Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How Long Do Herbs Last?

Western Botanicals Colon Cleanse    I had a customer call to order some Western Botanicals Colon Cleanse because she just used the last capsule from the bottle that she bought 15 years ago. She stated that the last capsule worked as well as the first capsule did when she had bought them fifteen years ago! I have had people ask if their capsulized herbs were still good after the expiration date and I always said yes, and that I wouldn’t hesitate to use capsulized herbs that were ten years old. Now we know that they are even good after 15 years and I would say beyond that!

    How can the herbs be good after that long? Oxidation is what makes the herbs lose potency. Since they are encapsulated there is very little oxygen present to allow the herbs to oxidize. Capsulized herbs are a good way to store herbs for times of need. I always have a variety of formulas on hand because you want to have them when you need them! So hold on to those out dated bottles, they are still good!

    Herbal extracts that are in an alcohol base also have a much longer shelf life beyond what the label says. This is true as long as it is in alcohol based and stored under good circumstances such as in a cool basement, or in a home cupboard without huge fluctuations in temperature.

   Herbal extracts in glycerine have a much shorter shelf life. I have used them a year or two after the date, but not much more than that. Ointments have a two year life if refrigerated. They are oils and oils go rancid, so be sure to refrigerate them if it isn’t something that you can use up fairly quickly.

    Bulk herbs will lose potency over time. It is best to know how you are going to use your bulk herbs and what the time frame is. Two years would be an average time to use bulk herbs at their highest potency. If you have them beyond that time I would either capsulize them or make an extract/tincture out of them.

    Herbs are my medicine of choice, besides eating healthy food, which is also medicine. Colon Cleanse is Western Botanicals best selling formula!

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