Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Raspberry Ketones For Weight Loss and Maintenance

It seems like every few days Dr. Oz is talking about weight loss, I almost find it comical.  It really isn’t a laughing matter to be overweight and some people will go to strange measures to lose weight.  Just today I saw on several news stations reports of women going on a feeding tube for ten days to lose up to 10 to 15 lbs at a cost of $1500.00.  

    I like to use the most natural methods to help me lose and maintain my weight.  Dr. Oz talked about Raspberry Ketones a few months ago and mentioned that it helps burn fat.  Watch the video to learn how it works to help the body shrink the fat cells.  Raspberry Ketones use a weight loss hormone called adiponectin that helps the body want to be thin.  Many people see results fairly quickly, and have found that once they go on them they want to stay on them because it works.

Raspberry Ketones    About a month ago our warehouse sent me a list of new bulk items to add to the website, and I was amazed to find that Raspberry Ketones was one. In searching the internet I found pricing from $10.00 for a bottle of 60, 100 mg. capsules, on up to $50.00 a bottle!  When I looked at what it costs for the Raspberry Ketones I knew we could help people save a lot of money.

    As usual here at Herbs First we have the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. A 4 oz. bag of bulk pure Raspberry Keytones sells for $24.00.  1/4 teaspoon is equal to about 120 mg.  A 4 oz. bag has over 900 servings at one quarter teaspoon each.  You can see that for $24.00 you are getting a huge supply for the money.  We also have an 8 oz. bag for $40.00 and a 16 oz. bag for $64.00.  You can order Raspberry Ketones here.  This is pure Raspberry Ketones, with no additives or fillers.

    I have been taking the Raspberry Ketones for a couple of weeks and I feel like it is making a difference, though I have to say I’m giving it time to really see what it does for me. This is a natural and affordable product that has been shown to shrink the fat cells. Time will tell for me, and I will report later on in the year what my personal findings are.  We wanted to make it available to you, since it is an all-natural product that many people have found works well for them.  Please send us feedback if you decide to try Raspberry Ketones.

    Note that Ketones and Ketone is the same.  On the bag it says Ketone.  Most articles I have seen written say Ketones.  They are one in the same.  Raspberry Ketones mix easily into juice and taste fine just mixed into water.

  Be sure to drink plenty of water while using Raspberry Ketones to help keep things flushed out.  Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and a healthy diet of whole grains and lean protein. Remember that cleansing is always a good idea while losing weight to help the fat to release the toxins, so your body will want to release the fat.

Order online or call to order 801-228-1901. 


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  2. would this product be appropriate for people trying to prevent themselves from gaining weight but who are not looking to lose any?

  3. It wouldn't hurt, totally up to you.