Wednesday, September 8, 2010

When do you need Immune System Formula vs Immucalm?

A few weeks ago in the Alopecia newsletter I mentioned that Immucalm is great for anyone with an autoimmune disease. A friend called me the next day asking if Immucalm would be helpful for his Fibromyalgia. I had no idea that he had Fibromyalgia and I certainly would have mentioned it to him had I known. He then said that he had been using the Immune System Formula and said that he thought they were about the same. This really rang a bell in my head wondering how many other people may be confused by these two wonderful formulas.

Immune System Formula is an immune boosting formula

Immucalm is an immune calming formula

Both of these formulas everyone should have on hand, so you have them when you need them. I take the Immune System Formula quite often during the winter months anytime I am exposed to sick people or feel something coming on. For people working or in school I would take it at least in the morning to keep my immune system high because so many people are walking around sick in the winter. For kids Western Botanicals has a syrup version called Immune Boost Syrup with cinnamon and Maple syrup that is very easy to get kids to take. We didn’t have this great formula around when my kids were young so they got Anti Plague, a big difference here in the taste! Even the pickiest of kids will easily take Immune Boost Syrup because tastes so good! So keep in mind, the Immune System Formula is to keep the immune system high to keep you healthy.

Once I understood what Immucalm was for it became a formula that I use often. It is great for those itchy allergy symptoms associated with hayfever and with hives that commonly happen with food allergies. The best thing about this formula is that it is for autoimmune disorders which involve an overactive immune system which attacks the body’s own tissues. Autoimmune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, Sjogren’s syndrome, fibromyalgia and many more can be greatly helped with Immucalm. Diet and other supporting formulas may be needed depending on the disease. My friend started taking Immucalm that very day and the next day he was amazed at how much better he felt and a week later still improving. With these diseases I would take a larger amount at first to get things under control, such as 3 - 4 capsules three to four times a day, or more if needed and then over time cut it down to a maintenance dosage. I take 2 capsules twice a day to help keep my system under control.

I hope this clarifies the use of these two formulas. I truly feel that these herbs were placed on the earth for our use and that we can heal ourselves of any disease. Education is the key that will open the door to learning the use of this great gift. The online Family Herbalist course is available for only $195.00, regularly $500.00.

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  1. what do you know about hashimotos disease

  2. Hashimoto's disease is where your immune system attacks your thyroid gland. This leads to an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism). I would use the Immucalm along and Herbal Thyroid for a few months to stimulate the thyroid, followed by Immucalm with the Thyroid Maintenance Formula. As well as the Glandular Oil on the thyroid area and may add Glandular Formula in capsules as well. Of course, work on the diet and cleansing as taught by Dr. Christopher. You can find additional info on the Herbal Legacy website:

    1. If I might ask, I am not going to go into to many details so I hope you understand my abruptness, it is pure need that compels me; I pray from love and not fear.

      What would you do if one of your children had Graves very life and death version of it and you had no choice but to give the radio active iodine in the year 2000 when she was a child,(9 years of age) ?

      How now that she is classified as "Hasimotos" and on Synthroid, how do we get the radio active iodine out of her while correcting and balancing the thyroid. I have researched over the years three programs that may actually reverse both conditions, Graves of course not as confident but believe or not; possible based on what I am told.

      The three best chances we so far have learned about are:

      1. Doctor Mark Hyman in his functional medicine practice , has appeared on PBS and has a revolutionary Thyroid ultra wellness proogram, although "quite" expensive".

      2. A well known Asian herbal medicine Doctor, world well known but underground, works at the University of Washington, Premier teacher in Washington State, M.D in China, on the board of the association of Chinese medicine, etc.

      3. Dr. Christopher's formulas.

      I do have Dr. Christopher's book and have an amazing Asian medicine well known Doctor, Dr, Hyman's nutritional balancing I want so much for us but at present we can't touch it .

      Dr. Wang however , He said based on her Thyroid pills dosage, he could tell that we could possibly reverse everything with the tissue that was still alive, as the dosage lets him know she still has some live tissue, if not to rejuvenate to life the whole organ then to make the alive tissue so healthy, that it does the work of the whole gland, I do not like that she does not "have" a Thyroid!

      I am very frightened of the obliteration, or meditating much on not being in fear I should say. When she was diagnosed I did not want to do it, the Doctor told me if I did not make a choice , within weeks she could die, she was on heart blockers, it was horrific, I.C.U. Washington had medical students being told "take a look you probably wont see a case like this in your career".

      I release and give thanks for her still being with us .

      I scrambled and forced pretty much the universe to get me medical insurance within days for a Natropathic and she said that we were to late but we could work to get it out of her body after ward, the excess?

      I am only asking for educational purposes and I understand and wont do anything from advise without consultation with a Doctor but, if there is any enlightening educational information you can offer this mother of 25 and 22, young adult patients of this condition, who through whole food scratch non GMO and organic nutrition on a shoe string budget, exercise, home schooling and a lot of love, are for the most part not ill but, I want peace to know I have done everything, do not wish them in today's times to be reliant for their "lives" on a pharmaceutical medication, or it's 13% bone loss and other side effects I might not even know about.

      I would like to trust in what has gotten us this far when no one said I could.
      I have checked with my intentions and know it is not a matter of not accepting, not at all. It's that I have a feeling this is reversible but the radio active iodine and obliteration of course scares me the most, as well as the whole auto immune Hasimotos getting worse as they get older concept, fact?

      Any wisdom is highly appreciated.

      Oh and I have a pound of Astragulus and Marshmallow root on the way, powered, is that equal parts in what size capsules?

      Bless Dr. Christopher's soul, family and legacy, bless you and everyone, either way if you respond or not, happy to know the good medicines are working for you .

  3. Interestingly enough, I had radioactive iodine at 20, I'm 54 now. I wish I knew then what I know now. I have been able to convince quite a few people to go the natural route and they have been successful. Harder to undo the radical treatments once they have been done. Live and learn.
    I take Armour Thyroid which is a natural version of thyroid and lets my thyroid function to the best that it can. Synthroid takes over the work of the thyroid, so the part that was functioning shuts down.
    I use the glandular formula I mentioned before on the thyroid area with the essential oils Frankincense and Lemonbalm added to it. I put it in a roller bottle filled with the glandular massage oil and 5 drops of each essential oil. This feeds the thyroid and works on the effect of the radiation. People that have used this combo right after receiving the radiation have completely reversed the effect. I started a year ago, so will have to see what will happen.
    With the Immucalm combo - I just mix the two herbs together and use 1 tsp. twice a day mixed in water. It is mild tasting. If you want to capsulize it then do that and I would take 2 capsules at least twice a day as maintenance. I take more when I feel I need it.
    I am seeing a local doctor and we are going another route to see if we can get the thyroid to function better.
    All of what you mentioned would be good people to work with. What I am suggesting will keep things going in the right direction. I would recommend finding a doctor that will work with you to correct the problem.
    Good luck!