Monday, October 5, 2009

The Choice Is Yours

A friend called me a few weeks ago to ask if I knew what was going on with her having numbness in her hands and feet. I didn’t know but could tell she was worried, so suggested she go to a doctor to find out what was wrong. She went and found that she has diabetes. Now that she knows what the problem is she can learn what to do for it. She ordered the Pancreas Formula and said wow, these herbs are way less expensive than the medication that they want to put me on.

I think this is a good time to review one of my older posts on my blog about Natural Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine. It is important to read this from time to time to remind us of how herbs and correct diet work in our bodies and why it is a better choice over conventional medicine. We also need to realize that we get ourselves into these kinds of messes from how we eat. My dad is a good example, he is my close family member that is on dialysis in the Natural Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine post, and the reason why we made a quick trip to Washington last month. I kept giving him herbs to cleanse his kidneys, build up his blood etc. He would say they aren’t working. When I was there I brought home the almost full bottles of everything that I gave him over the past few years. The herbs don’t work if they stay in the bottle, you have to actually open the bottle and eat them. He just didn’t want to change, has chosen the medical method and is paying an awful high price for it.

The lesson is this; we all choose our fate, is it eating whatever we want and using conventional medicine to only get worse and worse, or are we going to change our diet and use the herbs to help us maintain optimum health?? Dr. Christopher often said, this is a do it yourself plan. Learn what to do and then do it, and you will be healthy. The choice is clear for me.

I am happy to give links to people that ask. Please email me with what you are looking for if you can’t find it yourself. A great website to learn from is the Herbal Legacy Website from the School of Natural Healing, and where most of the links I give come from. Due to the FTC and FDA regulations we are not able to post this information on our website. We also have available for purchase, Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Healing Aliment CD Rom, $4.95 with a $50.00 purchase, or $13.97 without the minimum purchase. This CD is well worth the investment and has been updated from the old one that we offered a few years ago.

Comment from a subscriber:
Loved this and forwarded it to a lot of people. I keep getting..."So what can I do?" My answer is, "So what is the problem." They don't want to find out but they want someone else to fix it. Loved the story about your Dad. My sister did the same thing.

My question when she found out that she was ill, " Would you like to start an herbal program." Her answer was, " No, the doctor is going to heal me." She died in 2005. It is a planet of choice.
P. H.

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