Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Herbs work great for pets

I have had great success with treating my dogs with Christopher's formulas.  I had to find out the hard way with a tricky dog that would “cheek” the capsules and spit them out when I wasn’t looking. It is so easy to open their mouth and squirt in the liquid herbs and the dosage is pretty small, so they really can’t spit it out.  Treating a pet is similar to treating an infant or small child that isn’t verbal.  You have to be in tune with your pet to know that there is a problem.  Every time I have treated my dog with one of our great herbal formulas it has worked. Makes you feel good to know that you can help keep your family healthy as well as your pets.

Herbal EyebrightPets can get eye infections and when this has happens I mix up a batch of the Herbal Eyebright eyewash by boiling some distilled water and put a tablespoon of the boiled water into a clean dropper bottle and add 2 drops of the Herbal Eyebright extract to the bottle.  I will then “wash” my pets eyes using the eyedropper to drop the liquid into their eyes several times a day.  This will usually clear up the problem in a day or two.  I mix up a fresh batch daily as well as boiling the bottle and pipette to make sure they are sterile.  This is an easy and affordable way to treat an eye problem in a pet.

Kid-e-regPets can get constipated. Kid-e-Reg or the Lower Bowel Formula in extract is easy to administer and works pretty quickly to take care of the issue.  Start with 2 to 5 drops for the small to medium sized dog or cat.  Use a larger amount for the big guys, but it is good to start out with a small dosage and work up from there.  Both Kid-e-Reg and the Lower Bowel Formula are gentle, but be wise by starting out with the lower dosage and going up from there to avoid any problems.

Kid-e-SoothePets can have allergic reactions just like people.  Kid-e-Soothe will help calm down the any allergic reaction and is quick and effective.  This is very mild tasting and easy to get pets to take.

Kid-e-DryKid-e-Dry is a great formula for those aging pets that are having bladder issues.  Going through aging with pets can be challenging. Kid-e-Dry will help to strengthen the entire urethral canal, kidneys, bladder, etc. Also helpful for young pets learning to control their body functions.

complete Tissue & BoneThe Complete Tissue and Bone formula is very effective for a pet that is recovering from an injury or an aging pet. It is available in syrup, but I wouldn’t hesitate to give my pet capsules, since this is a formula that I have used for myself in large amounts with good results.  Complete Tissue and Bone will help repair the aging joints and tissues that give pets problem in their old age. 

Kid-e-ColKid-e-Col works great for the gassy dog that is going through gastrointestinal issues. It is tasty and works pretty quickly to take care of the problem.

Relax-EzeWe have used Relax-Eze to calm our dog while traveling.  Our present dog Suzy hadn’t traveled much and was pretty hyper in the car. I decided to give her the Relax-Eze and she was calm and happy on our two trips we made up to Washington when my father was dying. It was nice to be able to take her with us and great that she actually enjoyed the trip.

Pancreas FormulaI would give my pet the Pancreas Formula if they were diabetic.  This happens when pets are fed sugary foods that their system can’t handle. Out in nature pets wouldn’t be eating those types of foods. It would be best to get their diet back to their natural foods, and along with the Pancreas Formula it should get them back to good health again.

Echinacea ExtractA friend called me one day saying that her cat was sick and she could not afford to take her to the vet.  She hoped that I had something that would help.  I decided on some Echinacea Extract which is the same as Kid-e-Mune and works well to help boost the body's immune system.  I left a bottle with her and she let me know that the cat was acting more itself by the next day. She kept the bottle and was able to use it on several occasions which saved her several trips to the vet.

For any other issues with pets just think through what you would do for yourself and try it.  I have had great success with treating my dogs with the herbs.  I like using the liquid herbs, because you can adjust the dosage easier than with the capsules. I hope that you will enjoy using these great products for yourself, your family as well as your pets.

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