Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Herbal Formulas for Pregnancy and Nursing

Birth Prep I use herbs year round to maintain my health and find it interesting that there are some people that order from Herbs First only when they are pregnant. The herbal formula that all women need to know about is what Dr. Christopher called his six weeks formula or Prenatal Tea. This formula is now known as the Birth Prep Formula, and that is exactly what it is for, preparing for the birth of the baby. This formula is an aid in giving elasticity to the pelvic and vaginal area and strengthening the reproductive organs for easier delivery. It is taken six weeks before the due date starting with one capsule daily for the 1st week, 2 capsules daily during the 2nd week & 2 capsules 3 times a day for the 3rd week and thereafter or as directed by your health care professional. Six capsules daily is the maximum dosage suggested. Everyone that I have ever talked to about their experience with this formula says that it helped make delivery quick and easy. Read more about this and other suggested herbs for pregnancy on Herbal Legacy.

False Unicorn and Lobelia is one to have on hand during pregnancy, because if you need it , you need it NOW. It is the Anti-Miscarriage Formula. If hemorrhaging starts during pregnancy, stay in bed, use a bed pan when needed, and use (1 capsule) ½ cup of the tea each ½ hour until bleeding stops, then each waking hour for one day, while staying in bed as much as possible. Continue this process three times a day for three weeks. If bleeding continues instead of decreasing, see a doctor.

Western Botanicals has two great teas one for pregnancy & nursing and the other for nursing mothers.
Mother’s Tea contains Red Raspberry leaf, Dandelion leaf, Nettle leaf & Peppermint leaf and is a great herbal support for pregnant and nursing mothers. Lactation Tea contains Red Raspberry leaf, Nettle leaf, Fennel seed, Chamomile flower, Oat top, Fenugreek seed, Blessed Thistle herb, Alfalfa wonderful herbal support for nursing mothers. Other great tea blends are available at this link. Western Botanical tea blends are 25% off through 11:00 am mountain time October 29th.

Reach for herbs as your first choice for any ailment.

You can purchase these and other great healing products at Herbs First.

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