Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Three Squirts Resolves Month Long Laryngitis

Herbal Throat Soothe    I was talking to a friend at church the other day and noticed that she has quite a bad case of laryngitis. She said that it had been going on for a month and that three anti-biotics hadn’t done anything for it. When I got home I just couldn’t stop thinking about her, and knowing that I had something that could help I got out a new 1 oz. spray bottle and put some of Western Botanicals Herbal Throat Soothe in it and took it over to her. She asked if it tasted bad and I said it wasn’t too bad and to just give it a try.

    A few hours later I was got a facebook personal message: “I cannot believe this after a month of NO VOICE  three squirts later I have a voice. There is no way but it's true I woke up from a nap and came out and started talking. I stopped looked at Dale (her husband) and we both laughed and said no way. I can't thank you enough for the voodoo brew. I'm shocked. I did gag the first squirt LOL.  I'm not good at weird tasting stuff. But I'm a believer!”

    Another message she posted on my facebook page: “Thank you~thank you . I'm laying in bed scratching Jovi (her dog) and talking OUT LOUD to her just to make sure I really do have a voice - after almost a month I can talk !!!! I don't know what was in your special recipe, but I have a voice finally. So happy!”

Herbal Throat Spray    Western Botanicals Herbal Throat Soothe is available in 4 oz, 8 oz & 16 oz. bottles and Herbal Throat Spray is a 1 oz bottle. Western Botanicals Herbal Throat Soothe/Spray are identical and contain a powerful combination of herbs specially formulated to provide soothing immune support for your throat health. Herbal Throat Soothe/Spray soothes tight, irritated, inflamed throats, and is an effective cough suppressant and expectorant. This unique formula will relieve a sore throat while facilitating faster recovery.

    I’m glad I had something on hand that could help my friend, and I had no idea it would help that fast! I keep the spray bottle by my bed and it helps this time of year with the yucky throat I sometimes get with allergy season! This is just one of the great formulas that we carry from Western Botanicalsl Click to view Western Botaniccals Quick Reference Guide to see all the wonderful healing formulas.
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Have a great month!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Natural Remedies for Pain and Inflammation

    My husband and I have gotten into biking since last August and we just love it! This year I got a new seat and didn’t realize that it was too far forward for me. My knees started hurting and I finally just put the old seat back on until I get things figured out. Unfortunately my knees were still bothering me and I figured out through a web search that I have runner’s knee, aka patella-femoral pain syndrome. This is pain in the kneecap and it is not fun. In order to heal I would have to stop cycling for awhile to let it heal. I didn't like that plan but decided to take a few days off and eat some healing “foods” to get my knees back to feeling better.

Western Botanicals Turmeric Combo    In reading about Western Botanicals Turmeric Combo I felt it would work the best to heal the pain and inflammation.  The Turmeric Combo contains: Turmeric, Frankincense, Ginger Root, White Willow Bark, Devils Club Root, Lobelia and Cayenne which are all wonderful herbs on their own, but in this formula they work synergistically together for quick relief. I am truly impressed with pain relief that I have had with just a few days on this formula. This has been a big seller at Herbs First and now I know why! I plan on taking until the healing is complete.
Garden Essence Oils Pain Anti Inflammatory blend
    I am also treating my knees topically with my Coconut oil based BF&C ointment with Garden Essence’s Pain Anti-Inflammatory oil blend mixed in. Using the ointment with the Pain-Anti-Inflammatory blend and taking the Turmeric Combo the pain very slight when I tap on my knee caps. I only had to take a few days off to get the healing going and have no pain while riding and I am even taking my grandson with me in the bike trailer!

    I love how fast the herbs and oils worked to relieve the pain and get me cycling again! I try to stay away from doctors and having the herbs and oils on hand for quick healing makes this possible!
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Have a great month!