Thursday, June 7, 2012

Herbs for Travel

herb cabinet It feels good to know that I can take care of my family’s health needs when we are home, but how do I get this herb cabinet into my suitcase when I am traveling?  Quite a dilemma. For several years I took a small duffle bag full of the bottles of herbs that I hoped would cover us in any situation, but after a few years it got to be too much and I had to find a way to consolidate things.

travel herbsI finally came up with using the tiny bags where I can cram 25 capsules into each bag and then put them all into a quart sized ziplock bag.  It has worked well and I have continued to use this method for the last five years.   

Here is what I take on vacation:

Adrenal Formula - wow, is this the best ever formula for a vacation, so amazing for jet lag!  We used this when we went to Hawaii and no problem whatsoever with the time change.  I would never go on vacation without this formula.

Activated Charcoal - this one will be a lifesaver if you have the unfortunate situation of food poisoning.  I also take a small homeopathic kit and use Arsenicum for this problem. 

Anti-Plague - You never know when you might come down with something, no-one wants to be sick on vacation.

Blood Circulation Formula - this is the blood pressure formula and I tend to get stressed out sometimes and this is the one I need.

Cayenne - Dr. Christopher’s favorite, always have this one on hand in case of bleeding, heart attack, or stroke.  Open a few capsules and mix in warm water and drink it down.  My Grandma felt like she was having a heart attack one day and half an hour after giving her the cayenne she said she felt like it never happened.  This one is truly a lifesaver.

Complete Tissue and Bone Formula - one of my favorite formulas, it can heal sprained ankles, or just sore feet from all the extra walking.  Hopefully nothing big happens, you can go through a lot of capsules quickly when you need them. Depending on the trip I may opt to take a whole bottle just to be safe.

Cranberry Buchu - I tend to have bladder infection problems when I don’t have my alkaline water to drink.  We usually take about three gallons of water with us when we are driving, but on plane trips I am out of luck.  It only takes a few days off the alkaline water for my bladder to let me know that it isn’t happy.  These little guys get me through until I get home to my water.

Gas-Eze or Slippery Elm- great for gas and intestinal upsets.

Ginger - wow, does this ever work for airsickness or carsickness.  I take it about 15 minutes before the flight takes off and I am fine.  I will take it as we get into the car if we are going up a windy road and no sickness at all. It doesn’t put me to sleep like dramamine does!!

Headache Formula - long days in the sun will get to me at times, so it is good to have something in case of a headache!

Immucalm - if it is allergy season I take a full bottle, but the rest of the year a little bag is enough.  Great for calming down allergic reactions - food related or airborne.

Immune System Formula or Infection Formula - at least one of these along with the Anti-Plague will keep us covered in case of any illness, we take it at the first sign of illness before it ever has time to develop into a problem.

Joint - for those occasional flare-ups of arthritis that happen when not quite eating my regular diet or when over walking affects my knees.

Kava Kava - a favorite night time remedy to calm overworked muscles, which often happens when vacationing.  Very relaxing and I usually wake up feeling great.  If muscles are still an issue I use the Deep Heat Ointment.

Kidney Formula - I take this with the Cranberry Buchu if I have a bladder infection problem.

Lower Bowel Formula - a must for traveling, eating on vacation changes the system a bit and the Lower Bowel will keep things moving.

Lung and Bronchial - I have weak lungs, so in case a bug attempts to get me, or with hay fever where I sometimes get a cough this works great!

Mindtrac - for times of stress, and travel can be stressful. I take this one at night if my brain just won’t turn off.  We use the formula a lot at our house.

Relax-Eze - can be taken with the Mindtrac if something more is needed for stress.  Amazing for nerve pain.  Also a good sleep remedy.

Sinus Allergy - I take a big bottle of this if it is allergy season, but off season a little bag will get us through if we need it.

Besides all of the above I fill the little bags with a morning and evening herbs that each person needs to take daily. We also always take a bottle of Complete Tissue and Bone Ointment as well as the Deep Heat Ointment with us. 

I bring Stings and Bites ointment if we are going to be out in nature.  For sunburn Essential Skin Care Cream is wonderful, I always have it with me since it is my lotion of choice.  I also take Echinacea extract which is useful in case of poisonous bites of any kind where you would need to get to the hospital.  It will help bring your immune system up to fight off the poison until you can get help.  Take several squirts every 10 minutes or even more often than that if needed as you make your way to the hospital.

When packing for a trip the herbs are always the first thing I prepare.  I make sure the little bags are full and get the family’s personal herbs together. I never want to have some problem crop up that I can’t handle.  

You can order online at Herbs First or call in an order at 801-228-1901.

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