Wednesday, September 14, 2011

When is the best time to stock up on _____ formula???

The answer to “When is the best time to stock up on _______ formula?” Before you need it!!! If you wait until you need one of these lifesaving formulas you are wasting precious healing time. It is worth it to have a variety of formula on hand so you have it when you need it.

One day after getting my kids to school I felt that I was getting hit by a nasty illness of some sort. I didn’t have any Anti-Plague (now Super Garlic Immune Formula) on hand and had to drive over to the Herb Shop to pick up a bottle. I got home and fell into bed, I felt so horrible. I put the bottle by the bed and took a swig about every fifteen minutes. As the day went on I could feel myself getting better little by little, and by the time I needed to pick my kids up from school I was a new woman. I don’t know what I was getting hit with and I’m glad, I didn’t have to find out. I always have it on hand and luckily have not had to use it for quite a few years. Now is the time to stock up on Super Garlic Immune Formula, it is on sale and goes out of stock periodically through the winter. I make my own, it is quite a project, but if you are on a tighter budget like I am, you can get the kit to make a gallon. We even sell the amber bottles if you need them.

For people that can't handle the strong taste of the syrup, Western Botanicals has Anti-Plague available in capsules. We also have the kit available in powder. The kit makes three pounds of powder, so you may want to split it with a friend and get it all capsulized so it will stay good for many years.

I tripped down a few stairs one day and twisted my ankle. I had the thought to take some Complete Tissue and Bone Formula but walked the pain off and felt fine. The next morning I couldn’t put any weight on my foot and knew I had blown it by not following through. I was able to get my kids to school and then came home and elevated my foot and sat on the couch with a bottle of water and a bottle of Complete Tissue & Bone Formula. I took three capsules every 15 minutes and six hours later when it was time to pick up the kids from school I got up and walked with no pain. Sprains without Complete Tissue and Bone Formula can take six weeks or longer to heal. Healing in six hours is worth going through half a bottle of capsules.

Often people will call to order one item or another and need it with overnight delivery, which is quite expensive. When we have the big sale going on like we do this month, I like to inventory what I already have and get stocked up on what my family needs. With winter on its way, now is a good time to get what you may need so you don’t have to pay high shipping charges to get it to you quickly.

Order online or call 801-228-1901 to order.

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