Friday, April 4, 2014

Maintaining Healthy Body Systems

Maintaining Healthy Body Systems    Maintaining Healthy Body Systems, by David Christopher is now available at Herbs First.  I was excited to get my hands on this 6 CD set when I saw the title and read through the topics. David is a great speaker and tells it like it is.

    The first 4 CD’s you will learn the truth about the negative effects of eating the standard American diet. How to cleanse and heal your body by nourishing it with whole, live foods. How to make extracts, flush the liver and gallbladder. The health risks of vaccines. Tooth health, migraine headaches and more.

    The last 2 CD's are a detailed question and answer forum covering stroke recovery, cayenne vs. Coumadin, babies & fevers, enlarged prostate, using apricot seeds as a cancer cure and more.

    Even more exciting to me was the low price for this six CD set.  Retails at $29.99, from Herbs First only $27.00!  Order Maintaining Healthy Body Systems today!

Have a great month!

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