good option and a way to get more for the money.

Look and see which Dr. Christopher Formulas in bulk you may have been missing out on. Note that a pound of powder will make 1500 ‘0’ capsules or 1000 ‘00’ sized capsules. Most of Dr. Christopher’s formulas are in ‘0’ sized capsule, so compare 15 bottles to the cost of the powder, plus capsules and time involved in capsulizing
them. We have empty capsules available as well as a handy capsulizing machine. Kids love helping out too, it looks like fun to them!

Order online or call 801-228-1901 to order.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tea Tree Oil to the Rescue!

Over the past few months I have had a strange problem with the inside of my
cheeks. It hurt like a canker hurts, but was just about the entire cheek on both sides of the inside of my mouth. My cheeks looked a bit red and not really like a canker, just felt like a huge one. I started out with taking l-Lysine which is what usually helps for cankers, and it cleared up for a while but then came back. It burned incredibly when I ate any fresh foods such as tomatoes, strawberries, oranges, etc. Not fun at all.

I have used Tea Tree Oil in the past for cankers, so I started just putting a drop or two on my toothbrush at night. Tea Tree Oil is the essential oil from the Australian plant Melaleuca alternifolia. This oil is anti-fungal, antibacterial, antibiotic, anti-microbial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Tea Tree Oil should be in any home and used for any infection or skin problem that crops up, so in this case a good one to try.

Tea Tree OilTea Tree Oil really isn’t a tasty option, but I was clueless what the problem was, so decided to give it a whirl. First thing I noticed after a few days is that my teeth looked whiter. My two eye teeth have always been a bit darker in color than my other teeth, but now they are all the same color. I haven’t bleached my teeth, so they are just a nice clean natural color that I am now very happy with. I have had to continue with the Tea Tree Oil on my toothbrush nightly, but after about a month the insides of my cheeks finally cleared up.

I have also had a funny bumpy spot on my elbow that I have used Tea Tree Oil on, as well as other oils, all the ointments, etc. I quit messing with it a few weeks ago, got tired of nothing working, but the Tea Tree Oil that I was getting internally through brushing my teeth and having it in my mouth finally did the trick. It has almost cleared up and by the looks of it should be back to normal in the next few days.

Tea Tree Oil is a great little oil to have on hand, I keep the 2 oz bottle in the house and the 15 ml. for the travel kit. You
can really get your money’s worth out of a bottle, well worth it to have when you need it.

I love natural medicine. I can try things on myself that cost very little, and if they don’t work they don’t hurt you. More often than not, they work and we save ourselves a lot of time and money by taking care of ourselves at home.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Time for you annual flu shot - NOT!

Back when my husband was lucky enough to be employed, his employer would bring in the flu shots and give them to employees at no charge. The first year they offered the flu shots everyone including my husband got the shot, and then everyone got the flu! The next year the employer offered it again, and my husband said no thanks. But everyone else in his department got the shot and again they all came down with the flu again and shared it with my husband! You can’t tell me that the flu shot is safe! You can now conveniently get a flu shot at just about every store that has a pharmacy. How convenient.

For many years we have worked more and more on improving our diet, and I can honestly say that in the past ten years or so my husband and Irarely ever get sick! Dr Christopher taught that the best way to avoid health problems was to eat what he called the Mucusless Diet. That diet today is called a plant based diet, and more and more people are eating this way. Last week I gave a link to a free viewing of Food Matters. If you missed it, it is available on instant play on Netflix. They also have another great documentary on food called Forks Over Knives which talks about eating no more than 5% animal based foods to stay healthy. These are great videos proving how much diet makes a difference in our health and it is the best preventative medicine money can buy!

Immune System FormulaInfection FormulaBack to the flu and any other gomboo you hope not to catch with the coming winter season. The first thing to do is stock up on a few great winter remedies. I like Christopher’s Immune System Formula, Infection Formula and the Glandular Massage Oil with X-Plague Essential Oil added in. Add up to Glandular/XPlage60 drops of the X-Plague into a 2 oz. bottle of Glandular Massage Oil. Any time you feel something coming on, rub the oil combo into your neck at the tonsil area and take some Infection Formula along with some Immune System Formula. The key is, right when you feel something coming on, you hit it with the herbs it before it develops. Take it every 2 - 3 hours to stop it dead in its tracks.

Another great combo is the Super Garlic Immune Formula, about the nastiest tasting thing on the planet earth, but oh so good for you! This is Dr. Christopher’s famous Anti Plague. I like t make my own and have for years. We now have the Anti Plague kit here at Herbs First and the recipe if you are so ready to have a grand adventure. If not, we sell Christopher’s Super Garlic Immune Formula, or Western Botanicals Anti Plague which comes in syrup as well as capsules. I like to keep the capsules on hand, as my husband is the only one in the family that can’t handle the syrup. I take the capsules as well, will interchange them with Christopher’s Infection Formula.

Kid-e-MuneKid-e-WellSambucusFor the little people in the house stock up on Kid-e-Mune, Kid-e-Well and Nature’s Way’s Sambucus Syrup. These are all great tasting ways to help the kids stay healthy, in addition to diet! Use the Glandular Massage Oil/X-Plague on their neck/tonsil area too, they love the smell. Watch out for the sugar, I think it is the biggest culprit from Oct. 31 on into the new year.

When you plan ahead and have these great herbal formulas and oils in your home, you will have the upper hand in your family’s health.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Herbs do not cure, they give your body the food it needs to heal itself.

A year ago I wrote about Western Botanicals Nerve Calm and Nerve Repair and how they differ. I talked to a customer that uses both formulas and she stated that Nerve Repair Formula saved her from amputation due to neuralgia. The pain was so bad that she was considering amputation and was grateful to read the newsletter and learn about Nerve Repair. She has been using it for the past year and is out of pain and felt that the formula was helping her body to heal. Nerve Repair Formula helps to wake up the nervous system. The herbs stimulate the nerves to work better and also stimulates the healing and repair of damaged nerve tissues. What nerve issue do you have that may benefit from this great formula? Try it for any disease that causes nerve damage, you will be happy you did!

The same customer also uses the Nerve Calm Formula when she is over-stressed and always has both nerve formulas on hand. Nerve Calm is both sedative and antispasmodic designed to relax, sedate and relieve tension and muscle spasms. Works well for insomnia and anxiety. Everyone has times of stress and nervous tension, and this would be a good choice to have when you need it. I keep it in my night stand for those nights when I just can’t settle down. It beats using any prescription medication that is costly, has side effects and is addicting.

Nerve Repair and Nerve Calm are available in vegicaps, extract and syrup.

Now if you really want to know what the cure is, watch Food Matters with this free screening online through October 8th. Also available on Netflix.

It is worth it if I help only one person.

Order online or call 801-228-1901 to order.