Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Herbs work great for pets

I have had great success with treating my dogs with Christopher's formulas.  I had to find out the hard way with a tricky dog that would “cheek” the capsules and spit them out when I wasn’t looking. It is so easy to open their mouth and squirt in the liquid herbs and the dosage is pretty small, so they really can’t spit it out.  Treating a pet is similar to treating an infant or small child that isn’t verbal.  You have to be in tune with your pet to know that there is a problem.  Every time I have treated my dog with one of our great herbal formulas it has worked. Makes you feel good to know that you can help keep your family healthy as well as your pets.

Herbal EyebrightPets can get eye infections and when this has happens I mix up a batch of the Herbal Eyebright eyewash by boiling some distilled water and put a tablespoon of the boiled water into a clean dropper bottle and add 2 drops of the Herbal Eyebright extract to the bottle.  I will then “wash” my pets eyes using the eyedropper to drop the liquid into their eyes several times a day.  This will usually clear up the problem in a day or two.  I mix up a fresh batch daily as well as boiling the bottle and pipette to make sure they are sterile.  This is an easy and affordable way to treat an eye problem in a pet.

Kid-e-regPets can get constipated. Kid-e-Reg or the Lower Bowel Formula in extract is easy to administer and works pretty quickly to take care of the issue.  Start with 2 to 5 drops for the small to medium sized dog or cat.  Use a larger amount for the big guys, but it is good to start out with a small dosage and work up from there.  Both Kid-e-Reg and the Lower Bowel Formula are gentle, but be wise by starting out with the lower dosage and going up from there to avoid any problems.

Kid-e-SoothePets can have allergic reactions just like people.  Kid-e-Soothe will help calm down the any allergic reaction and is quick and effective.  This is very mild tasting and easy to get pets to take.

Kid-e-DryKid-e-Dry is a great formula for those aging pets that are having bladder issues.  Going through aging with pets can be challenging. Kid-e-Dry will help to strengthen the entire urethral canal, kidneys, bladder, etc. Also helpful for young pets learning to control their body functions.

complete Tissue & BoneThe Complete Tissue and Bone formula is very effective for a pet that is recovering from an injury or an aging pet. It is available in syrup, but I wouldn’t hesitate to give my pet capsules, since this is a formula that I have used for myself in large amounts with good results.  Complete Tissue and Bone will help repair the aging joints and tissues that give pets problem in their old age. 

Kid-e-ColKid-e-Col works great for the gassy dog that is going through gastrointestinal issues. It is tasty and works pretty quickly to take care of the problem.

Relax-EzeWe have used Relax-Eze to calm our dog while traveling.  Our present dog Suzy hadn’t traveled much and was pretty hyper in the car. I decided to give her the Relax-Eze and she was calm and happy on our two trips we made up to Washington when my father was dying. It was nice to be able to take her with us and great that she actually enjoyed the trip.

Pancreas FormulaI would give my pet the Pancreas Formula if they were diabetic.  This happens when pets are fed sugary foods that their system can’t handle. Out in nature pets wouldn’t be eating those types of foods. It would be best to get their diet back to their natural foods, and along with the Pancreas Formula it should get them back to good health again.

Echinacea ExtractA friend called me one day saying that her cat was sick and she could not afford to take her to the vet.  She hoped that I had something that would help.  I decided on some Echinacea Extract which is the same as Kid-e-Mune and works well to help boost the body's immune system.  I left a bottle with her and she let me know that the cat was acting more itself by the next day. She kept the bottle and was able to use it on several occasions which saved her several trips to the vet.

For any other issues with pets just think through what you would do for yourself and try it.  I have had great success with treating my dogs with the herbs.  I like using the liquid herbs, because you can adjust the dosage easier than with the capsules. I hope that you will enjoy using these great products for yourself, your family as well as your pets.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Herbs for Childbirth and Miscarriage

    Dr. Christopher formulated two wonderful herbal formulas for women that cannot be found anywhere else.  Recently both formulas have been out of stock, due to scarce availability of the False Unicorn herb that is found in both products. It always amazes me how quickly people start ordering these formulas when we have them.  They are definitely herbs that women want to have on hand for the coming Childbirth as well as in case of threatened miscarriage.

Birth Prep    The Birth Prep formula formerly was called the six-weeks formula due to the fact that it is used only during the last six weeks of the pregnancy.  Birth Prep formula is an aid in giving elasticity to the pelvic and vaginal area and strengthening the reproductive organs for easier delivery.   It is also used for 2 - 3 weeks after the birth to help shrink the uterus and bring everything back into place.  I have heard many women talk of the birth experience without this formula and then the amazing difference when they used Birth Prep.  Women report that the birthing process is much shorter and less intense when the Birth Prep Formula was used. 

    In the book Dr. Mom’s Healthy Living, the author talks about the stories of Indian women working the the field until it was time to have their babies.  They would step into the trees, squat, give birth to their baby, put it in a papoose, strap them in, and go back to work.  Indian women were well aware of natural healing and knew which herbs to take in in order to prepare their body for childbirth.  This is exactly what the Birth Prep formula is meant to do, help get the job done quickly and efficiently and get back to life.

    Directions for using Birth Prep are: six weeks before the due date take 1 capsule daily for the first week, 2 capsules daily during the second week & 2 capsules three times a day for the third week and thereafter or as directed by your health care professional. Six capsules daily is the maximum dosage suggested.  Available in capsules.

False Unicorn and Lobelia    False Unicorn & Lobelia is the Anti-Miscarriage Formula.  In the book Dr. Mom’s Healthy Living, the author Sandra Ellis wants people to be aware that when using the False Unicorn & Lobelia Formula, it will help the body to accomplish whatever it needs to do.  If the baby is healthy and the pregnancy is viable, then it will help stop the miscarriage.  However, if there is something wrong with the baby or the pregnancy is not viable, then it will help the body to abort the fetus.  It is important to understand this principle, because if you are using this formula to stop a miscarriage from happening, you need to understand that it may have the opposite effect.  It may help the body to flush the pregnancy because there is something wrong. 

    In the book Every Woman’s Herbal by Dr. Christopher and Cathy Gileadi an experience is told of a woman that was threatening miscarriage.  A few of the students of Cathy who is a midwife went to help, and gave the woman False Unicorn and Lobelia.  It  was obvious that the miscarriage was going to happen so they took her to the hospital.  When the doctor had her on the table, she started to abort the baby.  The doctor gasped saying, “That baby is dead and has been dead about six weeks.  I have never seen a baby abort itself like this, you must have been using something special.”  He remarked that he would love to be able to give women this formula, but wouldn't dare for it would get him into trouble.

    Directions for using False Unicorn & Lobelia according to Dr. Mom’s Healthy Living: take 2 capsules every 1/2 hour until bleeding stops or becomes worse - then take 2 capsules every hour for the rest of the day.  Take 2 capsules three times per day after that.  Stay on bed rest, stay down and rest until the cramping and bleeding subside.  Available in capsules.

Dr. Mom's Healthy Living     Sandra Ellis, the author of Dr. Mom’s Healthy Living is a master herbalist, midwife and mother of 15 children and 40 grandchildren.  She also teaches at the School of Natural Healing.  I love her book, she has experienced so many things that we can all learn from.  This book will make a great addition to your herbal library.  Click here to order books.

Every Woman's Herbal Every Woman's Herbal, by Dr. Christopher & Cathy Gileadi
A book for women of all ages, who desire natural health and vitality. Dr. Christopher & Cathy Gileadi span the life of women, offering bountiful knowledge to aide puberty, preparation for childbearing, pregnancy, the new baby, healthy women, and menopause. Other topics include: Nutrition, Hormone Therapy, Infertility, Healthy Recipes and more. Hardbound, 232 pages.

   You can order online at Herbs First or call in an order at 801-228-1901.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Are you an herb dabbler?? Calling all Dr. Moms and Dr. Dads...

comfrey plantI grew up on one herbal remedy and that was Comfrey Extract. My mom learned how to make this extract when my little sister was sick with the croup.  She had been in the hospital and I remember my sister coming home and having a tent over her bed with the humidifier going.  The Comfrey saved her life and our family used Comfrey Extract from then on.  We moved around the US and the comfrey plant moved with us from Utah to California to South Carolina and then to Washington where my parents settled.  I was given a root of the plant, and it is growing in my yard today, as well as the yards of many other people that I have shared it with.  Until I became a parent, that was the only herb that I ever used.  Then things changed for the better....

When my daughter Valerie was in second grade she had an assignment to write about each member of her family.  Here is what she wrote about me: “My Mom is almost a doctor”.  This statement makes me smile and wonder what the teacher thought.  I know that at that point in time my seven year old couldn’t remember going to the doctor, though when my kids were little we had lots of trips to the doctor for ear infections.  This got to be very expensive and rather tiresome, especially with my son Kyle who never got better with all of the different antibiotics. 

Herbal Ear DropsAn early lesson I learned was that a little bottle of Herbal Ear Drops that costs less than $10.00 can save a family hundreds and hundreds of dollars and many sleepless nights.  We  found some garlic ear drops when Kyle was three years old and that ended his battle with ear infections. The Herbal Ear Drops are so quick and easy to use, and when do kids usually get an ear infection?  At night of course.  So when they wake up crying and pulling on their ears just pop the bottle into some hot water to warm it up a bit, and then put a few drops in each ear.  I like to pull on the lobe to help it to go into the ear canal, and then cover with a cotton ball.  They usually wake up in the morning fine, but I always follow up the next night with another dose just to make sure. I keep the bottle refrigerated and replace it every two years since oil does go rancid.

Unfortunately the multiple ear infections caused some hearing loss and Kyle was developmentally delayed, so he attended preschool to help him catch up.  Before this time this little guy was sick for three weeks and well for two days all winter long. One of the first Christopher formulas that I learned about was Anti Plague, which is now called Super Garlic Immune Formula.  Kyle would take a dose of Anti Plague every day he was well and three to six times a day when he was sick.  After a year of this he became our healthy one. We quickly started to learn that if you treat something as soon as the symptoms occur that we could avoid illness.  Our kids were rarely sick and hardly ever missed school after this time. 

I woke up with a badly sprained ankle one day and after getting my kids to school just watched TV all day with a bottle of water and a bottle of Complete Tissue and Bone Formula.  I elevated my foot and iced it and took a dose every half hour of the Complete Tissue and Bone Formula.  When it was time to pick my kids up from school my ankle was completely healed.  Half a bottle of Complete Tissue and Bone formula costs $6.00 - how much does a trip to the ER cost, plus pain killers, crutches, time off of work?  Is it worth having a few bottles when you need them?

Valerie had a sleep-over over a long weekend with a friend when she was about ten.  It was dark when I picked her up and she mentioned that her face was bumpy.  I reached over and felt her face and was shocked at what I felt.  She had that kind of acne that is under the skin all over her entire face.  I knew a girl when I was going to high school that had this type of acne and it really frightened me to have this happen to my daughter.  I asked her what she had been eating and she said all junk - junky cereal, chips, cookies, crackers, lots of sugar, etc.  Not the type of food my kids  eat very often at our house.  I decided that she needed some cleansing, so I gave her the Liver Gall Bladder formula to see what that would do. In a day or two her face was back to normal, I was relieved as well as amazed at the quick results. She only had a few doses of herbs, so for less than $1.00 we took care of this problem.

I was happy for the quick resolving of the acne having no idea when I gave Valerie the Liver Gall Bladder formula if it would do anything.  That is how using natural medicine is, you think through the problem and then try something and see what happens.  Isn’t that what doctors do?  Except they are prescribing medications that have side effects and cost far more money in a visit and the cost of the medication than the herbs cost.  It is much wiser to try something natural on your family, and if it doesn’t work it doesn’t do any harm.  It makes sense to have some of these great products in our homes, so that when something happens we can think things through and then go to our own “pharmacy” and pick out the right formula for the problem.

Here is a short list of a minimum of what I would have on hand, though I have much more.  It would cost between $300.00 to $400.00 plus shipping for one of everything on this list - depending on if you need the herbs for children.  Having these formulas on hand is a great start to taking care of your family.  The money you spend on herbs now will be saved many times over in the money you would have incurred going to the doctor, emergency room, etc.

Herbs for children: Herbal Ear Drops, Kid-e-Col, Kid-e-Mune, Kid-e-Reg, Kid-e-Soothe, Kid-e-Well

Cleansing Herbs: Blood Stream Formula, Liver & Gall Blad Formula, Kidney Formula, & Lower Bowel Formula
Herbs for illness: Chest Formula, Cold Season Immune Formula, Infection Formula, Glandular System Formula, Immune System Formula, Lung & Bronchial Formula, Gland System Mass. Oil, X-Plague Essential Oil Blend.

Herbs for digestion/gastrointestinal issues: Gas-Eze, Soothing Digestion Formula, Digestion Essential Oil Blend.

Herbs for injuries, pain & healing: Complete Tissue & Bone formula & ointment, Deep Heat Ointment, Stop-Ache

Herbs for stress: Mindtrac, Relax-Eze, Slumber

Summer herbs & ointments: Immucalm, Sinus Plus Formula, Itch Ointment, Stings & Bites Ointment

Herbs for energy: Adrenal Formula, Bee Power Energy.
It is time to move from being an herb dabbler and jump right in and become a full fledged Dr. Mom or Dr. Dad!!!  You can do it!  The list could go on and on, learn how to use these and then learn about the other formulas and keep them on hand as well.  There is no health care crisis when you can take care of your family on your own,

Dr. Mom's Healthy LivingOne of my favorite books is back in print  -  Dr. Mom’s Healthy Living, by Sandra Ellis.  Sandra is a master herbalist, midwife and mother of 15 children and 40 grandchildren.  Sandra shares her experiences in natural healing; showing you how to take responsibility for your own health through the use of diet, exercise, herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, and other natural modalities.  Dr. Mom’s Healthy Living is a book people will enjoy reading because she shares so many personal healing experiences.  Regular price is $29.95, order it for $23.96 this month.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Herbs for Travel

herb cabinet It feels good to know that I can take care of my family’s health needs when we are home, but how do I get this herb cabinet into my suitcase when I am traveling?  Quite a dilemma. For several years I took a small duffle bag full of the bottles of herbs that I hoped would cover us in any situation, but after a few years it got to be too much and I had to find a way to consolidate things.

travel herbsI finally came up with using the tiny bags where I can cram 25 capsules into each bag and then put them all into a quart sized ziplock bag.  It has worked well and I have continued to use this method for the last five years.   

Here is what I take on vacation:

Adrenal Formula - wow, is this the best ever formula for a vacation, so amazing for jet lag!  We used this when we went to Hawaii and no problem whatsoever with the time change.  I would never go on vacation without this formula.

Activated Charcoal - this one will be a lifesaver if you have the unfortunate situation of food poisoning.  I also take a small homeopathic kit and use Arsenicum for this problem. 

Anti-Plague - You never know when you might come down with something, no-one wants to be sick on vacation.

Blood Circulation Formula - this is the blood pressure formula and I tend to get stressed out sometimes and this is the one I need.

Cayenne - Dr. Christopher’s favorite, always have this one on hand in case of bleeding, heart attack, or stroke.  Open a few capsules and mix in warm water and drink it down.  My Grandma felt like she was having a heart attack one day and half an hour after giving her the cayenne she said she felt like it never happened.  This one is truly a lifesaver.

Complete Tissue and Bone Formula - one of my favorite formulas, it can heal sprained ankles, or just sore feet from all the extra walking.  Hopefully nothing big happens, you can go through a lot of capsules quickly when you need them. Depending on the trip I may opt to take a whole bottle just to be safe.

Cranberry Buchu - I tend to have bladder infection problems when I don’t have my alkaline water to drink.  We usually take about three gallons of water with us when we are driving, but on plane trips I am out of luck.  It only takes a few days off the alkaline water for my bladder to let me know that it isn’t happy.  These little guys get me through until I get home to my water.

Gas-Eze or Slippery Elm- great for gas and intestinal upsets.

Ginger - wow, does this ever work for airsickness or carsickness.  I take it about 15 minutes before the flight takes off and I am fine.  I will take it as we get into the car if we are going up a windy road and no sickness at all. It doesn’t put me to sleep like dramamine does!!

Headache Formula - long days in the sun will get to me at times, so it is good to have something in case of a headache!

Immucalm - if it is allergy season I take a full bottle, but the rest of the year a little bag is enough.  Great for calming down allergic reactions - food related or airborne.

Immune System Formula or Infection Formula - at least one of these along with the Anti-Plague will keep us covered in case of any illness, we take it at the first sign of illness before it ever has time to develop into a problem.

Joint - for those occasional flare-ups of arthritis that happen when not quite eating my regular diet or when over walking affects my knees.

Kava Kava - a favorite night time remedy to calm overworked muscles, which often happens when vacationing.  Very relaxing and I usually wake up feeling great.  If muscles are still an issue I use the Deep Heat Ointment.

Kidney Formula - I take this with the Cranberry Buchu if I have a bladder infection problem.

Lower Bowel Formula - a must for traveling, eating on vacation changes the system a bit and the Lower Bowel will keep things moving.

Lung and Bronchial - I have weak lungs, so in case a bug attempts to get me, or with hay fever where I sometimes get a cough this works great!

Mindtrac - for times of stress, and travel can be stressful. I take this one at night if my brain just won’t turn off.  We use the formula a lot at our house.

Relax-Eze - can be taken with the Mindtrac if something more is needed for stress.  Amazing for nerve pain.  Also a good sleep remedy.

Sinus Allergy - I take a big bottle of this if it is allergy season, but off season a little bag will get us through if we need it.

Besides all of the above I fill the little bags with a morning and evening herbs that each person needs to take daily. We also always take a bottle of Complete Tissue and Bone Ointment as well as the Deep Heat Ointment with us. 

I bring Stings and Bites ointment if we are going to be out in nature.  For sunburn Essential Skin Care Cream is wonderful, I always have it with me since it is my lotion of choice.  I also take Echinacea extract which is useful in case of poisonous bites of any kind where you would need to get to the hospital.  It will help bring your immune system up to fight off the poison until you can get help.  Take several squirts every 10 minutes or even more often than that if needed as you make your way to the hospital.

When packing for a trip the herbs are always the first thing I prepare.  I make sure the little bags are full and get the family’s personal herbs together. I never want to have some problem crop up that I can’t handle.  

You can order online at Herbs First or call in an order at 801-228-1901.