Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Natural Healing vs. Conventional Medicine

In 1893 as a young girl my Great-grandmother worked in a factory. Her foot was injured when a wheelbarrow full of bricks fell on it when she was nine years old. Her foot was amputated because they didn’t know how to fix broken bones back then. In today’s world that would never happen because the doctors have the skills to put people back together. With many injuries it is best to get conventional medical help, but there are many illnesses that are better suited to Natural Healing. The key is understanding how Natural Healing works vs. Conventional Medicine and then following through with the healing program. Please seek advice from a natural health care provider to guide you in a program best suited to your needs.

Main Focus:

Natural Healing: To create a healthy person

Conventional Medicine: Destroy, kill or cure a disease


Natural Healing: Let our body guide us in the healing process by listening to the symptoms.

Conventional Medicine: Different methods are used to suppress or remove the symptoms. The symptom is thought of as a disease and is treated as such, never getting to the cause of why those symptoms are present.

Method of Treatment:

Natural Healing: Create a proper living environment so that the body can heal itself. This is accomplished through changes in diet, cleansing and nourishing with herbs, positive thinking and lifestyle changes.

Conventional Medicine: Attack, kill and remove disease using drugs, radiation or surgery. Alter or remove malfunctioning parts or organs such as mastectomy, hysterectomy, tonsillectomy, radiation, etc.


Natural Healing: Wholesome foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, vegetable juices and herbs. No side effects.

Conventional Medicine: Drugs made from chemicals, animal waste and toxic elements. Many side effects which starts the drug cycle of more and more medication to alleviate the symptoms.


Natural Healing: Wholesome food program, cleansing & detoxification, exercise, hydrotherapy, emotional therapy and lifestyle changes.

Conventional Medicine: Surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, steroids, dialysis, colostomies, insulin, etc.


Natural Healing: Positive attitude toward healing through following wholesome food programs, cleansing & nourishing. Control of your healing.

Conventional Medicine: Negative attitude, coping, fear, anxiety, depression. The complete feeling that your life is in someone else's hands.


Natural Healing: Recognizing the fact that past habits created the level of health and taking responsibility of making the changes necessary to heal yourself. Being in control.

Conventional Medicine: Feeling that you are an unlucky victim that caught a disease. Feel helpless and want others to "fix" you. Total lack of control.

A close family member of mine is in kidney failure and just started on Dialysis. A year ago I was making suggestions on how he could help himself through diet and a good herbal program, often providing the herbs for him. I would talk to him every few weeks and ask if he was taking the herbs and eating right and the answer was “I forgot to” or “its too hard”. Well, the cold hard facts are now he has no choice. I’m sure if he wanted to he could still repair the problem, but plain and simple, some people just don’t want to change. People have the right to choose what they want to do, so we have to stand back and let them make their choices and watch the result of those choices and learn from them.

It is my hope that this blog will help people realize their life is in their hands, and that our bodies can heal if we give it what it needs. The Dr. Christopher and Western Botanicals products that are available at Herbs First are the best I have ever used. Pure and simple, they really work. I hope that these products and this blog will help you on your road to continued good health.