Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Do You Need Nerve Calm or Nerve Repair?

If you have never tried a nerve formula before you may be missing out an amazing healing program. Western Botanicals has two great nerve formulas and I would highly recommend having at least one nerve formula in your cabinet for time of need.

Nerve Calm Formula is both sedative and antispasmodic designed to relax, sedate and relieve tension and muscle spasm. For insomnia and anxiety. I like to have a few formulas on hand to help with sleep, and this formula is amazing. Everyone has a crazy day every once in a while that gets your nerves so tense that you can’t sleep. This formula helps to just make everything all right so you can get the rest you need. Nerve Calm is available in vegicaps, extract and syrup.

Nerve Repair Formula helps to wake up the nervous system. It stimulates the nerves to work better and also stimulates the healing and repair of damaged nerve tissues. Recommended for anxiety, panic attacks, sciatica, nervous tension and degenerative nervous system conditions. I would try this one for neuralgia type symptoms to repair the nerve signal and ease the pain.
Nerve Repair is available in vegicaps, extract and syrup.

Western Botanicals Formulas are 25% off this month. Take time to get to know what they have to offer, these are some of the highest quality herbals available. And the best thing is, they really work!

Reach for herbs as your first choice for any ailment.

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