Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Elderberry for Flu Season

I find it interesting that this year there hasn’t been a big mention in the news about some impending flu that is going to kill people by the droves. The past few years with the Avian, Swine and H1N1 Flues the media has been overboard on getting people to run in and get a shot. Many years ago my husband and I got a flu shot and ended up with the flu. They had offered it at his work, and everyone employed there came down with the flu. This employer continued to give the shot following years and my husband never got the shot again, his coworkers did and they again got the flu. We haven’t had the flu in many years due to the fact that we have learned how to keep our immune system strong.

I happened to have the TV on the other day and the Dr. Oz show was on, he talking about the flu. What took me by surprise is that Dr. Oz said that if you think you have been exposed to the flu, then start taking 4 TB of elderberry extract immediately. You should take 4 TB a day for three days, and the Elderberry will actually help to reduce the duration of the flu as well as reduce your chances of getting the flu. Wow, I was impressed because this is an herbal remedy being recommended by a doctor, and one that I wasn’t all that familiar with in spite of the fact that we have it available at Herbs First. I read through a lot of information on Elderberry and it is a well known immune booster, flu and virus fighter, etc.

Sambucus Syrup Nature’s Way Sambucus Syrup, available in 4 and 8 oz. Sambucus Syrup is the top selling Elderberry syrup on the market. Testing has shown it to be effective in fighting the flu.

Elderberry Concentrate Natural Sources Elderberry Concentrate, available in 8 oz and 16 oz. This is pure juice concentrate, no sugar added. Take straight or mix with water. A great immune builder and flu fighter.

Elderberry Extract Dr. Christopher’s Elderberry Extract, available in 2 oz. The dosage on the bottle says 3 to six drops, this extract is more concentrated than the syrup and very portable. It is an alcohol extract so does not need to be refridgerated.

Western Botanicals Elderberry bulk whole berries. Make your own extract!

Elderberry is certainly better tasting than Anti Plague, though I will always have a supply of Anti Plague (Super Garlic Immune Formula) on hand. I have talked to several people lately that have been using the Sambucus Syrup with their kids in the winter with great success. It certainly would be easier to get them to take! My poor kids got the Anti-Plague, but they lived.
Reach for herbs as your first choice for any ailment.

This is a great month to stock up on your favorite Christopher formulas.
You can purchase these and other great healing products at Herbs First.

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