Monday, October 19, 2009

Complete Tissue and Bone Formula to the rescue, again and again!

A few weeks ago when we were in Washington my husband and I spent our days working on my dad's house to get it ready to sell. My brother came up the day before we were to leave and between the three of us we put in 300 hours of work inside and outside of my dad’s house. When my brother left he put a for sale sign on the house and by the next afternoon it was sold. Our hard work paid off!

On our way home I was so happy to be off my feet, you see I spend a lot of time at the computer and after spending 9 days on my feet they were letting me know that they weren’t used to that. The balls of my feet were especially sore and it just didn’t dawn on me at the time that maybe I should take something for it. Last week when it had been 19 days since we had left my Dad’s I woke up one morning and realized this is not going to be a day that I will be able to exercise. The ball of my left foot was swollen and painful and I couldn’t put any weight on it. That’s when I thought, how dumb can you get? I started taking 4 capsules of Complete Tissue and Bone Formula three times a day and by the end of the second day I could tell the herbs were doing their work. Over the weekend my feet continued to improve.

This morning I was running around cleaning my house with bare feet and caught my little toe on a door and I broke it. I now have a new reason to keep taking the Complete Tissue & Bone Formula, but since my toe is broken I'll be upping my dosage to 6 times a day!

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  1. Poor baby- a broken toe! Ouch! Hope you have some good comfy WIDE shoes. That Complete Tissue and Bone is truly great stuff. You'll be healing in a jiffy!