Monday, November 23, 2009

Thinning Hair

A few years ago I was talking to a customer who was working with David Christopher on some health issues one of which was thinning hair. The combination that David came up with has been a good one that I have passed on to many people with great success. Take one bottle of Complete Tissue and Massage Oil (2 oz.) and add to it 60 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil. I combined this and sent it to my nephew who has alopecia and it has been somewhat helpful for his problem. About six months ago I was feeling like my hairline was receding and so I mixed up a bottle for myself and started using it on the affected area and it filled in nicely. I mentioned the problem to my sister and she replied that she was having the same problem and had been using it with great success as well. My husband has totally lost his hair and I think we are too late for him, too bad we didn’t know about this one 15 years ago. For people that are starting to have hairloss it would be well worth it to try it. I just massage it lightly into the affected area at bedtime and wash it out in the morning.

In the essential oil class that I took earlier in the year she told us to add the Rosemary to our conditioner which helps the hair to go from gray back to its original color. I just add a drop or two to the conditioner, rub it together in my hands and put it on my hair. Rosemary is for darker haired people, not for blondes. I don’t have very much gray at this point and would love to keep it that way. Also for balding is the BF and C Hair and Scalp Massage Formula, BF and C Shampoo and BF and C Conditioner.

With sugar being in abundance and will power being low, keep your immune system high with either Christopher’s Immune System Formula or Western Botanicals Immune Boost. As Benjamin Franklin said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” As a preventative take either formula in the morning and evening. At the first sign of sickness do not eat any more sugar. Drink plenty of water and fresh squeezed orange juice, and add the Infection Formula or Anti Plague or any of the other great cold/flu fighting formulas to the Immune formula of choice. Stay off the sugar until you are well for several days. Here's a great link more infecion fighters and a great home-made Cold Tonic.

Have a healthy holiday season!

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