Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Herbal formulas for Varicose Veins

When I hear of people's health issues my thought are often, “we have an herb for that”. It feels good to have that knowledge! Quite often when I tell people about natural options they aren’t interested. I am amazed that so many people are not open minded enough to give simple herbal remedies a try.

Varicose veins can be easily cleared up when you understand the cause and use the procedures to heal them. On the Varicose Veins page at Herbal Legacy we learn that improper diet has leached the calcium from the veins, sugar being the main culprit. There are quite a few herbal suggestions on the page that have been very successful. Increasing calcium intake with a good herbal based calcium such as Herbal Calcium will be of great benefit as well as eating a more plant based diet.

V-Vein formula Christopher’s recently released two herbal formulas to make it easy to heal Varicose Veins. V-Vein Formula contains herbs that are specific and time tested in treating varicose veins. The number one herb is Japanese Pagoda flower buds. This herb has been shown to strengthen and fix the permeability of the veins cellular walls. Bilberries support normal formation of connective tissues and protect veins from further damage. Gotu Kola, Ginger and Hawthorne improve peripheral circulation and strengthen cellular tissues. Butcher’s broom contains rutin and ruscogenins that decrease swelling. Marshmallow root is the best soothing and anti-inflammatory herb. Collinsonia root is the most effective herb for hemorrhoids, which is a terrible type of varicose veins. V-Vein Formula works at the problem from the inside. V-Vein formula is available in capsules

V-Vein Massage OIl V-Vein massage oil is a holistic topical oil for Varicose Veins including Hemorrhoids. V-Vein massage oil contains Horse Chestnut Seed, Colinsonia Root, Oak Bark, Evening Primrose Oil, Lemon Peel, Rue Herb, Arnica Oil, Pine Needle Oil & Lemon Oil. Dr. Christopher’s V-Vein Massage Oil is skillfully prepared in a pure base of extra virgin olive oil with herbs and pure essential oils to bring healing relief to help soothe and nourish the problem of Varicose Veins. Apply to the affected area several times a day and use along with the V-Vein Formula. V-Vein Massage Oil is available in oil.

Gentle, safe, and effective perfectly describes the V-Vein Formula and Massage Oil.

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