Monday, October 14, 2013

Dr. Christopher's Joint Formula - Not Your Ordinary Pain Relief Formula

    The reason I like to use herbs is the fact that they treat the problem to bring about wellness vs. masking the problem.  There are many medications to treat arthritis pain and that is all they do, and most people are happy with that.  What people need to understand is that herbs can heal the problem.

    I was suddenly struck with arthritis over 18 years ago after a surgery.  Overnight I went from being an active mother of two children that could to anything, to being a cripple.  I had arthritis from head to toe and really suffered for a year trying to get help.  Doctors only had medication to offer me, and when I did research on the medication I decided I would rather be in pain than take them.

    Lucky for me in our town we have a Dr. Christopher’s Herb Shop and I walked in and was able to get the help I needed.  The first week on the herbs I was so much better I knew I was on the right path.  It took me several years to get the complete healing, but it did happen! I came to love Dr. Christopher’s formulas because they really work, and I am walking proof of that!  I find it interesting that people will spend so much money on medications both over the counter and prescriptions and not get what they truly want, to be healed!

Dr Christopher's Joint Formula    The herbs in Dr. Christopher’s Joint Formula detoxify and act as a solvent for the calcium deposits in the joints.  It contains herbs that relieve pain, and are rich in organic calcium that can be assimilated and useful. Joint formula also contains herbs that kill fungus and infection and give wonderful relief from the pain.

    Last week I had an arthritis flare-up in my left thumb joint and I did nothing about it . After a few days. I realized that it wasn’t getting better and the pain was affecting my ability to do anything.  I was amazed after a day of taking Dr. Christopher’s Joint Formula how much better my thumb felt. There must have been some calcium deposits in the joint.  I’ll continue to take the Joint Formula for a few weeks or so to make sure I get all the deposits out.  Nice to know that I have this formula for arthritis flare-ups.  I took the Joint formula for over two years to clear things up initially.  Now arthritis flare-ups clear more quickly which is the result you want when you are spending your money!

     Dr. Christopher recommends apple cider vinegar in a solution of 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of honey in a glass of distilled water to help with joint issues.  Drink this solution 3 times a day.

Read more about my arthritis story.

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