Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Roller Bottles and Carrier Oils to use with Essential Oils

Roller Bottle    We have added a few items to make using Essential Oils more enjoyable. The first item is a great little roller bottle.  This 10 ml. bottle is wonderful to use,  I bought quite a few so that I have one when I need it.

    I heard about a blend that people were using as a calming blend for children, and they also mentioned that it was great for sleep.  It has Vetiver in it and truthfully I don’t like the smell of Vetiver, but I love this little combo for sleep!  I just put it on my big toes as I hop into bed and off to dreamland I go! I sleep great!  I have heard lots of moms say how amazing it has been for calming down their children.  This little blend fits perfect in the 10 ml roller bottle,  add the oils, put the roller top on and and shake it up - great for ADD kids, as well!
5 drops Vetiver
2 drops Ylang Ylang
1 drop Frankincense
1 drop Clary Sage
1 drop Marjoram
Fill the rest of the way with Fractionated Coconut oil

    The second item that we have added is Carrier Oils.  It is very common to use carrier oils with essentail oils.  Using a carrier oil does not dilute the action of the oil, the oils are very potent and are meant to be mixed with a carrier oil. For one ounce of carrier oil, plan on adding up to a total of 30 drops of essential oils. The 10 ml bottle above is 1/3 of an ounce and has a total of 10 drops of essential oils added to the carrier oil.  You can order from what we have so far, we will add more as we can.  Note that most oils have a pretty short shelf life of a year or so, but the Fractionated Coconut oil has an a five+ year shelf life, it is the one that I like to use with essential oils.  We will add more of the carrier oils so people that like to make their own lotions and potions have a good selection to choose from. This is something that I have a secret ambition to learn how to do, but haven’t had time to explore.

    I am using the essential oils more and more. It takes time to learn something new and faith to give it a try. The results have been worth the time invested! It is great to be able to add essential oils to my family’s natural medicine cabinet.  I love the independence it gives me to have a variety of safe and effective remedies to choose from. Having the oils in my home is just one more way to help my family stay healthy!  We have saved so much money over the years by taking care of ourselves with herbs and now with essential oils.

    I recently made a hot flash oil for myself.  I infused regular Coconut Oil with Wild Yam root for two weeks in my dehydrator.  I then added the Vitality Essential Oil blend to it.  I use it twice a day and I rarely have hot flashes, when before I was having what I call power surges all day long.  I love the smell of Vitality, and  mixed with the Wild Yam Root it seems to be the perfect way to balance me.

Elaina at school    My niece Hollie uses quite a few of the blends to help her kids get through the winter season. Her four year old daughter Elaina was born with half a heart, as well as DeGeorge Syndrome.  She is fed via a feeding tube, is on oxygen as well as numerous medications to keep her alive. Elaina can’t use any of the herbs because they may interfere with her medication, so the Essential Oils have been a lifesaver for her.  Previous winters to this winter,  Elaina would spend some time in the hospital due to illness, but this year she was able to stay fairly healthy, avoid hospital stays and even go to preschool most of the time. You can tell from the picture that she really loves going to school!  Hollie adds  X-Plague to coconut oil and use it on Elaina’s feet, as well as the Repiratory Problems blend and Frankincense.  She also would diffuse it into the air via a vaporizer.  Hollie feels that the essential oils are the main thing that got them through this winter. It is great to know that a medically fragile child can use essential oils to overcome illness and stay healthy, and the price is so affordable.
    We hope you will learn to use the Essential Oils, they are always 20% off and from time to time we have an extra sale on them.  People are finding that the quality is comparable to the network marketed oils at one third of the cost.    You can order online at Herbs First or call in an order at 801-228-1901.

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