Monday, November 7, 2011

Staying Healthy With Plant Based Vitamins & Minerals

I was recently tested by a ZYTO machine and one of the results was that my vitamins, minerals and other nutrients were high. The gal that tested me was amazed and said that I was the first person that she tested that had enough vitamins and minerals in them. I eat Vitalerbs, Herbal Calcium and Jurassic Green which are food based vitamins and minerals. On top of that I get a green smoothie in most days that is packed full of raw spinach, chia seeds and fruit, as well as getting in as much other raw foods as I can throughout the day. It was nice to get some proof that the herbal based vitamins are being used by my body and not just flushed down the toilet, and that my diet is making a difference! I test well on NuSkin’s BioPhotonic Scanner as well which shows that you don’t have to buy pricey vitamins to be healthy.

Dr. Christopher always taught people to eat mainly from a plant based diet and that is what will make the most difference in your health. Vitamins and minerals from plants are readily available and easily used by your body. Dr. Christopher taught pregnant women to use Herbal Calcium to provide calcium to the growing baby. If calcium is not available to the fetus, then calcium will be robbed from the woman’s body to provide that nutrient to the growing fetus. That is why so many women lose their teeth and have problems with osteoporosis. We have a great buy on Herbal Calcium in the mix your own formula, 3.5 lbs of Herbal Calcium for under $60.00. That will last my husband and I six months taking a heaping teaspoon daily. I had a bone density test a few years ago and I tested high for my age!

My husband and I both take a heaping teaspoon of Jurassic Green and six capsules of Vitalerbs every day. I take Hormonal Changease and he takes Male Urinary Tract Formula. We both add Maca Root and Ginkgo to our Jurassic Green which is mixed in fresh squeezed orange juice. We are doing what we can, but still get sick about once every year and a half or so, usually due to overwhelming stress. I think we are doing better than most people and we are working every day to eat better, get our exercise in and de-stress. Mindtrac helps a lot, we have both been taking it since my husband lost his job over two years ago.

As I watch and notice how other people my age and older look, and what their health is like, the harder I work on myself. I know what I am supposed to do, it isn’t the popular way, but who wants to be that kind of popular? It certainly is cheaper to
take care of ourselves with herbs and eat right, than to end up with one disease or another.

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