Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Little herb kit comes in handy when you need it!

travel pack of herbs
    It doesn’t matter how big or how small of a trip we are taking, I always worry more about if I have enough herbs with me than about any other item I may have forgotten.  It makes me happy when I need a certain formula and I dig through my bag of herbs I put together and am able to find what I need.  Our little four day weekend getaway to Colorado was no exception, I always end up using some of the herbs.  Learn more about what is in this little kit.

    As usual when we travel as hard as I try I often end up with bladder symptoms.  I drink lots of water, but it still happens quite often.  I had the Cranberry-Buchu which usually works, but was not doing the job for me this time.  I decided I needed an Infection Fighter and looked through hoping I had some Infection Formula.  I didn’t.  I almost panicked but kept looking and I had Anti-Plague capsules, so I took some of those.  Within an hour I could tell that was a good choice because the symptoms calmed right down.  I’m staying on it for a few days to make sure I get the job done.

    My husband and I went on a tubing trip down the San Juan river and were both amazed at how much we ended up using our arms to maneuver around.  We had a blast and went down twice and by the end of the second run I was pretty tired.  We had to hike back to the rental shop carrying the tubes, which worked our arm muscles even more. That night as we went to bed we took Kava Kava from our little supply.  Kava Kava is a muscle relaxant that helps when you have overworked your muscles.  It did a good job because when we got up in the morning we had no pain.  I love Kava Kava because it is so relaxing it helps you have a good night’s sleep with none of the side-effects of the medications on the market. Herbs are so great like that and we got two for one relief - releiving muscles and a good nights sleep.  What could be better than that?

Ailment CD    I was cleaning my office the other day and came across five of the ailment CD’s that have been out of stock for a very long time.  It seems that the FDA is requiring Christopher’s to edit it down a bit - as in not giving so much healing information for the herbs.  Don’t you love how the FDA is protecting you??  I do not know when or if we will have it available again, but while supplies last, get a free ailment CD with a $200.00 order.  Just put in the coupon code of AilmentCD and we will include it with your order. In this CD you can search herbal healing programs for many ailments and learn how to treat yourself with Dr. Christopher's Original Herbal Formulas and single herbs.  It also includes many video clips of Dr. Christopher teaching some of his healing programs, making this a very valuable gift.  Please note that the cart will only accept one coupon code per order.  

    I love using herbs to treat myself and my family.  We are not having a health care crisis at our house!  It feels great to know what to do to take care of ourselves and to have the herbs on hand when we need them!
You can order online or call in your order at 801-228-1901

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A little bit of knowledge goes a long way and saves money!

You don’t have to be a Master Herbalist to effectively use herbal medicine in your home. I had an acquaintance come over the other day for a bottle of Liver and Gall Bladder Formula.  Her daughter had been having some gall-bladder pain and had some testing done by a doctor and he determined that she didn’t have gallstones.  The doctor didn’t know why her daughter was in so much pain, so he gave her Vicodin and told her she would have to have more testing done for them to determine what the problem was.  Like many people this family does not have health insurance, so the mom decided to look into the natural route.

The name of the products tells what they are for, which makes it easy to choose the right formula. The Liver and Gall Bladder Formula cleanses both the liver and the gall bladder. The Gall-bladder’s function is to make bile which helps to break down the fats that we eat.  Pain in the Gall-bladder could just be the fact that it has gotten overloaded and needs cleansing.

With gall bladder symptoms I would not eat fatty and fried food for awhile and focus on eating more fresh fruits and vegetables to help the body to cleanse.  If I were in a lot of pain I would do a castor oil pack on the area with a heat pad over it.  Here is a video that tells how to use a castor oil pack.

If gall stones are suspected then I would make Dr. Christophers hydrangea formula using the cut hydrangea root.  Make a tea using a quart of apple cider and one ounce of hydrangea root, soaked for three days, keep refridgerated. Take two ounce doses during a three day cleanse and by the end the stones should be dissolved.

This is an easy program to follow and affordable too!  It takes a little bit of time and cooperation and will save a lot of money over conventional medicine.  People that have their gall bladders removed have to stay away from eating fats the rest of their lives.  It is much wiser to follow a simple cleansing program than to have to deal with the consequences of gall bladder removal.

If you are struggling with a health issue look for the formula that is named after what they are used for.  We learned that the Liver and Gall Bladder formula is for the liver and gall bladder. We then know that  the Kidney Formula is for the kidneys. The Bladder Formula for the bladder and so on.  It's easy!  Many of the formulas are available in capsules as well as extract.

I love using herbs to keep myself and my family healthy. The School of Natural Healing has a great deal on their online Family Herbalist course. If you are ready to take more responsibility for your health, this would be the place to start with that education.

You can order online or call in your order at 801-228-1901

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Being aware of symptoms

Gout Foot photo    My body talks to me and I try to listen. Last week a joint on my foot above my big toe told me it wasn’t happy. Lucky for me it was only in one joint, but it was painful enough that I was limping around all day. I started taking the Complete Tissue and Bone formula along with the Joint Formula throughout the day. By 7:00 pm I was worried that I hadn’t made any progress and with the 4th of July coming up I really did not want to wake up the next morning with my foot still hurting. If I’m not on top of these arthritis flare-ups they can last from a few days to sometimes a few weeks with more joints joining in on the fun. Since the pain was in my foot I decided to try some Dandelion extract, which is what I used years ago when I suffered with gout. I took a squirt right away and another squirt before I went to bed along with more Complete Tissue and Bone and Joint Formula. When I got up the next morning I went about my work all day and it wasn’t until I was going to bed that night that I realized my foot wasn’t hurting.  I was very happy with the next day being the 4th of July knowing that I could participate in the planned activities pain-free.

    I try to be aware of any changes in my body so that if a symptom crops up I can address the problem before it develops into a more serious situation.  It takes not only being aware of a change, but also having the herbs on hand that I may need. Most herbs treat many different symptoms, so it is helpful to have a variety of formulas as well as some well chosen single herbs on hand to choose from. 

    Dandelion was truly a lifesaver for me when I was working on clearing up the Rheumatoid Arthritis years ago.  I had gout so badly in my feet that I couldn’t wear shoes because it hurt too much to have anything touching my feet.  The Dandelion did an amazing job of breaking up the uric acid crystals that feel like you are walking on shards of broken glass in your feet.  This is one herb that I will always have in my herb cabinet.  Click to read my arthritis story

    Here is a short list of ailments that Dandelion can help with: Acne, Anemia, Arthritis, Asthma, Blood Purifier, Blood Cleanser, Breast Cancer and tumors, Eczema, Gall Bladder cleanser, Gout, Hepatitis, Hypoglycemia, Jaundice, Kidney Infections, Liver Disorders, Metabolism stimulator,  Rheumatism, Scurvy, Skin Problems, Water Retention, Weight loss and more.  This little weed is truly an amazing healing herb!  Try using the "milk" from the stem of a dandelion on your wart.  Apply for about a week and then watch it slowly fade away.  Talk about affordable medicine!

    I love using herbs to keep myself and my family healthy. The School of Natural Healing has a great deal on their online Family Herbalist course. If you are ready to take more responsibility for your health, this would be the place to start with that education. 

You can order online or call in your order at 801-228-1901

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Introducing Ultra Raspberry Ketone

   We were able to bring in the bulk Raspberry Ketone a few months ago.  Many people have been interested in having it in a capsule.  Western Botanicals has come out with a great weighloss - weight maintenance blend. Raspberry Ketone
Ultra Raspberry Ketone
Pure Raspberry Keytone and African Mango fruit with a compliment of natural herbs for maximum weight management and sustained energy.*

Ultra Raspberry Ketone can help in weight-loss efforts and weight maintenance, especially with regular exercise and a well-balanced diet of healthy whole foods.

Raspberry Ketone causes the fat within the cells to break up more effectively, helping the body burn fat faster.

African Mango Fruit promotes weight loss.

Maca root enhances energy and stamina.

Schizandra Berry is used as an adaptogen to fight fatigue and counteract the effects of stress.

Green Tea Extract has high antioxidant properties and promotes increased metabolism and fat oxidation.

Immature Bitter Orange works as an appetite suppressant as well as stimulating the breakdown of stored fat and increasing the resting metabolic rate.

Brigham Tea decreases the appetite and stimulates energy.

Suggested use: 1 capsule with water three times daily. It is important to drink at least 24 extra ounces of water per day while using this product. Do not exceed serving recommendations.

Western Botanicals Ultra Raspberry Ketone contains a proprietary blend of: Raspberry Ketone, African Mango Fruit, Organic Maca root, Organic Schizandra Berry, Green Tea Extract, Organic Immature Bitter Orange and Wild Crafted Brigham Tea.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure. Not recommended if pregnant or nursing.