Monday, September 14, 2009

Nasal Cleansing for Sinus Problems

I have had sinus and breathing problems for years due to allergies. At springtime last year we got these nasal cleansing pots in and after seeing them used on Oprah, Ellen and Good Morning America. They are also called Neti-pots and have been used for years by people living in other countries. I got one for myself and my husband and I started using it and was impressed. My husband held back for a few weeks and then finally gave it a try and he is faithful at using it now. We both love how much better our sinus' are doing and mine were doing so good that I stopped using it for awhile, and then noticed that I was having problems again, so now I am determined to use it faithfully morning and night. This is a simple inexpensive thing that people can do and well worth the effort. I use a little scoop of salt and fill up the pot and do one side, blow my nose, and then the other side. Takes about two minutes and is simple and easy enough that a child could do it. Buy a separate pot for each person, the plastic ones will last a long long time. Happy Breathing!!!!

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