Monday, November 16, 2009

Having herbs on hand gives you the power to heal!

We have plenty of Super Garlic Immune Formula in our warehouse and it is 35% off this month. I’ve personally gone through gallons of this stuff over the years and it has helped me get well many times. The key to being able to get well is to have what you need on hand when you need it. Super Garlic Immune Formula is one of the most popular winter formulas and if you wait until you need it, you may suffer for many days until your order comes, or it might possibly be sold out and you won’t be able to get any. Last week I talked about how awful this tastes, so if you think you can't handle the taste, then I would get Western Botanicals Anti-Plague Formula in capsules which is the same formula.

The second part of having what you need on hand, is knowing what to have on hand and how to use them. The School of Natural Healing has had their Family Herbalist course online for $100.00 a savings of $395.00. Dr. Christopher wanted people to learn how to take care of themselves and this course is a good start for anyone interested in learning more. The online special will expire December 15th, so please take advantage of this great offer. One of my favorite education items is Dr. Christopher’s Herb Lectures on CD. These CD’s contain all of his great healing stories. A little bit of education will make an incredible difference in your confidence in treating yourself and your family. Knowledge is power!

I had a gal email me last week and in the subject line it said “Help!!! Emergency!!!” The email said: “ I have a bad case of hives and cannot think straight. I'm using Sinus Plus and the Brigham tea and blood purifier and BF and C and calamine lotion. I cannot move without swelling. ”

The good thing is that she tried something, it didn’t work, but was worth a try. My suggestion of what I would do was to take a Chickweed Tea bath, and Immucalm. She mentioned that she didn’t have any and there was not Christopher’s available in their local store. I could tell that she was desperate so suggested getting the ingredients of Marshmallow and Astragalus and take them. Here is what she said the next day. “ God Bless You!, Girl, I certainly thank you for your assistance. The bath was great. The hives are calming down some. I found the marshmallow root capsules and astragalus and mixed them together for the Immucalm tea. I slept really good for the first night in 3 nights.”

It is hard to have everything on hand, but allergic reaction is something that can happen to anyone, so having Immucalm on hand might possibly have gotten things under control much quicker and is one that I always have at home. Chickweed isn’t something I have on hand, but in the case of incredible skin problems was the best choice at hand and easy to pick up at most health food stores.

Another interesting case in the past few weeks happened to my brother-in-law. They use herbs quite a bit, but also use regular medicine. He got a mosquito bite and scratched it. It soon swelled up into a boil and by the time I heard about it his whole leg was swollen and I was asking if there was a red stripe up and down his leg, which wasn’t the case at the moment. I suggested Tea Tree oil which I thought would be easy to get at a local store. I called the next day to find out that my sister had been gone to a girl scout camp so nothing was purchased and when she got back there was a red stripe and my brother-in-law was admitted to the hospital with a staph infection. This case would have been pretty simple to take care of in the beginning with Plantain (which I know grows where they live) made into a poultice to pull out the poison or the Stings and Bites Ointment. Now days later being admitted into the hospital I was quite worried. Luckily he is ok, but all he went through could have been easily avoided had they known, or asked what to do.

As one last quick note, the Genesis Water Ionizers are 10% off through December 15th. The water ionizer makes alkaline and acid water on the PH scale. Alkaline water is for internal use and helps keep a more alkaline balance in the body and is high in antioxidants. I drink 2 liters a day and feel it has greatly helped me. The acid water on the PH scale is for external use. It is used for treating skin conditions as in both of the examples above. Ionized water is used in hospitals in Japan and Korea and I have read many stories of people being saved from amputation due to using the acid water on infected limbs. I saw first hand how the acid PH water quickly clears up a bad infection on my nephew. His wife said it looked like gangrene to her, after soaking his hand in acid water for a few hours and then putting a good amount of Complete Tissue Ointment on it and wrapping it, the next morning it looked great. Check out this video about the Genesis on YouTube.

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