Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Little herb kit comes in handy when you need it!

travel pack of herbs
    It doesn’t matter how big or how small of a trip we are taking, I always worry more about if I have enough herbs with me than about any other item I may have forgotten.  It makes me happy when I need a certain formula and I dig through my bag of herbs I put together and am able to find what I need.  Our little four day weekend getaway to Colorado was no exception, I always end up using some of the herbs.  Learn more about what is in this little kit.

    As usual when we travel as hard as I try I often end up with bladder symptoms.  I drink lots of water, but it still happens quite often.  I had the Cranberry-Buchu which usually works, but was not doing the job for me this time.  I decided I needed an Infection Fighter and looked through hoping I had some Infection Formula.  I didn’t.  I almost panicked but kept looking and I had Anti-Plague capsules, so I took some of those.  Within an hour I could tell that was a good choice because the symptoms calmed right down.  I’m staying on it for a few days to make sure I get the job done.

    My husband and I went on a tubing trip down the San Juan river and were both amazed at how much we ended up using our arms to maneuver around.  We had a blast and went down twice and by the end of the second run I was pretty tired.  We had to hike back to the rental shop carrying the tubes, which worked our arm muscles even more. That night as we went to bed we took Kava Kava from our little supply.  Kava Kava is a muscle relaxant that helps when you have overworked your muscles.  It did a good job because when we got up in the morning we had no pain.  I love Kava Kava because it is so relaxing it helps you have a good night’s sleep with none of the side-effects of the medications on the market. Herbs are so great like that and we got two for one relief - releiving muscles and a good nights sleep.  What could be better than that?

Ailment CD    I was cleaning my office the other day and came across five of the ailment CD’s that have been out of stock for a very long time.  It seems that the FDA is requiring Christopher’s to edit it down a bit - as in not giving so much healing information for the herbs.  Don’t you love how the FDA is protecting you??  I do not know when or if we will have it available again, but while supplies last, get a free ailment CD with a $200.00 order.  Just put in the coupon code of AilmentCD and we will include it with your order. In this CD you can search herbal healing programs for many ailments and learn how to treat yourself with Dr. Christopher's Original Herbal Formulas and single herbs.  It also includes many video clips of Dr. Christopher teaching some of his healing programs, making this a very valuable gift.  Please note that the cart will only accept one coupon code per order.  

    I love using herbs to treat myself and my family.  We are not having a health care crisis at our house!  It feels great to know what to do to take care of ourselves and to have the herbs on hand when we need them!
You can order online or call in your order at 801-228-1901

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