Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A little bit of knowledge goes a long way and saves money!

You don’t have to be a Master Herbalist to effectively use herbal medicine in your home. I had an acquaintance come over the other day for a bottle of Liver and Gall Bladder Formula.  Her daughter had been having some gall-bladder pain and had some testing done by a doctor and he determined that she didn’t have gallstones.  The doctor didn’t know why her daughter was in so much pain, so he gave her Vicodin and told her she would have to have more testing done for them to determine what the problem was.  Like many people this family does not have health insurance, so the mom decided to look into the natural route.

The name of the products tells what they are for, which makes it easy to choose the right formula. The Liver and Gall Bladder Formula cleanses both the liver and the gall bladder. The Gall-bladder’s function is to make bile which helps to break down the fats that we eat.  Pain in the Gall-bladder could just be the fact that it has gotten overloaded and needs cleansing.

With gall bladder symptoms I would not eat fatty and fried food for awhile and focus on eating more fresh fruits and vegetables to help the body to cleanse.  If I were in a lot of pain I would do a castor oil pack on the area with a heat pad over it.  Here is a video that tells how to use a castor oil pack.

If gall stones are suspected then I would make Dr. Christophers hydrangea formula using the cut hydrangea root.  Make a tea using a quart of apple cider and one ounce of hydrangea root, soaked for three days, keep refridgerated. Take two ounce doses during a three day cleanse and by the end the stones should be dissolved.

This is an easy program to follow and affordable too!  It takes a little bit of time and cooperation and will save a lot of money over conventional medicine.  People that have their gall bladders removed have to stay away from eating fats the rest of their lives.  It is much wiser to follow a simple cleansing program than to have to deal with the consequences of gall bladder removal.

If you are struggling with a health issue look for the formula that is named after what they are used for.  We learned that the Liver and Gall Bladder formula is for the liver and gall bladder. We then know that  the Kidney Formula is for the kidneys. The Bladder Formula for the bladder and so on.  It's easy!  Many of the formulas are available in capsules as well as extract.

I love using herbs to keep myself and my family healthy. The School of Natural Healing has a great deal on their online Family Herbalist course. If you are ready to take more responsibility for your health, this would be the place to start with that education.

You can order online or call in your order at 801-228-1901

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