Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A few Essential Oils Success Stories!

Garden Essence Essential Oils are 30% off this month, I like to try to add a few to my collection when we have the extra sale. We know quite a few people that belong to one or another of the network marketed essential oil companies, so I often hear some good healing stories. A recent one I heard was about a gal that had Graves Disease which causes hyperactive thyroid. She had the radioactive iodine treatment which kills off the thyroid, and went from having symptoms of overactive thyroid to pretty near dead thyroid function. After the fact she was quite concerned over what she had done to herself. A woman moved into her neighborhood that was into using the essential oils and let her know that Frankincense and Lemongrass would help bring the function back. She used it on her neck at thyroid area and a few months later, testing was showing some thyroid function returning, and several months after that even more function. Her doctor told her she would never be able to become pregnant due to the radiation and the fact that the thyroid controls the hormones in the body and her hormones were now messed up. She added Clary Sage to boost her hormonal function and a year after the radiation and using the essential oils she was able to became pregnant.

I had radioactive iodine when I was twenty Doctors never told me that doing such would make me infertile. Don’t you just love how doctors have their own agenda and don’t share everything with their patients? I was too young to even be thinking about this choice ruining my chances of ever becoming pregnant. So, here I am at 52, not planning on becoming pregnant, but am using the three oils to see what they will do for me. I sure would like to get more thyroid function back and get my hormones more balanced. It will be some time before I will be getting any thyroid tests done, but I will update when that happens. I love natural medicine and the fact that they can undo what unnatural medicine has done. I have tried for years to correct this problem with the herbs without success, so my hopes are up that I will finally succeed!

Another great healing story related to me was about a three year old child that suddenly started having about 20 seizures a day. The doctors put the child on quite a few medications which made her seizure free but unable to function, was falling down all the time, unable to talk normally, etc. Some friends heard about the problem and brought the family some Frankincense which they immediately started using on the child's feet. Within a few weeks she was able to get off all of the medication and remains seizure free, and is back to normal. Amazing!

From last weeks post I related that I have been fighting off some germies and actually succumbed by getting sick, a very rare thing for me! Luckily with the Anti-Plague (Super Garlic Immune Formula) and other herbs I take, I never get down in bed sick, but maintain good functioning but still sick. It has lingered on for about three weeks and I have kept up with taking the Anti Plague hoping to get it over the hump. I had a weak moment this week and ate some sugar which is the kiss of death if you have germies in your body. Within a few hours I could feel the sickness coming on again, so started taking the Anti Plague. I wasn't able to take it every half hour to hour because it was the weekend and I was out and about getting things done. I could still feel it coming on rather strong, so did something I hadn’t tried in the past, I put the X-Plague Essential Oils under my tongue. It is more portable so I gave myself several doses throughout the day. After about 15 minutes of my first dose I could really feel the difference in my body, and I was heading back to getting well. I need to be diligent with the Anti-Plague and X-Plague and my diet so I can enjoy the up coming holidays!

I am enjoying learning about and using the Essential Oils. They are becoming a good part of my regimen to be the healthiest I can be. I love being in control of my health, it feels good to be able to take action when the need arises and feel the difference in my body within a short period of time. We hope you will take advantage of the sale on stock up on the herbs and essential oils you need!

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