Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New 1 oz. Roller Bottle and more!

Blue Roller Bottle    Roller bottles are a great way to use essential oils.  I woke up the other morning with a slightly stiff neck and immediately rubbed in the Garden Essence Blue Blend that I have next to my bed. I have it in the new 1 oz. roller bottle mixed with fractionated coconut oil.  I love the fractionated coconut oil because it is a light oil that is easily absorbed into the skin.  I massaged it for a minute and was still able to do my morning exercise routine.
 empty roller bottle    We have a new supplier for the rollerbottles and have been able to reduce the price to $1.50 for a single 10 ml. bottle!  We also have been able to package a six pack of the 10 ml bottles for $7.16 making them $1.20 each!  The 10 ml size is 1/3 of an ounce and an easy size to stick in your purse or pocket. 

2 pack 1 oz. roller bottles    The 1 oz. roller bottle looks huge in comparison to the 10 ml size.  It is much handier to use for big areas.  We have them packaged in a two pack for $3.16. The roller bottles can be purchased on the empty bottles page. 

Nature's Way Liquid Coconut Oil    Fractionated coconut oil is available on the Garden Essence carrier oil page for a 4 oz and 8 oz. size.  We also sell the Nature’s Way liquid coconut oil, which is fractionated coconut oil, and available in 10 oz. and 20 oz. bottles.  I love to use the Nature’s Way oil with the squirt lid making it easy to get it into the roller bottles. Fractionated coconut oil has a long shelf life making it an ideal carrier oil for mixing your Garden Essence Oils. 

    Garden Essence Blue Blend is effective for treating:
  • tired achy joints and sore muscles
  •  inflammation and injuries
  • carpal tunnel
  • arthritis
  • headaches
I like to keep a roller bottle of Blue by my bedside, and on those nights when I have a hard time settling down I can just roll it on and easily drift off to sleep. Now is a great time to stock up Garden Essence Oils!

Have a great month!

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