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Herbal Formulas for Cold and Flu Season

    Winter is officially here with the eight inches of snow we got in the big storm yesterday. This is the season when sickness is all around us.  People are eating lots of sugar which affects the immune system.  Unfortunately most people don't stay home when they are sick, so just about anywhere you go you are getting exposed to those nasty germs.

    We have many wonderful formulas to choose from to help you boost your immune system and fight off illness.  I like to stock a variety in my home and trade off every few days, so that my body doesn't become immune to taking the same thing all winter.  Herbs First has formulas that are suitable for the very youngest to the elderly.  Put in your order today so that you will be able to enjoy this wonderful time of year!

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Dr. Christopher's Chest FormulaDr. Christopher's Chest Formula can be used as a preventative measure with the first early signs of illness or in later, more advanced stages to break up a cold or fever. It is also recommended as a means to fight off lingering congestion. Works well in treating flu symptoms. Available in capsules.

Dr. Christopher's Cold Season
Dr. Christopher's Cold Season Immune Formula
is a famous combination of synergistic herbs which act as an aid to assist in relieving colds, flu, etc., or wherever garlic is needed to help stop infection! Available in capsules.

Dr. Christopher's Echinacea and GoldensealDr. Christopher's Echinacea & Goldenseal is formulated to lend support to the body's immune system through its antiviral and antibacterial actions.  It is the perfect combination for any infectious disease, and is especially effective versus colds, flu, and fever.  Available in capsules and extract.

Dr. Christopher's Elderberry Extract
Dr. Christopher's Elderberry extract
strengthens the immune system, protects against influenza, an anti-oxidant which helps prevent colds, sore-throat, and fever. Available in extract.

Dr. Christophers Glandular Massage OilDr. Christopher's Glandular System Massage Oil and capsules  formula has been used historically with a focus on respiratory ailments, coughs, colds, croup, bronchitis and asthma. Add 60 drops of Garden Essence X-Plague essential oil to the Glandular Massage Oil and rub on throat and bottoms of feet at first indication of illness.  Available in oil and capsules.

Dr. Christopher's Herbal Cough Syrup

Dr. Christopher's Herbal Cough Syrup to help calm and soothe coughs.  Available in syrup.

Dr. Christopher's Immune System Formula

Dr. Christopher's Immune System Formula: Very effective when taken at the first signs of sickness to stop it in its tracks. Available in capsules.

Dr. Christopher's Kid-e-Mune

Dr. Christopher's Kid-e-Mune and Echinacea extract:
This formula was designed to enhance the body’s ability to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.  Available in extract.

Dr. Christopher's Kid-e-Well

Dr. Christopher's Kid-e-Well
helps strengthen and assist the immune system of children. It tastes great and has been used traditionally during times of cold and flu. Available in extract.

Dr. Christophers Lung and BronchialDr. Christopher's Lung & Bronchial Formula  is valuable in strengthening and healing the entire respiratory tract. It promotes the discharge of mucous secretions from the bronchopulmonary passages. Top of the list formula for people to take all winter that have lung problems to keep the lungs clear. Available in capsules and extract.

Dr. Christopher's Respiratory Relief Syrup
Dr. Christopher's Respiratory Relief Syrup
is an excellent syrup for asthma, colds and flu. It is very helpful in expelling mucus from the respiratory system. It can be used for sore throats and mucus. Available in syrup.

Dr. Christopher's Super Garlic Immune
Dr. Christopher's Super Garlic Immune Formula
is his famous "Anti-Plague" formula. Historically used for immune system support and as an herbal remedy for cold & flu season. Available in extract and syrup.

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Western Botanicals Anti-Plague Western Botanicals Anti-Plague for colds, flu, any infectious illness or "plague".  Not for the timid, only for those wanting "Strong Medicine".  Capsules are a great option for people that can't handle the taste.  Available in capsules and syrup

Western Botanicals Echinacea CombinationWestern Botanicals Echinacea Combination is a powerful immune stimulant which contains two different varieties of Echinacea.  Echinacea has been scientifically proven to stimulate the immune system, reduce inflammation, destroy harmful bacteria and speed wound healing. Available in extract and syrup.

Western Botanicals Echinacea & GoldensealWestern Botanicals Echinacea and Goldenseal is unparalleled in its ability to boost the immune system and assist in fighting infections. Use this combination and you can feel its strength. This product is simple, direct and very potent. Available in capsules, extract and syrup.

Western Botanicals Flu and Virus FormulaWestern Botanicals Flu and Virus Formula is both anti-viral and anti-bacterial. To be used at the first sign of a cold or flu as well as when you are in the thick of it. Contains four of the most common herbs used for combating the ills brought on by winter weather. Available in capsules and syrup.

Western Botanicals Herbal Cough Syrup/Throat SprayWestern Botanicals Herbal Cough Syrup/Throat Spray is an effective cough suppressant and expectorant. Herbal Cough Syrup will help settle a cough while facilitating a faster recovery. Available in syrup and spray.

Western Botanicals Herbal Super TonicWestern Botanicals Herbal Super Tonic helps boost the body's natural abilities to overpower bad bacteria, viruses and harmful organisms including Candida. While it helps chase away the unwanted organisms, it protects the good intestinal flora. Available in capsules and extract.

Western Botanicals Immune Boost Formula
Western Botanicals Immune Boost Formula
strengthens the immune system to better fight off viruses, and infections. Immune Boost increases the number of immune cells in the body. Available in capsules, extract and syrup.

Western Botanicals Immune Tea
Western Botanicals Immune Tea
boosts, tones and strengthens the immune system. Can be used to prevent or to fight the effects of viral infections including colds and flu.  Available in tea.

Western Botanicals Lungs Plus FormulaWestern Botanicals Lungs Plus Formula relieves lung congestion, soothes coughs and eases breathing. This formula has been shown to dilate the bronchial passages and loosen mucus and phlegm so it can be expelled from the lungs. Available in extract.

Western Botanicals Nature's 'C' Complex

Western Botanicals Nature's 'C' Complex
natural vitamin C from a whole food-based source for better absorption. Available in capsules.

Western Botanicals Very Berry Tea
Western Botanicals Very Berry Tea
is a berry lovers dream! This blend of Red raspberry, Hibiscus, Elder berry, and Cranberries is a delicious immune building tea. Available in tea.

I hope you enjoy using these formulas as much as I do!

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