Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to use Bulk Formulas

Dr. Christopher’s Formulas are available in bulk, most are available in powder and a few are cut. We sell quite a bit of the bulk formulas and often people will email saying, “I just bought _____ formula, what do I do with it?” I always assume that people have a plan when they buy any bulk herbs, so it always strikes me funny when people order it and then ask what to do with it. Learn how to make herbal preparations in the Herbal Preparations and Natural Therapies book and DVD set, it makes a great gift.

The first thing you need to know about Dr. Christopher’s bulk formulas is that they are sold as their original name. Adrenetone powder is the Adrenal Formula. AR-1 is the Joint Formula and so on.

Have a plan when you buy bulk formulas. I will use the cut to make either an ointment, syrup, extract or tea. Powdered herbs are for either capsulizing, mixing straight in juice or water, or making a poultice.

I like to get the BF&C Formula in cut, which is the Complete Tissue and Bone Formula. I make my own ointment in a Coconut Oil base, which I do because I am allergic to the beeswax. Coconut Oil on its own is quite healing, so I feel that making the BF&C Ointment with Coconut Oil makes it even better.

Cut BF&C is used to make a fomentation, which is a concentrated tea that is soaked in a flannel cloth and wrapped onto the area that needs healing. Some people opt to use the ointment or oil vs going through the work of making a fomentation, which works well too.

Calc Tea Powder is the Herbal Calcium Formula. I like to get the powder and mix it in with my Jurassic Green concoction. I don’t mind the taste, and most people find that it is mild enough tasting and nice to not have more capsules to ingest. I know of quite a few people that will just mix the formula into juice or water. I pick and choose, they have to be pretty mild, but it is a good option and a way to get more for the money.

Look and see which Dr. Christopher Formulas in bulk you may have been missing out on. Note that a pound of powder will make 1500 ‘0’ capsules or 1000 ‘00’ sized capsules. Most of Dr. Christopher’s formulas are in ‘0’ sized capsule, so compare 15 bottles to the cost of the powder, plus capsules and time involved in capsulizing
them. We have empty capsules available as well as a handy capsulizing machine. Kids love helping out too, it looks like fun to them!

Order online or call 801-228-1901 to order.

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