Monday, April 14, 2014

Gall Bladder Problems

Maintaining Healthy Body Systems    It only took be a few times of getting sick halfway through a fish and chips meal to figure out that my body cannot handle that much fried food. I have always assumed that it was my gall bladder that didn’t like the greasy foods, and I was right!  In David Christopher’s new CD set, Maintaining Healthy Body Systems, he states that fried food is directly connected to gall bladder problems.

Liver Gall Bladder Formula    A few years ago a neighbor of mine was telling me about her gall bladder issues and that she was going to have it removed. I told her about Dr. Christopher’s Liver and Gall Bladder Formula and she decided to try it. It worked well for her, the pain was gone and she was feeling better, but she still had her gall bladder removed. After having it removed she wished that she hadn’t because she still had problems. 

    When you talk to people that no longer have a gall bladder they will all tell you they have all kinds of digestive issues. Most feel that they are worse off than before. Getting off of processed foods and eating more fruits and vegetables is the key to good health and will take care of many health issues. Using herbal formulas that are focused on the disease help bring about wellness.

    Dr. Christopher's Liver and Gall Bladder formula can greatly increase the vitality of the body. To speed up the blood purifying process, it is good to have a clean liver and gall bladder area. When the liver does not function properly, the bile does not excrete freely into the intestinal tract, and so it passes off into the blood stream and throughout the rest of the system, causing a toxic condition, causing indigestion, sluggishness, fatigue, constipation, upset stomach, chills, vomiting and fever.

    Order Liver & Gall Bladder formula today! Available in capsules, extract and bulk.  Order Maintaining Healthy Body Systems.

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