Monday, November 9, 2009

Suzy's Second Road Trip

About six weeks ago we went up to Washington to help clean up my dad's house so it could be sold. My husband and I put in 11 days there and my brother 9 days, putting a sign out as he headed back home. The good news is the home sold in one day, I guess we did a good job. The bad news is my dad is still in the rehabilitation center trying to get better, but things have gotten much worse for him. He's on dialysis and twice they gave him heprin at the end of the treatment even though it was on the chart that he is allergic to it. He couldn't stop bleeding so they took him to the ER. The first time my brother was still there and I had him give him a tsp. of cayenne in water. The care center sent him to the ER, and my dad felt that the cayenne really helped. The second time he didn't get the cayenne and after getting back to the care center he fell in the bathroom and hit his head. In the morning they came in and found that he had had a stroke. The heprin made him too prone to bleed and he was back in the hospital for a few days until things were better. We got up there on the October 30th to help clear out the house for the sale and felt something was wrong so took him back to the hospital and he had had another stroke. Sad days, I'm not ready to be an orphan. In the above photo that is my Dad, myself, and the gal holding the baby is my sister who has her little miracle baby Nicolas. Linda is 39 and got pregnant via IVF, one reason to like doctors.
We cleared the house out which took an entire week. Dad doesn't understand that he is going to die, wants to go live in Las Vegas with his wife who he just married in June. We aren't sure how to handle that at this time, but his wife keeps holding onto him getting better. If you click on the photo to enlarge it you will notice that he is quite yellow. His liver is shutting down, the kidneys of course, and they have started giving him insulin so the pancreas as well. Sad days of modern medicine.
We headed back home on Saturday Nov. 7th with the van loaded to the hilt. My husband is a master packer and left just enough room for the dogs. The little white one is my dad's wife's dog who is headed back to Vegas, we'll take him as far as our house.
I had a little headache as we were leaving in the morning but just figured it was due to sleeping on a blow up mattress for a few nights, very little sleep, etc. By the time we were coming into Boise it was really getting intense and I thought to myself that the day before I had been around several sick people that came to help with the final clean up and I had better get some herbs into me before it was too late. We stopped for gas and luckily I could get to the Glandular Oil/X-Plague, Immune System Formula and Anti Plague capsules. I got all dosed up and away we went. Within an hour the headache was gone, which means I made the right conclusion at the right moment before things got worse, and I'm grateful for that. I don't enjoy being sick and I don't have time to be sick. I took more of the above herbs and oils and woke up this morning feeling fine, but will continue on for a day or two to make sure.


  1. So sorry to hear about how difficult this all is. You will never be an orphan, my friend. There is family eternally. How do you make your anti plague capsules? That sounds ever so much nicer than drinking the nasty stuff!
    Love from Honey Grove, where the comfrey is still thriving and threatening to take over the garden.

  2. Western Botanicals has the Anti Plague capsules and it works well. I was talking with a customer the other day and she said that her friend just takes all of the dry ingredients and makes her own Anti Plague capsules as well. I thought I would go ahead and add it to the mix your own formula page, because I think others would be interested in making their own that way too. Anything to stay healthy!
    Yes, I know that we will be together again, but it is still hard.