Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time to make more Anti Plague

2000 Anti PlagueI used to go through a batch of Anti-Plague in about 18 months.  As you can see from this bottle, I made this batch in April of 2000.  Wow, my family has come a long way, that bottle is over 11 years old!  It smells, tastes and works as good as it did the day I made it.  I got sick a few weeks ago and went through the last of what I had. I don’t like to be out of this wonderful little elixir, so it was time to make it again.  We have a great Anti-Plague kit where you can purchase the herbs to make this great formula. roots You need to purchase from a local source apple cider vinegar, honey & garlic. 

Cooking up four of the roots, I soaked them overnight in the pans, I had to add considerably more water than 16 oz., so be sure to have enough distilled water on hand.  Simmer for 30 minutes, let cool down a bit.  Squeeze them out to get as much liquid out as you can, concentrates then you are ready to simmer them down to a concentrate.

Stay in the kitchen while doing this, you don't want to walk away only to come back to a pan of air!  There are 9 concentrates to make and that is a lot to make, it usually takes me two days to do this.  Bottle them separately as you go.  I keep them in the fridge and keep in mind that they need to be the same temperature when you put them together.
scraping comfrey
I like to use fresh Comfrey Root, because most of the dried root that you buy has the outer bark still on it which is quite bitter. Here I am scraping off the black bark, it takes a little bit of time but is worth it. We ended up with extra, so I made a batch of plain Comfrey Syrup which is great for people that can't handle the taste of the Anti Plague.

All the concentrates are ready to mix, the large tall bottle is the vinegar and garlic combo.  I juiced a pound of garlic to get 8 oz. of juice and added it to the 32 oz. of vinegar.  The dark large bottle is a jar of honey, I only used 20 oz. which left a lot in that jar.  It is honey that my parents had, not sure how old, but honey is good just about forever.  Anti Plague Pot

All the concentrates, honey, glycerine, vinegar and garlic juice are all mixed together.  Yup, it smells right! My whole house smells of Anti Plague, it is a different kind of Thanksgiving!  Anti Plague Bottles

The Anti Plague is bottled and labeled.  I keep it in the back of my fridge.  It will be interesting to see how long this batch lasts. Dr. Christopher talked about making this and storing it for time of need.  I'm glad to say that I just used eleven year old Anti Plague and it was still good!  I really don't enjoy eating this stuff, but have become accustomed to the taste.  My body really responds to this when I am unfortunate enough to get sick.  Below is the formula, please feel free to call me if you need a bit of advise along the way.  It isn't hard to make, just takes time, and is worth it!

Dr. Christopher’s Anti-Plague Formula

Using 4 oz. as a part will make a little under a gallon. If you are buying one kit it uses 4 oz. as a part.  Plan on the following:

8 parts apple cider vinegar - 32 oz.
5 parts glycerine - 20 oz.
5 parts honey - 20 oz.
2 parts garlic juice, fresh - 8 oz
2 parts comfrey root concentrate, use fresh if you have it - 8 oz.
1 part wormwood concentrate - 4 oz.
1 part lobelia leaf concentrate - 4 oz.
1 part marshmallow root concentrate - 4 oz.
1 part oak bark concentrate - 4 oz.
1 part black walnut bark concentrate - 4 oz.
1 part mullein leaf concentrate - 4 oz.
1 part skullcap leaf concentrate - 4 oz.
1 part uva ursi, hydrangea or gravel root concentrate - 4 oz.

To make concentrates:

Each concentrate should be made individually.  Start by soaking the herb in enough distilled water to cover it, for four hours, over night if it is a root. After soaking, add more distilled water so that the total added equals 16 oz. water per 4 oz. of herb.  I usually end up with at least double that, if not more water. Use a multiple of these amounts for larger batches.  I used to get together with 2 friends and we would make 4 gallons and split it.  They all moved, so now I just make a gallon for my family.

Simmer the herb on very low heat in a covered pan or double boiler for thirty minutes.  Then strain the liquid into a clean pan.  Put the liquid into a double boiler or on very low heat uncovered and simmer it down to one-fourth of the original volume (4 oz.)  Only after all the ingredients have been prepared should the liquids be mixed and be sure they are all the same temperature.  It takes me 2 - 3 days to get everything made, so I refrigerate the concentrates until they are ready to mix. Use only stainless steel or glass pots.

I can get 8 oz. of garlic juice out of a pound of garlic when using my Green Star Juicer.  Other juicers will likely need more garlic to get that much juice. Add garlic juice and pulp to the vinegar and shake 2-3 times a day for 4 - 5 days to get the rest of the goodness out of the pulp. Then squeeze out and mix the liquid with the concentrates, make sure there is a total of 40 oz., if not then add more apple cider vinegar to make bring it up to 40 oz. ACV/garlic juice.

If you don’t have a juicer use this alternative method: for the example of parts above amount use 2 1/2 lbs. of garlic - peel, blend in blender with vinegar (do not liquify).  Let set for 4 - 5 days, shaking several times per day.  Squeeze out liquid and measure. If needed add more vinegar to equal a total of 40 oz. vinegar and 2 garlic juice.

If you aren't up to making this formula yourself, then we have Christopher's Super Garlic Immune Formula, which is the Anti Plague.  We also have Western Botanicals Immu-Defense Syrup  which is their version of Dr. Christopher's formula.   

Order online or call 801-228-1901 to order. 

Have a healthy and happy month,
Kathryn Mechling


  1. Hi- thank you for this post. If I am going to make this elixir from fresh herbs/roots instead of dried, do I still use just 4 ounces of each one and 8 ounces of comfrey? Thank you! Cindy

    1. Use all fresh if you have it! I would use the same part as 4 oz. if you want about a gallon of finished Anti-Plague

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  3. Where can one obtain fresh herbs/roots vs dried?

    1. Sorry, I don't have a source for fresh herbs. I grow my own comfrey, in the spring I can send out a root start with an herb order. Good luck!

  4. Can you give the formula to a new born? Or nursing mom?

    1. I don't think a newborn would be able to handle the taste, but would be fine for mom. The Glandular Massage Oil with X-Plague mixed in would be a good oil to use on the baby, on the feet, chest and throat. I would give an infant Kid-e-Mune or Kid-e-Well if they were sick:

    2. sorry, those didn't link, just copy and paste the url.

  5. How much do you take, put it in water?

  6. Adults 1 tbsp as often as needed, I have taken it every 15 minutes when things are bad. Kids 1 tsp. as often as needed as above. When my son was a little tot he was sick all the time. I was able to build up his immune system with this formula giving him 1 tsp a day, and then when he was sick at least 6 times a day. It is best to take it down by the spoonful and then follow it with a glass of water. I would not be able to drink water with it in it, just too nasty tasting, but taking the water afterward works. Over time you get used to the taste. Some people can't handle it though, such as my husband. He takes the capsules just fine.

  7. I was just getting ready to place an order for the herbs to make this and decided to double check how to make it before ordering. I had planned to buy powdered herbs but your pictures and comments made me realize I probably need the root pieces and whole herbs. Is that right?

  8. Cut herbs are what is needed to make the syrup. You would not be able to separate the comfrey and marshmallow if powder were used. I grow my own comfrey, so I always use fresh and scrape the root before making the concentrate.

  9. If you don't have the fresh herbs, do you buy the powdered or dried at the store?

  10. We sell the kit with all the herbs to make Anti-Plague here:

  11. I'm wondering about which product is right. In your recipe above you say black walnut bark and in the shopping area it says black walnut hull. Aren't these different?

  12. It is hulll or bark. Hull is easier to get, I corrected the blog to say hull. Hull is what I have always used.

  13. I saw on the kit section that there are ingredients to make the garlic immune in capsule form? Is that correct and do you have a recipe for it?

  14. scroll down to the 2nd grouping for the Anti-plague kit in powder: it makes 3 lbs of powder - 1 lb fills 1500 "0" caps or about 1000 "00" capsules.

  15. I was reading your blog on how to make Dr. Christopher's anti plague (super garlic immune) I don't know if you sell any. My daughter is sick and I can't afford the anti plague that are sold at the store right now. Are you selling any for cheaper? I know how amazing this stuff is . I plan to make some this summer for emergency back up using your recipe. Do you do any workshop in making it? I'm located in Lindon

    1. We have Christopher's Super Garlic Immune or Western Botanicals Immu-Defense which are both the Anti-Plague. Both are discounted off the retail price, let me know if that works for you: Sorry, no class, just the directions on how to make it, it is involved but not that hard.