Thursday, April 21, 2016

Herbal Formulas for Seasonal Allergies

    For people that are unfortunate enough to suffer from seasonal allergies Herbs First has some great herbal formulas to ease the symptoms..

Dr. Christopher's ImmucalmDr. Christopher's Immucalm/Kid-e-Soothe has been a great one for us over the years to calm the itchiness that drives you crazy.  It is great for allergy flare-ups, arthritis, allergic reactions, bug bites and stings, etc. Often our immune systems work against us and Immucalm gets right to work calming and soothing the reaction.
Western Botanicals ImmuSoothe

Western Botanicals ImmuSoothe is Western Botanicals version of the above formula with a few more herbs for good measure. Also helpful for asthma, wheezing or respiratory complaints.

Western Botanicals Seasonal Sinus formulaWestern Botanicals Seasonal Sinus is my favorite formula that covers all the symptoms for me.  Formerly named Sinus Allergy this formula works quickly to relieve the symptoms without the side affects, relieves sinus congestion and draining associated with allergies. It is also an immune booster to fight bacterial and viral infections, because sometimes you think it is allergies when it is a cold.
Dr Christopher's Sinus Plus

Sinus Plus works really well to clear up the Sinus congestion, especially when combined with the Sinus & Lung extract. This very powerful formula consists of Brigham tea, Horseradish, and Cayenne and acts like a catalyst to Sinus Plus Formula capsules.

Western Botanicals Herbal Snuff The herbs in Western Botanicals Herbal Snuff can relieve head pressure and clear your sinuses. Herbal Snuff works quickly and effectively. If you need a fast-acting, deep-cleansing simple solution, Herbal Snuff will give you results! If you are brave enough to try it you will love it!

Dr. Christopher's Bee Power Energy
Dr. Christopher's Bee Power Energy - is a synergic blend of bee pollen and herbs designed to strengthen the body and increase energy and vitality.  Perfect for fighting the fatigue from seasonal allergies.

Western Botanicals Gingseng Plus
Western Botanicals Ginseng Plus is a wonderful adrenal tonic that helps to build, strengthen, tone and increase the ability to handle stress while reducing fatigue. Hayfever is stressful and makes you feel tired. Ginseng Plus will feed the adenals and boost energy helping you get through allergy season.

Dr. Christopher's Stings & BitesDr. Christopher's Stings and Bites is the perfect ointment for the pain, swelling and itching caused by insect stings and bites as well as minor cuts and scrapes. One to keep in your first aid kit, take on hikes and family outings.

    Personally I have noticed that with my change in diet I don’t have nearly the problems with seasonal allergies that I used to have, and I have less symptoms every year. I saw the biggest difference when I got off of sugar, so I would highly recommend looking at a diet change if you are tired of dealing with this problem year after year.
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