Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Natural healing without the negative side effects

I listen to the news while I am preparing dinner and have noticed that the drug companies are sponsoring the news.  It will forever amaze me to hear all the side effects of various medications and wonder why would anyone ever want to use them after hearing about them? With all of this advertising doctors are noticing that people come in naming the medications they want. It seems the advertising is working for the drug companies, but why are people turning a blind eye to all of the side effects?

    Some of the really dangerous drugs are psychiatric drugs. The Columbine High School shooters were on psychiatric drugs at the time they shot their classmates in 1999. Suicidal tendencies and violent, destructive thoughts are some of the admitted behavioral side effects of mind-altering prescription medications. Due to the “privacy act” it is getting harder and harder to get disclosure on more resent shooting suspects. Read more about drugs and NOT guns are the problem.

Mindtrac & Relax-Eze    Herbs and Essential Oils are great alternatives to medications.  I have been using Dr Christopher's  Mindtrac off and on for over 15 years for anxiety/stress related issues.  I have used Mindtrac when I need it for a day, a week, a  month or several years, and I always know when I don’t need it and have no problems discontinuing use.  David Christopher recommends taking Dr Christopher's Relax-Eze along with Mindtrac - I have used both formulas alone but never together.  I started taking Relax-Eze along with the Mindtrac and am amazed, this has been my best beginning of the year ever.  I am always stressed with the added work at the first of the year and suffer from seasonal depression.  I love these formulas, there are no negative side effects and no need to visit a doctor to get a prescription. I am in control of when I need it and how often I take it - and I feel great!

    Some great Garden Essence essential oil blends for anxiety/stress/depression: Belief, Citrus Blend, Composure, Happy Memories, Oasis, and Release.  Essential oils should be mixed with a carrier oil, as they are strong and for the most part not meant to be used “straight”.  I use the Fractionated Coconut Oil as the carrier oil because it has a very long shelf life.  I always have empty roller bottles to mix the oils.  Fill the roller bottle with the carrier oil, and add up to 10 drops of your choice of essential oils, either  blends or singles of your choice. Use on the bottoms of feet, back of the neck, wrist, etc.  Diffuse them into the air with an oil warmer, put a teaspoon or so of carrier oil and add a few drops of essentail oils. 

Blue Essential Oil Blend    Sleeping pills are another source of drugs that have  side effects similar to the psychiatric drugs. Nite Cap is a great essentail oil blend for sleep.  Most relaxing oils are flowers and I don't like the smell, so putting it on the feet is a great place to use them.  A bottle of Nite Cap will last me a couple of years using it in the roller bottle with a carrier oil.

    Yesterday I cricked my neck and immediately felt the tightness in my neck and shoulders.  I made a roller bottle of “Blue” which is a new blend we added for inflammation and sore muscles.  I can't believe how well it is working, I feel much better!  So worth it to have things on hand when you need them!

    Essential oils are affordable and easy to use. Many people are switching from the network market brands to our Garden Essence Oils.  Our regular pricing is half to one third of the price for the same quality oils.  This month save 30% on Essential Oils through 11:00 am MT February 28th. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Flu of 2013

I have been rather proud of myself that I have stayed healthy for so many years. I don’t know what happened this year, but I joined the flu club and it was no fun at all.  I decided to use some essential oils internally to see if that would help me to kick it faster. Along with Anti-Plague capsules and Lung and Bronchial I took Oregano, X-Plague and Respiratory Problems, about 3 drops of each in an empty capsule about three times a day. Oregano boosts immune system to fight infection, cold and flu. Respiratory Problems blend is used for pneumonia, upper respiratory problems, and especially useful for viral infections.  X-Plague is highly anti-viral and antiseptic to help protect the body from the onset of flu. I used the X-Plague/Glandular combo on my neck, feet and chest as well. I kicked it in a day, the day after I felt great and went on with life, but then relapsed on the third day which was much worse than the first. Not fun.

Herbal Antiseptic

   The first night I woke up in the middle of the night with that heaviness in my chest that says, you are in trouble!! laid in bed for a few minutes thinking about the herbs that I have and what would be best to knock it out of my chest fast. I remembered that I had a bottle of Herbal Antiseptic which contains many of nature's finest and most potent natural germ and bacteria fighters: Myrrh gum, Goldenseal root, White Oak bark, Olive leaf, Garlic bulb, Plantain leaf, Black Walnut hull, Habanero Cayenne pepper, Tea Tree essential oil. Herbal Antiseptic formula kills germs on contact and protects wounds from infection and is intended for external use, but I felt like I needed to take it for my lungs.  I put a dropperful into an empty capsule and took 2 capsules of Lobelia with it to help loosen up the phlegm.  Within an hour I was coughing up the gunk and the heaviness went away.  It kept trying to get into my lungs, so I kept taking it for a few days to help me get over it along with the Adrenal Formula to help build up my energy.

   This is one nasty flu bug going around and I sure am grateful to have so many good herbs and oils to help me get over it faster. Essential Oils are 30% off this month, a great time to stock up and save on your favorite essential oils.