Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Western Botanicals Narcotic Free/Addiction Free Pain Relief Formulas

   In the news again is the drug abuse problem with OxyContin. Over 190,000 people have died from this one medication alone. I have never filled a prescription for pain medication even though it has been prescribed after dental treatment and surgeries. I have had great success with herbal formulas which are not addictive, you don't need a presctiption and they are affordable.  We will talk about pain formulas from Western Botanicals in this week’s article.

western-botanicals-pain-relief    Western Botanicals Pain Relief Formula: headaches, back pain, muscle pain, joint inflammation all cause annoying and sometimes debilitating pain. This non-narcotic, natural pain reliever is particularly suited for chronic pain. It relaxes and calms nervous irritation associated with pain.

western-botanicals-turmeric-combo    Western Botanicals Turmeric Combo is effective in dramatically reducing pain and inflammation. The herbs used in the Turmeric Combo are of the safest available, and can be used on a long-term basis without worry of interfering or reacting to other nutrients or drugs.

    Western Botanicals CTR Formula is short for Complete Tissue Repair. This formula assists the body to recover from injury or trauma. We recommend Complete Tissue Repair Syrup or vegicaps for any injury or degenerative bone, muscle or nerve conditions, it aids in the repair as well as easing the pain. Rub in the ointment or oil into the affected area and it will assist in quicker healing and pain relief.

western-botanicals-joint_relief    Western Botanicals Joint Relief Formula is the perfect blend of herbs that help comfort and soothe pain and swelling in the joints. The herbs work to reduce pain, relieve inflammation and repair damaged tissues. This liquid joint formula is in a base of Apple Cider Vinegar which is well known for dissolving calcifications.

western-botanicals-deep-heat-ointment    Western Botanicals Deep Heat Ointment is s a combination of Deep Heat Formula with cayenne and essential oils and the CTR formula. Use for sprains, strains, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis and general aches. Wonderfully soothing for stiff necks and muscle pain.

    Western Botanicals Nerve Reinforcement Formula, formerly Nerve Repair, works well to relieve nerve pain. This formula helps to wake up the nervous system by stimulating the nerves to work better and the healing and repair of damaged nerve tissues. Recommended for anxiety, neuralgia, panic attacks, sciatica, nervous tension and degenerative nervous system conditions.
    Western Botanicals Headache Formula provides relief for migraine headache pain, increasing circulation to the brain. For best results take at the first sign of a migraine. Helpful for all types of headaches.

You can purchase these and other great healing products at Herbs First.

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