Thursday, July 12, 2012

Being aware of symptoms

Gout Foot photo    My body talks to me and I try to listen. Last week a joint on my foot above my big toe told me it wasn’t happy. Lucky for me it was only in one joint, but it was painful enough that I was limping around all day. I started taking the Complete Tissue and Bone formula along with the Joint Formula throughout the day. By 7:00 pm I was worried that I hadn’t made any progress and with the 4th of July coming up I really did not want to wake up the next morning with my foot still hurting. If I’m not on top of these arthritis flare-ups they can last from a few days to sometimes a few weeks with more joints joining in on the fun. Since the pain was in my foot I decided to try some Dandelion extract, which is what I used years ago when I suffered with gout. I took a squirt right away and another squirt before I went to bed along with more Complete Tissue and Bone and Joint Formula. When I got up the next morning I went about my work all day and it wasn’t until I was going to bed that night that I realized my foot wasn’t hurting.  I was very happy with the next day being the 4th of July knowing that I could participate in the planned activities pain-free.

    I try to be aware of any changes in my body so that if a symptom crops up I can address the problem before it develops into a more serious situation.  It takes not only being aware of a change, but also having the herbs on hand that I may need. Most herbs treat many different symptoms, so it is helpful to have a variety of formulas as well as some well chosen single herbs on hand to choose from. 

    Dandelion was truly a lifesaver for me when I was working on clearing up the Rheumatoid Arthritis years ago.  I had gout so badly in my feet that I couldn’t wear shoes because it hurt too much to have anything touching my feet.  The Dandelion did an amazing job of breaking up the uric acid crystals that feel like you are walking on shards of broken glass in your feet.  This is one herb that I will always have in my herb cabinet.  Click to read my arthritis story

    Here is a short list of ailments that Dandelion can help with: Acne, Anemia, Arthritis, Asthma, Blood Purifier, Blood Cleanser, Breast Cancer and tumors, Eczema, Gall Bladder cleanser, Gout, Hepatitis, Hypoglycemia, Jaundice, Kidney Infections, Liver Disorders, Metabolism stimulator,  Rheumatism, Scurvy, Skin Problems, Water Retention, Weight loss and more.  This little weed is truly an amazing healing herb!  Try using the "milk" from the stem of a dandelion on your wart.  Apply for about a week and then watch it slowly fade away.  Talk about affordable medicine!

    I love using herbs to keep myself and my family healthy. The School of Natural Healing has a great deal on their online Family Herbalist course. If you are ready to take more responsibility for your health, this would be the place to start with that education. 

You can order online or call in your order at 801-228-1901

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