Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Eating right is worth it!

    How much money would you have if you doubled a penny every day for a month? It doesn’t seem like you would have much but by day eighteen the doubling penny is now worth $1,301.72. By day #28 it is well over a million dollars at $1,342,177.28. And by day thirty-one it is at a staggering $10,737,418.23!

Healthy Food 

    By eating healthy every day, what does that do for you? Day after day it really doesn’t seem to matter, but multiply that over the months and years and it really makes a startling difference! Ask anyone suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, or an auto-immune disease if eating the wrong food is worth it. Most don’t understand that the food choices got them there, but it isn’t worth it!

    Change takes effort and eating right is worth it! Here are some nutritional guidlines that apply to everyone:

  • Eliminate refined sugar and when you want something sweetened use honey, maple syrup or stevia. Eliminate soft drinks entirely, they are poison!
  • Eliminate or drastically reduce processed and pre-packaged foods, such as refined grains, processed meats, cereal, crackers, etc.
  • Increase your intake of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to 8 - 10 servings per day.
  • Increase your water intake to half your body weight in ounces per day.
  • Eat the good oils, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and avocados.
  • Drastically reduce the frequency that you eat at restaurants and avoid fast food altogether.
  • Focus on eating whole, minimally processed foods, and learn to prepare food yourself so you know what is in it! 
  • Supplement with herbs, vitamins & trace minerals.

That's it! Making these changes alone will help make your future so much better than it would have been!

The same goes for exercise, over time it all adds up! Let 2019 be your year of increased health due to the day by day healthy choices that you make!

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Blessings to you and your family!

Monday, January 21, 2019

Oh No, Not A Migraine!

Cayenne capsules Ginger capsules   Recently during my morning exercise I noticed flashing zigzagging lights in my left eye - this is the beginning sign of an ocular migraine. I immediately took some cayenne & ginger, two herbs that are known for opening up the blood vessels. Within thirty minutes the flashing stopped and the migraine never developed.
        When I was a teenager I would get an ocular migraine headache about once a year. It would always start with the eye flashes and then I would get the monster headache that would put me in bed for the day. A friend mentioned that if I would drink a caffeinated drink it would open up the blood vessels and the headache would stop. I’ve never really liked soft drinks, so was happy to learn about herbs that open the blood vessels and solve the problem.  
    I haven’t had a migraine since my teens because I always catch it right when it starts! I always have cayenne & ginger on hand. and likely one or the other will work.  Most people have cayenne and ginger in their spice cabinet, so if that is all you have then use it! It is worth it to have a bottle of each on hand if migraines have been a problem for you. 

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Blessings to you and your family!