Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Affordable Essential Oils

I first learned about essential oils and aromatherapy over ten years ago from one of the large network marketed essential oil companies. The oils were pretty expensive and I could only afford to use one oil that I really believed in.  Since that time I have seen many more network marketed essential oil companies come into existence and I actually know several people that have built successful incomes from them.  These people are the exception, because there are very few people that make it in these companies.  The ones that do live off of all the people that would like to make it, but just don’t ever seem to get there. 

Essential Oils    Garden Essence Essential Oils was started by a gal who had friends involved in one of these companies.  This woman loves people, loves natural healing and wanted to be able to offer the same quality oils at an affordable price.  She was able to buy from the same quality oil suppliers that the network companies buy from, but since there are no multiple levels of payouts that network companies have, she was able to make her dreams come true to provide the best oils at affordable cost to the public.
    I have come to love using Garden Essence Essential Oils, and that one oil that I enjoyed using years ago is available as X-Plague for $13.20 for a 15 ml bottle compared to the other companies same blend for $42.00!  You can get three bottles for less than the cost of one!  Our Digestion costs $13.20 and works so fast - the network companies version $41.50.  The list goes on and on and I am using more oils than I ever have before.  I still feel like I am at the learning stage of things, and find that it is a lot easier to buy and try than it ever was when I belonged to the network company.
    I like to add extra Rosemary to my bottle of BF&C Hair and Scalp Massage oil and it seems like I am getting less gray in the area that I use it in.  I enjoy using Grapefruit as well as lemon and lime essential oils in my water.  Grapefruit is cleansing, lemon and lime are good ones to take to restaurants to kill bacteria that may be in the food and protect from food poisoning.  Sometimes I will add stevia to make a sweet drink, though most often I just drink plain water at home.

    My husband and I use Frankincense and Lemongrass mixed into a bottle of Glandular Massage Oil and use it on our thyroid area.  I had radioactive iodine at age 20 and was never told that I shouldn’t be around anyone for a week.  Now my husband’s thyroid function is a bit low as a result of being around a radioactive wife. Of anything I have ever done I sure wish I could go back and not have that done!!  Big mistake.  The essential oil combo we are using over time will help correct things and we of course use the Thyroid Maintenance along with it. 

    The network companies are a treasure trove of success stories of people using the oils.  I like to learn what I can from them and then use our affordable Garden Essence Oils to aid in the healing. We hope that you will give them a try. They are 30% off in May, making them even more affordable. We hope you will enjoy using these wonderful essential oils.  Pricing is good through 11:00 am Mountain Time on May 31.
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