Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Herbs do not cure, they give your body the food it needs to heal itself.

A year ago I wrote about Western Botanicals Nerve Calm and Nerve Repair and how they differ. I talked to a customer that uses both formulas and she stated that Nerve Repair Formula saved her from amputation due to neuralgia. The pain was so bad that she was considering amputation and was grateful to read the newsletter and learn about Nerve Repair. She has been using it for the past year and is out of pain and felt that the formula was helping her body to heal. Nerve Repair Formula helps to wake up the nervous system. The herbs stimulate the nerves to work better and also stimulates the healing and repair of damaged nerve tissues. What nerve issue do you have that may benefit from this great formula? Try it for any disease that causes nerve damage, you will be happy you did!

The same customer also uses the Nerve Calm Formula when she is over-stressed and always has both nerve formulas on hand. Nerve Calm is both sedative and antispasmodic designed to relax, sedate and relieve tension and muscle spasms. Works well for insomnia and anxiety. Everyone has times of stress and nervous tension, and this would be a good choice to have when you need it. I keep it in my night stand for those nights when I just can’t settle down. It beats using any prescription medication that is costly, has side effects and is addicting.

Nerve Repair and Nerve Calm are available in vegicaps, extract and syrup.

Now if you really want to know what the cure is, watch Food Matters with this free screening online through October 8th. Also available on Netflix.

It is worth it if I help only one person.

Order online or call 801-228-1901 to order.

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