Thursday, April 21, 2016

Herbal Formulas for Seasonal Allergies

    For people that are unfortunate enough to suffer from seasonal allergies Herbs First has some great herbal formulas to ease the symptoms..

Dr. Christopher's ImmucalmDr. Christopher's Immucalm/Kid-e-Soothe has been a great one for us over the years to calm the itchiness that drives you crazy.  It is great for allergy flare-ups, arthritis, allergic reactions, bug bites and stings, etc. Often our immune systems work against us and Immucalm gets right to work calming and soothing the reaction.
Western Botanicals ImmuSoothe

Western Botanicals ImmuSoothe is Western Botanicals version of the above formula with a few more herbs for good measure. Also helpful for asthma, wheezing or respiratory complaints.

Western Botanicals Seasonal Sinus formulaWestern Botanicals Seasonal Sinus is my favorite formula that covers all the symptoms for me.  Formerly named Sinus Allergy this formula works quickly to relieve the symptoms without the side affects, relieves sinus congestion and draining associated with allergies. It is also an immune booster to fight bacterial and viral infections, because sometimes you think it is allergies when it is a cold.
Dr Christopher's Sinus Plus

Sinus Plus works really well to clear up the Sinus congestion, especially when combined with the Sinus & Lung extract. This very powerful formula consists of Brigham tea, Horseradish, and Cayenne and acts like a catalyst to Sinus Plus Formula capsules.

Western Botanicals Herbal Snuff The herbs in Western Botanicals Herbal Snuff can relieve head pressure and clear your sinuses. Herbal Snuff works quickly and effectively. If you need a fast-acting, deep-cleansing simple solution, Herbal Snuff will give you results! If you are brave enough to try it you will love it!

Dr. Christopher's Bee Power Energy
Dr. Christopher's Bee Power Energy - is a synergic blend of bee pollen and herbs designed to strengthen the body and increase energy and vitality.  Perfect for fighting the fatigue from seasonal allergies.

Western Botanicals Gingseng Plus
Western Botanicals Ginseng Plus is a wonderful adrenal tonic that helps to build, strengthen, tone and increase the ability to handle stress while reducing fatigue. Hayfever is stressful and makes you feel tired. Ginseng Plus will feed the adenals and boost energy helping you get through allergy season.

Dr. Christopher's Stings & BitesDr. Christopher's Stings and Bites is the perfect ointment for the pain, swelling and itching caused by insect stings and bites as well as minor cuts and scrapes. One to keep in your first aid kit, take on hikes and family outings.

    Personally I have noticed that with my change in diet I don’t have nearly the problems with seasonal allergies that I used to have, and I have less symptoms every year. I saw the biggest difference when I got off of sugar, so I would highly recommend looking at a diet change if you are tired of dealing with this problem year after year.
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Have a great month!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Advanced Aromatherapy Diffuser

    It is getting more and more common to see diffusers being sold in many stores and I notice that most diffusers are the humidifier type.  If you want to add a nice aroma to your home or office this is a good way to go. If you want to maintain the medicinal value of your oils, then a nebulizing diffuser is best because it doesn’t use heat or water, which dilutes the therapeutic qualities of the oils.
Advanced Therapy diffuser    We gave our niece Hollie the Advanced Aromatherapy Diffuser to use for her medically fragile daughter Elaina. She can’t use herbs or have the oils on her skin, so our hope was that diffusing oils would make a difference in her health.  Hollie put the diffuser in Elaina’s bedroom and ran it 24/7 all winter long and into spring with the X-Plague oil in the atomizer. This has been the first year that Elaina hasn’t missed school and hasn’t ended up sick for several months. Hollie tells me that a 15 ml. bottle lasts three months run for 5 minutes at a time with 20 minutes off, at the lowest output.

 Advanced Aromatherapy diffuser   During Christmas we had a big family party and several of the families had been sick. We were a bit worried, because we try to stay away from sick people, but it is hard during the holidays when people don’t want to miss out on family get-togethers. We ran the Advanced Aromatherapy Diffuser on for 10 off for 10 minutes with the output in the lower range.  This diffuser is a bit noisy so I don’t turn it up very high. We have a pretty big family room/dining room/kitchen area and it does a really good job of getting the therapeutic oils into the air. None of us got sick from people at the party and we were able to enjoy the holidays.

    Advanced Aromatherapy Diffuser is the one you want because is preserves the therapeutic qualities of the oils and is going to last for many years. We have had ours for three years and use it throughout the winter every year and off and on the rest of the year. It is nice to have a diffuser that will treat everyone at the same time, especially when there is illness around.
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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Goldenseal Combination, my new favorite flu remedy!

    On Easter Sunday we had no indication that we were going to be sick. We went to church, had lunch with family and visited throughout the day. We headed home about 5:00 and I noticed that my husband Don’s voice sounded a bit like he was getting a cold. By the time we got home Don had to have a nap and when got up a while later he was feeling a bit worse. He took a hot bath and took Immu-Defense in hopes of burning it off, but by the time he went to bed he was feeling quite sick.

Goldenseal Combiation     Don missed work the next day, and I was feeling a bit of a sore throat so took the Immu-Defense throughout the day.  I was out running errands after work and even though I had a few more things to do felt like I just needed to go home. I could tell something was trying to get me, so I started taking my home-made Anti-Plague syrup (Super Garlic Immune) every 15 minutes. After four hours of this and no change in how I felt I opened our herb cabinet and my hand went directly to Western Botanicals Goldenseal Combination, which was formerly called Flu & Virus. I took a dose, and went to bed where Don had been all day.

    Within a short period of time I could feel the difference in my body from the Goldenseal Combination, so I kept taking it. When Don roused I had him start taking it as well. We both kept taking Goldenseal Combination all night long. I woke up about 10:00 am the next morning and felt so much improved that I was able to work, Don on the other hand still slept half the day since it had settled into his lungs. He added Dr. Christopher's Lung & Bronchial to help clear the lungs.

    I was pretty surprised that the Anti-Plague/Immu-Defense didn’t work for us, because it has been our stand-by for years. Maybe our bodies became a bit too accustomed to the herbs in it and needed something else. I always keep a variety of formulas for illness in the cabinet and rotate them, such as Dr. Christopher's Infection Formula, Immune System Formula, and Western Botanicals Immu-Defense and Immune Boost, etc. This time I’m happy that we had the Goldenseal Combination, and this formula will be one that I will always keep on hand.

    We always find it is best to stay on the formula that is working for a week or two after being sick. This helps us to not relapse and rebuilds the immune system back up.
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